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Snapshots from the LongHouse Food Revival with Molly O'Neill in Austin

Based on the 19th century American Chautauqua movement, LongHouse Food Revivals are a series of annual gatherings of thought leaders across the United States organized and led by food writer Molly O'Neill. Last week, 150 food lovers gathered in Austin for a very special LongHouse Food Revival. Three cabritos (baby goats) were roasted over a live fire, craft brews and fine tequila flowed, new ideas were sparked, new bonds formed, and serious fun was had by all. More

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Wesleyan University

When I started as a freshman at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, I wasn't optimistic about the food options around town. But by the time I graduated last spring, I'd discovered that Middletown has way more to offer than meets the eye. From a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich that will rival your grandmother's turkey dinner to some of the best hash browns on the planet, check out my favorite spots around Wes. More

Back-to-School Packing List for College Students

With the school year starting up in the next few weeks, it's time to get organized. In addition to bed risers, bookends and Bananagrams, don't forget to pack in some gear to get you cooking and eating well. Whether you live in a dorm room with only a microwave and cereal bowl, or have upgraded to a living situation with a full on kitchen - stove and all - here are some ideas to bring (and stuff in your mini-fridge) when you head back to school. More

Snapshots from Foodstock, Wesleyan University's Food Conference

Wesleyan University in Connecticut recently held Foodstock, a food conference dedicated to cooks and books. The all-day extravaganza featured some of the food world's best and brightest writers (including SE contributors!) as well as local food bloggers, cookbook authors, and chefs. Of the many speakers, some highlights included Ruth Reichl, Eric Asimov, Dorie Greenspan, Molly O'Neill, and Jane Stern. Check out some snapshots from Foodstock! More

9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2012 Best Picture Nominees

Oscars and hot dogs might not seem like the most likely combination. That is, of course, until you think of one of America's most beloved hot dogs, the Oscar Mayer Wiener, and then you wonder why the two haven't been paired together earlier. Here are nine Oscar-themed hot dogs inspired by each of the films nominated for Best Picture. Everything from "The Parisian Dog" for Midnight in Paris with pâté and Dijon vinaigrette to the pineapple and Sriracha "Hawaii Dog" for The Descendants. More

Come on in 'The Kitchn'

Each week we round up our favorite posts and recipes from our friends at The Kitchn. This week they're discussing favorite ways to make BLTs, sharing ideas for cheese platters, using pizza dough for non-pizza dishes, and more. More

A Picnic in the Park: Recipes for Your Basket

Anyone else headed to the park for a show during these summer concert series? Sometimes all you need is a good loaf of bread, a hunk of cheese, and a bag of grapes. Other times, you're looking for something a little more inspired and real-dinner-esque. Finding the right foods to bring along isn't actually that simple. You want something that won't spoil, be too messy, or require much beyond your hands and plastic utensils. More

Come on in 'The Kitchn'

Each week we round up our favorite posts and recipes from our friends at The Kitchn. This week they're sharing heirloom tomato recipes, dressing up drinks with crafty ice cubes, chilling serving platters for cold food, and more. More

In Season: Peaches

What says summer better than a perfectly ripe peach? With its lovable, fuzzy skin and sweet, juicy interior a peach might be the best summer snack we can think of. Sure, you can throw peaches into any number of dishes or cocktails to sweeten them up—like in peach lemonade or over a salad—but this tasty fruit does just fine all on its own, thank you. More

This Week in Eating Out

  • Killer Lobster (Sandwich): Some of the best lobster between two slices of bread can be found at B&G Oysters in Boston with their Lobster BLT.
  • A Colorful Mediterranean Experience: New York's Bistro Lamazou serves up a variety of well-prepared Mediterranean dishes in its color-filled, over-the-top setting.
  • Burgers Worth the Price Tag: The burgers at The Florentine in Chicago might be a bit pricey, but rest assured, they're totally worth it.
  • The Best Ice Cream in Boston: Boston has dozens of shops making and selling their own homemade, small batch ice cream. Whittle down the list with our top five recommendations.
  • A Taste of the Tito: Shopsins in New York City is known for its one-of-a-kind dishes, like the Tito, with toast bits, chorizo, salsa, jack cheese and poached eggs.
  • Fun for All Ages: Chuck E. Cheese reinvents their pizza recipe with surprisingly acceptable results.

Bastille Day Recipe Round Up

Happy Bastille Day, Serious Eaters! We're observing French Independence with a round up of some of our favorite French recipes for appetizers, sides, mains, desserts, and drinks. What better way to celebrate the French than with some of their delectable food? Bon appétit! More

9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2013 Best Picture Nominees

@JulesK - yeah I'm a sucker for crawfish too! And it was one good dog!

@Pintchow - why yes, of course!

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Wesleyan University

@Foodosaurus What a wonderful addition to the list! Thank you for sharing -- and I'll have to try some of your suggestions out soon (particularly the sandwiches!)

Back-to-School Packing List for College Students

Hey now -- straws can be VERY fun. Useful... maybe not. Fun... yes! :P And yes, Muffin cups, muffin mix and cake mix are great!

Back-to-School Packing List for College Students

I'm loving these suggestions - and yes agreed, you really can never have enough cereal!

Snapshots from Foodstock, Wesleyan University's Food Conference

@PoorOldMama... sorry you didn't hear about this year's FOODSTOCK, but look out for more FOODSTOCK conferences in years to come!

9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2012 Best Picture Nominees

Leandra - Thanks! I'm glad you dig the dogs!

Jim Bob - Yeah spam would have been very appropriate on the Hawaii dog!

And for all you "Southern Dog" voters - yeah, that one was one of my favorites. Gravy on fried chicken sausage is pretty delicious!

A Sandwich a Day: Spam Musubi 'Sandwich' at Ate-Oh-Ate in Portland, OR

at least it's an original idea...

A Sandwich a Day: Pollo a La Brasa at Las Primas in Portland, OR

damn I love a good chicken sandwich

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

A wooden handled paring knife that my great aunt used to prepare apples for cider pressing in Western Massachusetts. Works like new after many years.

Share Your Sweets: Holiday Cookies

May I add my Ginger Molasses "Why Are These So Damn Good" Cookies... http://bit.ly/vxhUtI

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

Wrapped around grilled peaches and a side of fresh mozz.

Cook the Book: 'The Food52 Cookbook'

Pasta with sausage and grilled cherry tomatoes topped with ricotta salata!

Cook the Book: 'The Mozza Cookbook'

The most memorable Italian meal I ever had was when an Italian nonna, Loradonna, in Tuscany, taught me how to make potato gnocchi with roasted red pepper and parmigiano sauce. It was the single best bite of food I have ever had, and one of the best cooking experiences and meals of my life.

Welcome To Cutty's Week. Here's Your Breakfast.

Wow! I can't believe they're getting their own week here at SE, but how great - their sandwiches are seriously delicious!

Cereal Eats: Grape Nuts, Neither A Grape Nor a Nut—Discuss

Leanadra! I TOTALLY AGREE! I am obsessed with Grape Nuts... in fact, I once made a video about my love of Cheerios and Grape Nuts, which I eat just about every single morning, for my blog: http://bit.ly/qREpeZ
So happy you posted this!

Cereal Eats: The Troubled Relationship Between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams

Wow. This couldn't be better said.

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich at Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, NC

Early Girl Eatery is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere! Never got around to trying that sandwich but it looks good... And they have biscuits to die for - the best I've ever had in the south: http://bit.ly/ngyNBp

Come on in 'The Kitchn'

@Shelbsthomcat - yeah I love the avocado on there too! adds an extra creamy, fatty (as if there wasn't already the bacon) layer!

Beet Tzatziki

I LOVE beet tzatziki! What a perfect combination. Also works great in a sandwich:


7 Mac and Cheese Recipes We Love for National Macaroni Day

@Bkhuna - sorry, you're definitely right! I guess I should have said "some" mac and cheeses...

@zorazen - it can be a little heavy, but I love it as a side at a BBQ!

@ykurland @Teachertalk - Yep, Martha's mac n cheese is pretty delicious! Here's a link for anyone that wants it from SE's site:


Meet and Eat: Will Levitt, Serious Eats Summer Intern

@sastribling... Glad to hear someone else had Gourmet so central in their life in junior high! I think when I was reading it back then I certainly felt like the only one!

A Sandwich a Day: Georgia Reuben from Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge, MA

@J.W. Hamner - yep I've seen those Yelp posts about service too. I've never really had a problem with it, they've always been perfectly nice... and at the end of the day they serve me a perfectly good sandwich, so I really can't complain.

Served: Making a Life with Cheese


What a great piece! Cheese really is an important cornerstone of the culinary world... I'd love to hear more specifics on the cheeses you are into. Also, how did you end up educating yourself on cheese if not through the person at that restaurant? Any good books?

I run a blog on cooking and college, The Dorm Room Dinner, and recently had my first attempt at homemade cheese: http://tinyurl.com/629ug94