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My culinary focus is on finding cross-cultural uses for individual ingredients, and making ordinary food positively sing by coming at it from another angle. One part voodoo, one part sauce.

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  • Favorite foods: Noodles, sandwiches, cheese, breakfast
  • Last bite on earth: Prosciutto and spinach eggs benny.

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Brunch Drink: Piña Colada Flaca

I wanted to just call it a Piña Flaca, but was afraid people wouldn't know what to expect. Thank you for expounding on the differences!

Mojo Rising

SInce it's alcohol-based, I'd guess that the peppermint extract keeps near-indefinitely. I've made liqueurs with infused herbs that are still delicious a year later. And since this one is vodka-based, it's perfectly refreshing to drink on its own with a little soda.

Brunch Drinks: Alps Coffee

Haha, thanks! The mug was actually the inspiration. I went to Goodwill to find a cool mug to photograph (I knew I was making a coffee cocktail), but when I saw this one with a tiny Made in Switzerland sticker, I knew I needed to add kirsch to my cocktail.

Behind the Scenes at House Spirits Distillery

Oh, they don't make it there, so I didn't think to elaborate. But that's a fantastic idea for another post. Thanks for the comment, Hassouni!

Behind the Scenes at House Spirits Distillery

I forgot to mention that the copper still is called an alembic still.

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