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New to Trader Joe's

Oh my goodness...

edamame hummus

cookie butter (it will change your life)

cheddar cheese with caramelized onions

pizza dough (I always have it in the freezer for quick dinners)

seaweed snacks (if you like seaweed - I LOVE THESE)

the raisin and rosemary crackers (for a wine and cheese night - perfect)

Parmesan crisps (great as an alternative to croutons on salad

sea salt and pepper rice chips (if you're trying to be healthy these things are the best!!!! they are as addictive as potato chips and 1/8 the calories)

fleur de sel caramels (

mochi (you have to!)

puff pastry (I always stock up when they have this, its great!)

Arancini in the frozen food isle

mushroom and truffle flatbread

ok I'm done....
I think

Have you ever lost your cooking mojo?

This made me feel so much better! You guys are wonderful, there are some great answers here. I was afraid I was going to have to wait for the ghost of Julia Child to come to me in my sleep a la "Bagger Vance" (horrible movie).

New York Penn Station

....except for the fact that it's in Grand Central

New York Penn Station

The Oyster Bar! yes it can be full of tourists but it's so much fun, and such a classic.

Cook the Book: 'Poulet'

Jamie Oliver chicken. I don't think that's the official name but it basically involves putting a cut up chicken in a baking dish with a whole lot of garlic and different kinds of tomatoes and basil, with a some olive oil and then cooking it for an hour and a half until the chicken is falling off the bone. Great meal when it's cold.

Other people's habits.

@BangieB: Then you aren't one of those people I'm talking about, I knew I should have written shallots instead. But out of curiosity, what happens when you eat eggplant?

Other people's habits.

People who say they are allergic to things they clearly aren't. You are an adult you are not allergic to broccoli or eggplant just say you don't care for them. It also really bothers me when people refuse to try something they've never eaten, it's just food, it's not going to kill you or scar you forever, really!! are you five!?!?

Best of the odd combinations?

Ham, cream cheese and ketchup on toast. open faced. When I was 9 or 10 I used to get dropped off 2 times a week at my friends house early in the morning when my mom had 6 am aerobic classes. Her mom would make us breakfast and take us to school. This dish was called "Dads breakfast" I never met dad, apparently he worked on an oil rig somewhere very cold and nordic, but this was what he would make for breakfast every morning. And I got it for breakfast twice a week. I love it.

Names of restaurants in your city that make you cringe

There was a place where I lived in queens called Winegasm. The sad part is it was a really great restaurant and wine bar. Winegasm? really? It made me feel like such a tool every time I told one of my friends to meet me there.

my bulgogi is about to become no-gogi.

It doesn't have to be complicated, I'm just trying to make a well balanced meal out of it.

After Dinner Games, Got One We Should Be Playing?

I don't know if it counts as a game but at the end of Sunday dinner we used to see who could blow out the candles that were sitting in the middle of the table, but you had to be sitting all the way back in your chair. We'd go around the table and everyone would try until someone got it or my dad got frustrated and stood up to blow them out. Mostly it wasn't the competition that was fun, it was watching everyone get all red in the face from huffing and puffing so hard. It's a wonder my Mother actually let us do it.

Anniversary dinner in Chicago

Go to Henri - it's beautiful, the food is amazing, it's small and romantic but very vibrant, the service is very personal, it's and A++. I really think it would be perfect. That's the first place I thought of although I'm sure more ideas will come to me.

Cook the Book: Barefoot Contessa, 'How Easy Is That?'

We just made it tonight actually. Creamy polenta with roasted vegetables and a soft boiled egg. Easy and elegant. YUM!

what should I make that uses A LOT of carrots?

Holy carrots!!! You guys take the cake on this one. Now I can't wait to use these carrots.

A whole lotta tomato chutney and not a whole lotta ideas.

Oh yum!! Now I'm so excited to use all this chutney. Those dosas are a righteous idea. I've never canned anything before, I feel like I remember my mom doing it when I was little and it seemed like it involved a lot of time and had a small margin for error? I'm scared!!!

Carnivores and herbivores eating together.

You guys are so great. So often I find that when people cook for vegans and vegetarians they compromise and end up serving steamed veggies and rice, they don't realize that actually vegan and vegetarian dishes make for some really great complimentary side dishes (right next to the meat). I can't wait to try some of these out, and lord knows it will be good for my boyfriend to eat a vegetable every once in a while. Thanks peeps!

Carnivores and herbivores eating together.

I just talked to them, they're vegans because they believe that consuming meat is a strain on the planet (that's a whole can of worms I don't want to get into) so they don't have any issues with their veggies being prepared with meat essence ;) I love all these suggestions, however I'm a little wary of using faux products like vegan cheese - in my experience they just don't taste good - that being said maybe I just haven't used the right products.

Cook the Book: 'The Book of Tapas'

I love Tapas!! They're my favorite thing in the whole wide world, I think because you get to try so many different things without getting full. The best tapas I ever had were this lightly breaded and fried goat cheese balls with lavender honey in NY so so yum!

Videos: Cats and Dogs Eating Mashed Potatoes

I guess cats love mashed potatoes. When we moved back to the US from being overseas our cat didn't take the trip very well and ended up hiding out under my sisters bed for a week and refusing to come out or eat. I was so distraught I tried to get him to eat everything and anything to no avail. One night we had mashed potatoes, so I tried that. He loved it, I spent an hour on my stomach under the bed spoon feeding the cat mashed potatoes. In hindsight he probably put one over on me, but still, that dang cat ate all the leftover mashed potatoes.


Wouldn't it be great if there were people running around the internet doing the opposite of trolls. Random people who just inserted comment like. "I love serious eats!" or "you guys are awesome! puppies and penguins and hearts!" why do we have to use nastiness to terrorize people? why can't we use love to terrorize people?

that being said

I hope you all have a brilliant day ;)

Can't eat it anymore

German. Blood sausage = yucky.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Homemade Holidays

@ thegourmetgal - absolutely!! it's pretty easy. You don't actually have to make it a week ahead but it does make it better if it sits for a little bit.

4 quarts
Make one week ahead

12 egg whites

1 ½ cup sugar

12 egg yolks

½ tsp salt

4 cups heavy cream

4 cups bourbon

1 cup dark rum

4 cups milk

nutmeg grated
Beat ½ cup sugar into stiffly beaten egg whites. Beat yolks, 1 cup of sugar and salt until very light. Blend in the egg whites. Add cream, milk and bourbon. Beat well. Add rum. Store for one week in a cool place. Shake well or stir thoroughly before serving. Sprinkle with nutmeg

Weekend Cook and Tell: Homemade Holidays

My sister and I made our family eggnog recipe, we give away bottles of it to friends. Yes, it has raw eggs in it, yes, everyone knows, no, no one has EVER gotten sick and it will knock your socks off!!! It's seriously good. And I always feel like a bootlegger when we make it:)