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In Season: Swiss Chard

I made a swiss chard and pistachio pesto recently. It was tasty!

The Myth of "Goop"

I live in Seattle and we most certainly have goop!
It is more like mayo, mustard and relish mixed together than thousand island. In Olympia, there is a burger joint called Big Tom's that serves it. Serious Eats did a profile a year or so ago.
Goop is best on tots!

Share the Pocky Love!

Whats up with the Pocky "Mens" flavor??

Baby Shower Punch??

We made this for a wedding shower, it was delicious and made a good quantity! Personally, I like sherbert in my punch. You could add some pineapple sherbert if thats your thing. :)

1 (6oz) or 2 (3oz) pkg. jello
3 c. sugar
2 qts boiling water
3/4 c. lemon juice
1 (46oz) can pineapple juice
2 qts cold water
2 qts ginger ale
Choose the flavor of jello according to the color of punch desired. Dissolve jello and sugar in boiling water. Add remaining ingredients, EXCEPT GINGER ALE. Pour in containers and freeze. Just before serving, add ginger ale. Remove from freezer long enough to become slushy in your punch bowl. Then add the ginger ale. Keep other containers in the freezer for future use. Makes approximately 50 cups.
It is good to freeze these in gallon freezer bags. A person to hold the bag while you pour is helpful. Then stand them up in a large pot or other container until frozen to prevent spillage.

Dinner Tonight: Spaghetti with Crab, Chile, and Mint

I just made this. Turned out yummy. In this Seattle heat wave, it might have been better chilled!

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: The Perfect French Omelet

That was insane. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Recipe suggestions: Sangrita?

Thanks for the suggestions. The lime sangrita I had was incredible. Spicy and flavored with lime. Typically, I can figure out the ingredients but this time I'm stumped. Next time, I want to order a tall glass of it!

What's your favorite kind of bagel?

I like egg, sourdough, or sesame bagels with a smear of cream cheese and some tasty lox and maybe a slice of tomato.

BYOB at a Thai restaurant

I love to drink Thai beers with my thai food. Chang is our favorite.

Can You Learn to Cook from Cookbooks?

I think there is a pre-skill of being able to taste things before you are able to cook them. You can learn the sequence of cooking things from a cookbook and the quantities but a book can't clearly what it is supposed to taste like. I think the best cooks are the ones who have the best palates.

Vegetarian Faux Chicken Brands

Morningstar makes breaded fake chicken wings. They aren't very spicy and not very saucy.

A brand called Quorn makes delicious fake "naked chick'n cutlets". They are best cooked in a bit of oil on the stove. You could coat these in hot sauce and they would be super tasty!

Good luck!

Sunday Brunch: Ricotta Frittata

I was super excited to make this but it tastes sort of blah. I think it needs something else, roasted red peppers?

Anyone add anything that made it great?

Favorite Fall Foods?

honey crisp apples
steamed apple cider with chai and vanilla
apple fritters
love fall apples, mmm!

Honeycrisps Are Here!

I use them for everything as well. I do have to say that the crop of Honeycrisps we got in Seattle two years ago was sub-par compared to their usual taste, so if you didn't love the ones you had, you should try them again!

Honeycrisps Are Here!

I'm glad I'm not the only one rejoicing the return of the honeycrisp! LOVE THEM!

Tomatoes Are Evil

I can't understand tomato hate. I love tomatoes in any form!

I would join a cantaloupe haters group though! Yuck!

Oyster recipe?

My grandma always makes a oyster and corn casserole for holidays. I love it! This recipe is similar to the one my grandma makes. She adds more crushed crackers on the top with a little butter and uses smoked oysters. Yum!

Black and White Granola

flax seeds are soooooo yummy in granola.

Ahi Tuna Prep

I made a seared sesame ahi a few weeks ago and served it with an avocado "dip". I mixed avocado with a little mayo, lime, and chili oil. I think ahi tastes best with asian flavors. I had a pretty thin piece and it seared VERY quickly so if you are going to prepare it that way, it take less time than you think it will... hope that helps!

What one food mag should I get?

I really enjoy getting Everyday Food. It has great recipes every issue!

Help, I'm in a rut!

Whenever I need ideas I go photograzing! I always find something to make!

Regional Fast Food Chains

@cyberroo- are you talking about Wheelers?! Every trip to my grandparents house in Caldwell, includes a trip to Wheelers to get scotch and sodas and tots with fry sauce! LOOOOOOOOVE it!