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Poll: Fresh or Low-Moisture Mozzarella on Your Pizza?

I want to know where that low moisture whole milk mozz comes fromm that you can see the butterfat oozing after being cooked

Pizza Addiction

Six outta 9 thats Close.I've never made so good of pizza untill I got a steel.In fact I got two and I place it on the lower rack and then I place anothe steel on th rack above it about 5" and preheat for about an hour.The top steel holds so much heat it does the browning without using the Broiler.And I didn't go out and buy a pizza steel I went to a scrap metal and got them to cut em.Works like a charm.

Baking Steel Placement

I use a Quarter inch thick piecr of steel on th bottum rack of my Gas oven.It takes a good 45 minutes to 1 hr of preheat time to get to the right temp.I think my oven will push 600.Degrees 4/5 minutes and I get a good brown.Can always put it up on the broiler rack to brown the top but seems to work ok without that extra browing.Also I add alittle powered milk to my flour and never use less than a three day rise will also help the color

Are there metallic off-flavors from a pizza steel?

dont ever wash that steel it will rust.I wire brushed mine down to bare metal then seasoned it like cast and dont ever let it get wet!!!!!!!!!

Top This: The Quadruple Chili Threat

I use Mix monterey Jack with whole milk on most all my pizzas.Seems to give the cheese a little more tooth and seems to add a Buttery aspect to the cheese like a higher fat
content.I cant seem to buy that kind of Mozz that has that butterfat seeping out of it.

Pizza Obsessives: Andris "Man of Steel" Lagsdin

I added a steel 3/4 weeks ago.By far the best added idea for good pizza in my Tenure as a amature pizzoli.
where do you find that mozzerlla that has that high butterfat content.Ya know where you can see little beads fo yellow greese coming out of the cheese when cooke just right?

The Pizza Lab: Baking Steel vs. Lodge Cast Iron Pizza

Used my home made 1/4 inch steel last night.Never have I been so pleased wit a cooking method.Two and a Half minutes fo a 16 inch pie .Dough was bread flour with added gluten cheese ham and pepperioni with pinapple dough had a two day rise in reefer.Very impressed with the steel.I have a HOT gas oven set my temp @475 an turned the broiler on a minute before I put the pie in watched the undershot for I dont like Black spots

Why Pepperoni Pizza Sucks

Believe it or not red sauce Linguica pastrami and and sauercraut and mozzerlla

A Pizza My Mind: I Hate Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake

heres my dig on papas.First I get a 2dollar off cupon take the survey.I order a delite pepperoni with extra sauce and I tell them to use papas original red sauce.take the pizza home take off the pepperoni add a cup of whole milk mozz and garlic powder then dried oregeno then add the pepperoni back cook on upper rack At 500degrees for 10 minutes then transfer to lower rack without cooking sheet for 1 to 2 minutes add a swril of xtra virgin olive oil and let rest for 5 munutes.Best 6 dollar pizza I've ever had.

A Pizza My Mind: I Hate Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake

My Dig on Papas.First I get the 2.00Dollar off cupon and do the survey.I order a thin crust Delite Pepperoni with a little extra sauce and I order Papas original sauce take it home take the pepperoni off add about a cup of whole milk mozz garlic powder add the pepperoni back on top add dried oregegno and cook on upper rack for 10 minutes @ 495Degrees the drop to lower rack without cooking sheet for two minutes to brown the bottom.Add a swirl of olive oil and let stand for 5 minutes.This is the best six dollar pizza I've ever had.

Cook's Illustrated's Thin-Crust Pizza

I use a hard winter high proteen flour to this rescipe but All I have is a stand up kitchen aid mixer.I've been machien kneeding for about 10 minutesw and my dough becomes very tough upon eating .Do I not kneed this high protean flour for so long?

Anaheim, California: Hefty Pies at Marri's Pizza

Does this place have wooden wall an lets everone write on them?If so it looks like the same location fo a parlor that we used to go to years ago in the early 70's after concerts at anahime convention center.It was excellent then

Daily Slice: The 'Indo-Pak' at Elmhurst Famous Pizza

I just had this thought My wife brought home a Costco baked pizza tonight and it reminds me of how Dominos tasted when they first came out about 27 yearsr ago.If you remember they were pretty good when they first started.They dont evan have one here in Medford or. anymore


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