College student from the US, currently studying in France, where many of my favorite foods are all but impossible to find...

  • Favorite foods: Mexican, Chinese
  • Last bite on earth: Chinese takeout. Or maybe enchiladas. Or... oh, I don't know.

Win Pop Chart Lab's Huge 'The Magnificent Multitude of Beer' Print

This is my partner's answer because I don't really drink beer. In Ohio: Sam Adams, and favorite beer: Boston Lager. Not a huge fan of Great Lakes.

EW! I HATE that!!

Until last year I hated popcorn. I had only ever had the bagged-and-microwaved stuff growing up. Then a friend showed me how to make homemade, stove-popped stuff... and now I can't get enough.

I still won't eat it at the movies, though. It goes straight to my boyfriend and I just eat candy instead.

Drinking with Will Gordon: Guinness Generous Ale Is a Pleasant Winter Diversion

@JulietRomeo: From what I've seen, alcohol tends to either build bridges, or burn them. Looks like Vancouver came out on the right end of that.

Can you polish off a pint of ice cream in a sitting?

Well, I can. But, should I? ... Yes. Yes, I should.

Cocktail 101: Easy Cocktails From A Low-Stocked Bar

I don't know how everyone else feels but for a student who finds herself without the finances for the ideally stocked bar, this is awesome. I'll be very eagerly awaiting the rest of this "short series" and I can't wait to see what else you all come up with.

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Hate Making?

@ksand--I completely agree. I've gone to cafés before where the best thing you can "order" is just saying to the barista, "I like [this kind of thing]--what do you suggest along those lines?" They are able to show off their skills, you get an almost-guaranteed-to-be-amazing drink because they're really putting work and love into it, and everyone goes away happy. I like your coffee-wine analogy, too. Just as you might trust your wine decision to someone at the restaurant whose job it is to do that sort of thing, maybe people should put their faith in the barista every once in a while. They're doing this for a reason, and many have won awards for it--they know what they're doing.

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Love Making?

@Rosewood: I definitely saw "love-making" somewhere in the title, although I thought it was some sort of pun on the actual question the title is asking...

First time in Chicago (Michigan Ave) - what can't I miss?

Oh, and we will have a car, but we're also very willing to leave it at the hotel and walk around/take public transport for a time.

First time in Chicago (Michigan Ave) - what can't I miss?

Ah, you're all fantastic. I'll probably be able to fit most of these into both my budget and time.

@chgoeditor: I love Mexican food, so thanks for that suggestion. Gastropubs yes, and I've never tried Vietnamese, Thai or Korean (although I'll be traveling to Korea after I go to France so I should start now I guess!). But I'm up for anything. I've never met an "ethnic cuisine" I didn't like.

We Try Every Species of Goldfish

If you happen to like a bowl of Goldfish in place of your conventional breakfast cereal, Baby Goldfish fit excellently into spoonfuls. I'm not the only one who eats bowlfuls of cheesy crackers for breakfast, right guys? ... Right?

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Mr. Boston Wild Cherry Flavored Brandy

@scalfin: Maybe cherry-flavored vinegar!

How to Make Rummy Bears and Other Drunken Gummies

Well, today I poured some rum into a tupperware dish full of Haribo Happy Cola gummies, so I guess I'll see whether it tastes like a rum and Coke, like I want it to. And if it doesn't, well, I won't be sober enough by the end to care about the taste!

14 Things To Make with Oreos

The man and I like to combine chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie mix, and Oreos. Nothing fancy, just layered in a baking dish. They are sugar overload, chocolate-y to the extreme, and they're called "Slutty Brownies" according to the recipe (which we found online ages ago; I can't remember where)... because they're "fast and easy." :D

Humpty Dumpty Omelet Question

At my house: the cook's stray hairs which fell from her head into the omelette, and also any cat hair which made its way from her clothes to the pan.

Oh, you meant *intentional* toppings...

Five Great Toppings You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

No-cheese pizza isn't a sacrilege in my book. Even from the local delivery chains I've been ordering cheese-free pizza ever since I found out I was lactose intolerant. But I'm definitely going to have to give the pureed cashews a try.

Win Pop Chart Lab's "Pie Charts (A Baker's Dozen)" Poster

Pecan pie! It's one of those treats I have to save for a special occasion, lest I eat an entire pie in one sitting.

Monte Cristo Sandwich (Fried Ham and Swiss with Red Currant Jelly)

I think the coding's messed up on this page; everything that wasn't already a link is linking to her Pinterest. But aside from that, this sounds amazing. I might have to make it for some kind of brunch--with maybe a salad for dinner if @PommeDG is right about the fat count :P

What to drink for a beer-less St. Patrick's Day?

I must say these definitely got my day started off excellently. And will surely continue it excellently as well.

Thanks for all your lovely advice! :D

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

How well does the peanut butter frosting set up? Will it be sticky after it's piped on?

Send Us Your Beer Questions!

I've been trying to find a beer without hops, since my brother and I both have an intolerance to hops. I have not been able to find conclusive information on the Internet about hopsless beers--could you help us out?

What's Your Drunk Pizza of Choice?

On my campus there's a dining facility called Rosie's, which serves what is probably the worst pizza I've ever eaten in my life. Overly greasy, mostly burnt, and just disgusting. I try to avoid it all costs... except when I'm drunk or cramming for an exam. In those two circumstances, it somehow transforms into the best pizza ever.

First time in Chicago (Michigan Ave) - what can't I miss?

I'm a college student who will be traveling to Chicago from Sunday to Monday (the 8th and the 9th) to visit the French consulate in order to obtain my visa. Although we are only staying for about 24 hours, I want to "eat my way" through the visit, as it were.

I'm not sure where we'll be staying yet, but the Consulate is on Michigan Ave. While I've read the guides on here, I was wondering if anyone had some budget-minded suggestions. I'm willing to spend "big" (for me, $30/person or so) for one meal, but for the rest I'd like to keep within my usual means (at most, $15/person).

Pizza is obviously something I'd like to explore. I don't have any real stipulations other than not quite being 21 yet, so I can't drink. So, any suggestions?

What to drink for a beer-less St. Patrick's Day?

So, St. Patrick's Day is (of course) tomorrow, and I'm left with a dilemma. I'd be more than happy to imbibe my fair share of Guiness with my corned beef and Irish stew, but I have a teensy problem--a big fat hops intolerance. So much as one sip of beer and my stomach goes completely out of whack.

I'm accustomed to drinking stronger things than beer, but I admit that I'm a bit of a wimp and can't handle straight whiskey, and also can't drink any Bailey's (curse you, lactose-intolerance!). What would the great people of Serious Eats recommend for a good day of Irish-style drinking? I'd definitely be willing to mix whiskey into drinks if that isn't too impure for a true St. Pat's Day. :P

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