Home cook, blogger (no food too exotic or insignificant to cover), totally uptight serious eater.

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  • Location: Honolulu
  • Favorite foods: sushi (all of it), Kaukauna cheese & Triscuts, chorizo, foie gras, lasagna, the perfect egg, really hot chicken wings, fresh strawberries, artichokes, pomme frittes, my basil pesto
  • Last bite on earth: Oh, please don't ask me to narrow this down. I can't even decide if I would want to cook it or have someone cook it for me.

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Restaurant Heebie Jeebies?

@elisaday Ew. yah. Pen in mouth. Ick.

Top Shelf Chocolates

I adore the salty-sweet combination of the chocolates at Fran's in Seattle.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Vintage Cocktails in 'Gourmet' Archives

Its amazing how a cocktail can so powerfully evoke a sense of time or place...I live in Hawaii and tourists are STILL sipping Blue Hawaiians at the the Hilton and otherwise. Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

Christmas Cookies? Bah Humbug.

so, since you can't get gingerbread cookies at the gas station AND I use real butter, does that mean that I am not phoning it in for the holidays? LOL!

"Good" Butter

As someone who was subjected to margarine while growing up, anything that ISN'T sold in a tub gets my vote for "good butter"! LOL!

That said, I have found fantastic butter at my farmer's market, but for everyday, I use the butter I get at COSTCO.

office party potluck...what to bring!!

I made a three cheese (asiago, romano, cheddar) mac-n-cheese one year that was a TOTAL hit. EVERYone loved the comfort food.
There is one caveat: you need to be able to keep it warm until the potluck is served.

BEST foodie gift ever?

I grew up in the midwest and developed a passion for rhubarb pie. Last year, for my birthday, my friend made a rhubarb pie and sent it to me (in Honolulu!) overnight. The pie was a little worse for the wear, but fantastic all the same!


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