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Leftover roast recipes?

Beef stroganoff was our family favorite for left over roast.

What food(s) did you love as a kid and now can't stand?

Licorice whips, well not really licorice, but the "red Flavor" whatever that was. I used to buy them in six foot long pieces and eat them in one day. Now the thought of it makes me feel sick. I doubt I could finish a foot long piece.

Comfort Food

Wow! What a horrible ordeal. I hope you are doing o.k. I also did not realize that cat bites could be so dangerous, now I know.
I hope you have had all your favorite comfort foods by now! I like to have pizza in front of the t.v. when I'm down. Delivered to my door so I don't have to leave my p.j.s

Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

My favorite way to eat seafood is:
Seated next to my wife (whom is also a seafood fanatic) at Elliot's on Pier 69 which is our favorite place to go when we are in Seattle.

What's So Weird About That?

Used to eat peanut butter and Miracle whip sandwiches as a child. Have not had one in many years. Later in my childhood I was introduced to peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, which I still eat presently.

Jello Salad: a regional thing?

Our family made a jello dish that consisted of a yellow jello (don't really know the flavor, pineapple maybe?) with pineapple chunks in it. It was topped with little marshmallows. I always liked it growing up, and would it it again.
Here is my comment jello salad passion:
Years ago, a woman I knew was raving about some dish that she and her female family members referred to as "Better Than Sex". She kept talking about how good it was and saying how she was going to her mother's house later to make it. When I finally asked her the ingredients of this amorous dish, she described the jello salad I mentioned above. I just really felt sorry for her at that point, and also for my friend that was dating her!

Bacon grease

My mom uses it to fry chicken livers in. They are quite good that way. I myself throw it out, because I figure the bacon added enough to my cholesterol level. If I only used it once and a while though...

Hand-held foods?

This has got me thinking about all the food that really can only be eaten by hand, or at most with a frilled toothpick, spear or the like:
Oysters on the half shell (yes one could use the cocktail fork, but then would miss out on all the yummy liquor if it was not slurped from the shell)
Olives. I've never seen them eaten with anything more than a pick.
Corn on the cob.
Anything from a relish tray (carrot sticks, celery stalks, pickles, etc.)
Sandwiches. (but Ihave seen people eat hamburgers with knife and fork, and then there's open-faced, so maybe scratch that one)
Whole crab or crab legs.
Potato chips and the like.
There is a lot of them, I would be curious to see how many we could all come up with.
Now I'm hungry for potato chips!

Hand-held foods?

It kind of depends on where you are. In different places, there is different acceptable etiquette.
If you are eating at a traditional chinese restraunt, you could eat your entire meal sans fork and spoon (yes, you can slurp your soup right from the bowl) without breaking any rules. It really comes down to what you are comfortable with in that case (I myself have never mastered chopsticks, but do try for fun sometimes!) I could never eat chicken wings with knife and fork, but I have tried in the past because of the mess I end up with (ribster, I'm with you on the beard thing). The mess does not deter me from the wings however. It is a socially acceptable mess at the bar and grill, but I'm not sure this is so at the fancy places. If wings make the menu, they are finger food to me.
Different rules apply depending on your surroundings. Ethnicity, location (different places/countries) and atmosphere allow for different rules. Basically, when in Rome do as the Romans do, if you are o.k. with it!

Bothered by being served "as it comes up" in restaurants?

That was my point exactly! Maybe if I would have conveyed it a bit more like you did, I would not have angered so many at first.
Bad service is definitely on the rise around here. One would think that in this present economy nonessential businesses would be on their best behavior.

What would your last meal be?

Seafood, and lots of it, from Elliot's on pier 69 in Seattle (I have an attachment to the place). The meal would consist of a little of everything I like on the menu, washed down with a decent glass of water, and a bottle of Taittinger. For desert, (since there would be no more room for solid food!) a glass of warm Drambuie, and then on to whisky and cigarettes.

U.S.-Bound Spanish Iberico Pata Negra Hams to Lose Black Hooves, Cost Double

I really think thats a bit to pricey for any pig, but people with the means spend shloads of cabbage on all sorts of things. I doubt I will ever get to try it. I'm sure it is tasty though.
I have oak trees in my backyard. Maybe I should buy some pigs!

Horse, Anyone?

Yay, I supppose I would try it as long as it was not a previous pet.
Funny, Mr Ed just came up as an answer on Jeopardy!
High Ho Silver, Roast Away!

How old were you when you first started cooking?

Oh I forgot,
In third grade all the students brought in their favorite recipes and put together a cookbook. I remember making several things out of it with little or no help from a parent.

How old were you when you first started cooking?

I remember having that Charlie Brown Cookbook as well, but don't remember what we made out of it.
I know I helped out at a young age, but the first thing I remember being in charge of on my own was popcorn.
I think I was about 5-6 when I became the popcorn chef. I remeber having to use a chair to get up on the counter in order to reach the popper. We had an aluminum pot type popper the kind that rested on a electric heating coil base.
One time when I was emptying the popped corn into the bowl I burned the knuckle of my thumb when it touched the pot (The handle was a little loose. This and my small hands made it awkward to dump out). After I burned my thumb, I tilted the oil soaked lid (in my other hand). The oil spilled out onto the electric coil and foooof! The flames licked up and singed my hair and eyelashes. I held on to the pot, which was still burning my thumb, until the flames died down so I could put the pot back on the burner. OOOUUUCH!! It seemed like an eternity. Man that thing made great popcorn though!

What's your favorite ciabatta roll sandwich?

I got out some fresh spinach to make a pizza sort of one and realized I used the last of the mozzerella earlier! I wonder if muenster would work?
Was that one plain,toasted or grilled? It sounds good.
donnie and boomer53,
I wish I had some pork here right now.
I'm down to one roll now, and I have to save it to make my wife a sandwich later. If I had more rolls, I think I would make a Monte Christo type one for dessert.
Thanks again everyone!

Possible to make thick crust pizza at home?

I tried this one:
It was good, but I agree with you on the long cook time. I used a higher temp and cooked it for less time and it ended up a little doughy (I tried to lower the temp and cook it for long, but the toppings got a bit crispy after a while) So, I would follow it more closely next time. I also omitted the dried milk, because I had none on hand. I did not use the sauce recipe. I think I will try bread flour next time.
All that said, I was good in the end.

How do you make your egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad...

I made this one today and liked it. It is a small batch because it was an experiment.
1/2 cup diced, saute'd chicken
1 chopped hard boiled egg
4-5 sliced cherry tomatoes
A slice of onion diced
A dollop of Hellman's mayo
A dollop of cottage cheese
1 tablespoon Kraft caesar vinigrette with parmesan dressing
Dash of sea salt and fresh ground pepper
It was a change from my usual and it turned out to be good.

What's your favorite ciabatta roll sandwich?

I ended up making this one:
Smeared with Hellman's mayo and drizzled with Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing.
Stacked with deli thin ham, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced pimento stuffed olives, and provolone.
Sprinkled with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Buttered and sprinkled with rosemary, then cooked in a sandwich press until golden. I really liked it.
I made another one with a chicken and egg salad, but I did not like the ciabatta roll with that one (did not cook it in the press and it was a bit too much bread for me) I think I'll stick to grilled or pressed from now on.

What's your favorite ciabatta roll sandwich?

Thank you everyone!
Lunch time is approaching, and I have five delicious sounding (and looking, bitchincamero: the pork w/ spicy mango cucumber slaw looks fantastic) recipes and a four pack of ciabatta rolls. This could be a dangerous combo, because I'm in an eatin' mood!
Plus, I read Karencooks topic "How do you make your egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad...", and that got me thinking about creating a new chicken and egg salad on ciabatta recipe. I think I'm in trouble

Movies on Food

I was trying to remember "Tampopo" as I scrolled down the comments. I would never had been able to come up with it. I enjoyed that one, it was funny and it made me hungry for ramen.
For dramas , I watched one called "Eat Drink Man Woman" lately that kept me interested. I made it through most of "Woman on Top". Mystic Pizza is another that I remember liking. It made me wonder/imagine what the pizza would taste like.
I saw a drama quite some time ago called "The Spitfire Grill" (had to look up the titlle on IMDB since it had been so long ago) I really enjoyed that one, and would recommend it.

I heart stuffed ________

I Love stuffing!
If I have cuts of meat that I can't stuff (thin pork chops, boneless ckicken breast, etc.) I make a casserole with the stuffing on the outside. That probably doesn't count as stuffing I guess.
I would say my favorite stuffed thing would be the Thanksgiving turkey. I couldn't live without it. I think I would stuff stuffing if it was possible!

I heart stuffed ________

I love stuffed foods. It can be a turkey stuffed with my favorite bread based stuffing, portobellas stuffed with nearly the same and topped with mozzerella, peppers stuffed with most anything (cream cheese,cheddar,sausage,whatever) Any butterflyed cut of meat becomes a dish with stuffing. I

Interesting Lobster Recipe?

The lobster pot pie sounds delicious!
How about lobster chowder? Have not had this one before, but it sounds really good, and they say it isn't hard to make. It calls for 2 live female lobsters, and I didn't know if you were using live ones. Here is the site:


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