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Food that smells better than it tastes

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks bacon smells better than it tastes! Maybe I'm eating the wrong kind of bacon.

Packing eats to eat while attending Comic Con

Sudenveri and CandiRisk: I'm not staying at a hotel that's within walking/shuttle distance from the convention center so I don't have access to an ice machine. I'm actually staying in a home during the 4 days I'm in SD.

CandiRIsk: I guess I'm just a hardcore convention attendee because all the panels I want to go to, I know I have to wait in a 2+ hour line to get a seat, so leaving to go to Gaslamp (or moving my car out of its parking spot) isn't ideal for me :( I do like your idea of carrying around sturdier foods. I brought bananas and peanut butter packs with me last year, so I might do it again this year.

Beanalicious: This year's scheduling is pretty awesome, so I'm really excited! I just wish it wasn't the same day as the SE event though.

CJ McD: Is that even possible at SDCC? Because if that's the case...

Packing eats to eat while attending Comic Con

Nillo: Mmm, jerky.

mao1213: No Comic Con trip is complete without carrying a bag to haul your goods away! That's actually not a bad idea freezing yogurt to keep the other items cold.

hotnpopin: When you were talking about space age, I thought you were going to suggest astronaut food :) As for your question, Comic Con is a 4 day event showcasing comics, sci-fi/fantasy, tv/movie related arts, and other popular media culture.

How do you clean the inside of an oven w/o a self-clean feature?

Wow, thanks everyone for your tips! I was kind of embarrassed to ask this question but I'm glad I received such wonderful responses.

@ jedd63: Actually, that's one of the things I have been meaning to purchase in the event the wild fires hit my area.

@ Saucy Johnny: Nah :P

@ESNY1077: Oh, I wish I could contain the essence of pork! I think my neighbors are jelly because the entire building was able to smell my pernil while it was roasting :)

@ meatntaters: Hahaha on your last sentence! I don't think it'd be a good idea to turn on my broiler to burn off the caked on splatter grease. Even turning on my oven at 350 was setting off the smoke detectors in my apartment.

@ lemons: I hope my oven door is removable. It'd make things a lot easier since I have short arms and not enough working space to clean the inside from an angle :(

south coast plaza restaurant- help!

I'll just add my recommendations since it's still unclear your group size and price range.

For casual, there is Kaisen Kaiten away from South Coast Plaza between Bristol and Sunflower. They're located in the shopping center next to Staples. Plates range from $1.50+ and they have on the wall the color coded plates and their prices so you won't be shocked.

If you want even more cheap and casual, there's always the food court at Mitsuwa off of Paulorino. The parking situation is eeeh but around this time they discount their bento boxes in the grocery store. Otherwise there's always Santouka ramen in their food court for around .

Pie for pi day in southern California

@finewine: Ah, they're only

@Foodie,foodie!: Actually I was thinking about Marie Callendars for pie. I haven't eaten there in years, though. Do you have any recommendations?

Long Beach, California

Where in Anaheim? Since you said you'll be going to a concert after drinks, it'll either be the HoB or the Pond.

Los Angeles Eating Itinerary

Diddy Riese serve pretty solid stand alone cookies. I sometimes fantasize about driving up to LA just for their ice cream cookie sandwiches. Just keep in mind that since it's in Westwood, there might be a line because of the UCLA students. In the same area, you can easily walk to In-N-Out.

As part of your ice cream itinerary, I'd like to point you in the direction of Scoops.

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Kenji, this article has improved my In-n-Out experience tenfold, renewing my faith in the chain. I just got back from an In-n-Out run and ordered an animal style, 2x4, cooked medium rare, whole grilled onions, no pickles, and cut in half. The two extra slices of cheese was too salty for my tastes, so next time it'll be a 2x3.

Meals that require no cooking

@ willaelise: That's how I anticipate the remaining weekend to be for us, and the first few days at our new destination (trading in the east coast for California). I'm just glad there's a huge Latino market next to our new place so cheap good eats will be had. Mmm, fresh made churros and tortas.

Video: Cambodian Refugees and the American Doughnut Dream

@AbuZakan: From what I can barely remember from my university studies, California, Philly, parts of Jersey, and some where in the midwest are where most Khmer and Vietnamese refugees were sent when they fled their espective homelands. I can't remember if France occupied Cambodia, though.

Meals that require no cooking

Oh wow! I go away to do more packing and I find a lot of comments. Thanks!

@ Cassaendra: That sounds really really good! I've been kind of craving something lighter lately since I've been eating rather poorly lately.

@ CJ McD: Sir, you are my life saver!

@ Shecooks: I'm working ot this week and I have a strict schedule at work, so I can't really afford to wait around for my delivery and then eat :/ it's easier to have food waiting for me to consume in the break room. Luckily the hubs' friend is treating us out to dinner this week!

@dashofginger: My hubs and I are trying to make one last trip to our favorite joint before our cars are gone!

@shoneyjoe: Haha, good point about the phone. My frugal tendencies like to show up though! I did just order pizza, garlic knots, and wings at my favorite pizza place.

@dbcurrie: It's resto week in my city but I can only take advantage of it tomorrow. I did splurge extra last week buying cupcakes at the mobile cupcake van and bacon maple donuts at the bakery I always get them at!

@ dmcavanagh: If only my imagination can imagine me to not go hungry ;)

@sourdough: Ideally I'd like to only eat out for dinner if I can - hubs can eat a lot and I'm just recovering from having my wisdom teeth pulled! I already factored in we'll be eating out a lot when we get to our destination until our things arrive.

Best Sandwiches in SoCal?


I'm from OC too. I have a bias towards bahn mi and can't get the kind I want in the South. Whenever I go home, I prefer to get my fix at Bahn Mi & Che Cali off the 22. They have a special where on a certain part of their bahn mi menu, it's buy 2 get 1 free!

The other bahn mi place I'd recommend in the outerskirts of LA is in Rosemead over at Mr Baguette. Their baguette and pate chaud are excellent, I almost dare say better than what Bahn Mi & Che Cali. Actually, you could probably compare for yourself since both places are in the same street in Rosemead.

Cookware set/cookware for the less skillful cook

I was actually looking into the Cuisinart line earlier today! I'm a bit hesitant on buying my in-laws stainless steel anything because they have a tendency to jab fork tines into their cookware. Maybe a combo of stainless steel and aluminum might do the trick?

As for my budget, I'm fine with spending up to $300 max.

Pandora Radio Station of Bands with Food Names

I'm surprised there's Cibo Matto didn't make the list since most of their songs have food in their title. Heck, even the name of the group means crazy food in Italian.

The Corn Man

@ hmneilson: The next time I manage to get a hold of some corn, I'll add sourcream into the mix.

I seriously miss authentic Mexican food ever since I moved to the east coast.

The Corn Man

I've since moved faaar away from southern California and I know your pain about the corn man. I actually can't eat corn without everything on it!

Best Fro-Yo Shops in SoCali

Okay, I have to say something about Yogurtland. I was sorely disappointed eating there and I would never recommend it to friends. Why? Because all their yogurt is non-fat! Even with all the toppings you can choose from, it can not hide the fact that the yogurt had no flavor.


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