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Warren Bobrow's first book, Apothecary Cocktails, Restoratives from Yesterday and Today is out! He also writes for Foodista, DrinkUPNY,Total Food Service, The Daily Basics,The Beekman 1802 Boys and many others.

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  • Location: Morristown, NJ
  • Favorite foods: Bourbon, Rum, Belly Tuna, a good beef pot pie, Tomato Pie, Mussels steamed in Belgian Beer, Crispy filo, scrambled egg.
  • Last bite on earth: Ciao Bella Dark Chocolate Sorbet. Followed by a slurp of thirty year old rum from Martinique

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Soda: Sanbitter from San Pellegrino

I love Sanbitter, especially with straight bourbon whiskey and a mezcal wash.

Trends We Noticed at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2013

OOOOOHHHHHH.... I have a GORGEOUS bottle of Pavan sitting next to me. I normally never take samples from a show- but I just HAD to experiment with this highly expressive liqueur. I also found my bad self with a bottle of Tribe- evidently made with Irish Malt Whiskey and Honey. It tastes like a cream, but it's anything but. Wow. I'm always charmed by small producer gin and the exemplary Greenhook Ginsmiths Beach Plum Liqueur is a thing of rare beauty. It's a trip to Martha's Vineyard without the ferry ride. Of course there was Barrow's INTENSE Ginger Liqueur and the ever amazing Half Moon Gin from Tuthilltown Spirits and.....

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Is $10 Exclusiv Vodka As Good as Grey Goose?

Years ago I worked in a nameless liquor store. They sold a brand of vodka named Leeds.
I wrote this little ditty.
When taking the time to drink the "Very Best"...
The "Best" turn to Leeds.

Well it wasn't the best, but it worked in a pinch.

Michael Neff and Carey Jones Look Back on Tales of the Cocktail

I disagree. There were fantastic drinks at Tales. I enjoyed them at numerous watering holes around the city. It's next to impossible to achieve perfection when hundreds of drunks descend upon a tasting table and expect the world. If you want a fabulous drink, go to CURE. And tell Neal that I sent you.

Mint Julep Protips: Refining The Classic Derby Day Drink

I am in fact a mint julep expert according to Wiki-Pedia. I recommend if nothing else a copper core, sterling silver cup. Tomorrow I will be traveling to the heartland of mint juleps, Louisville, Kentucky to attend the Kentucky Derby. I fully believe that if the mint is freshly picked and if you use a wooden muddler, there is no reason why whole mint leaves should not be utilized. I wash my mint carefully remove any grit. Fresh is always better. You can also Slap your mint- bringing out the essential oils.
There are many poor juleps out there, but if you use good ingredients, there is no reason why you cannot craft a delicious cocktail.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume No. 6'

I was in Rome with my parents. Staying at the Hassler Hotel, at the top of the Spanish Steps. The windows were open and I heard the voice of an angel- a young voice calling out to all who were listening about the beautiful foods to be enjoyed on the steps below the hotel.

I had only a few lire in my pocket, just enough to taste some figs as they glistened in the morning light. Sumptuous and spicy as if they had been dusted in hot chili paste before handing a few to me.
The flavor of fresh figs have stayed in my palate for decades.

8 Summer Cocktails from The Spotted Pig in NYC

I sat next to Ryan at the bar formerly known as Painkiller (now PKNY) in NYC. I think he was doing cocktail research. At least it was Tiki Bar research. Cheers!

The Four High End Steaks You Should Know

I want nothing more than a grass fed, 28 day aged Ribeye Steak from Hoeffner's in Morristown, NJ. USDA Prime.
Cooked over natural charcoal on my ancient Weber grill.


Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2010 in Photos

I loved the barbecue so much that I published an article on the event.

Thanks to John T. Edge for being the consumate SOUTHERN Gentleman.

Char No. 4: Bourbon, Barbecue, And Pork In Cobble Hill

I just published an article called Billy Reid: Bourbon, Branch and Southern History. We tasted 3 Bourbon, the oldest was 1952, the youngest was 1957. All made by men long gone. There was locally sourced Branch that made its way into my hands soon thereafter the tasting. A sweet reminder of times gone past in a glass. cheers! wb

Who Are Your Favorite Farmers at Farmers' Markets?

I grew up on a certified organic/biodynamic farm-food just tastes better when you grow it in conjunction with the balance of the earth.

We have a responsibility to do well by where we live.

The delicacy that is SWEET TEA

The delicacy of Sweet Tea compliments the savory nature of a Tuna Melt. preferably one prepared on a hot summers day in Charleston, South Carolina.

Anyone crazy for chocolate and red wine?

a Pedro Ximinez sherry from Spain along with a piece of single origin bittersweet chocolate is my idea of heaven!

Do you have a recipe you won't share?

Years ago I worked as a private chef in New York City. It was an exciting enough job-as I got to see inside many really fantastic townhouses and apartments-belonging to some of the wealthiest families in the world. One client in particular stood out. The agency didn't tell me, but as I found out later, the client was Leona Helmsley. I replied to an ad from the NYTimes. She wanted a new chef, someone to run her NY kitchens and follow her around, making sure she was well fed. It seemed like something I would have enjoyed doing had she received what she wanted from me on paper and NEVER RECEIVED-my great grandmother's matzo ball recipe. She had put in the ad that the applicant prepare their best matzo ball recipe and give it to the "taster".
She demanded, as only Leona could demand and did not get. I did not get the job either! No great loss to me.

White Diamond, a Vintage Slider Emporium in Linden, New Jersey

I love white Diamond. Remember Royal Castle in South Florida?

Zummo’s Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

I sense a road trip! I cannot wait to try this.


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