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Ride JetBlue, Get Free Cream Cheese

I think they pump more air into the cheese like low fat ice cream. Low fat doesn't take too bad, it's the fat free that's like cardboard (and scary). I'd rather run an extra mile than eat that.

Red Velvet Cake Revisited

Great in-depth article on Red Velvet on (Atlanta Journal-Constitution's website):

Seriously Delicious Giveaway: Zingerman's Gift Certificate

Believe it not, I learned to like cheese only about two years ago (my midwest friends nearly disowned me when they found out)-- but now? Well, I almost can't go a day without it! Now, I'm not yet into the moldy, stinky stuff-- that might take a few decades. But I have found that I really love a good Piave. It's all about the butterscotchiness.

Which Plain Potato Chip Rules? What's Your Favorite?

Twiglets are only good if you like Marmite-- blech! Ed, save yourself!

Restaurant suggestiong in Atlanta

I moved to Atlanta from NYC a year ago. There's great food down here! By downtown, what do you mean? I'd check out Ecco, if you're in the midtown area. The Globe is really good, too.

'On Top of Spaghetti' Book Giveaway

I love a good lasagna-- the old fashioned kind, but with hot italian sausage in place of the meat. A friend of mine did just make some incredible homemade ravioli filled with, very simply, ricotta, mint, and spring peas. It was fantastic!

Question of the Day: What movie has the best dinner scene?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? First meal scene to make me NOT want to eat. That's power.


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