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I'm a 17 year old aspiring dietician that dreams of the day that I have enough disposable income so that I can buy wedges of aged parmesan and fresh herbs without feeling like a freeloader.

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  • Location: CT, USA
  • Favorite foods: Mangos, cherries, peanut sauce, summer rolls, eggs, fresh goat cheese, eggplant, "freaky vegan" fare, prociutto, rice noodles, Domino's pizza (no mozz, extra red sauce, and mushrooms), red pepper flake, corn dogs
  • Last bite on earth: My mom's scrambled eggs with a side of my grandpa's maple bacon, and a bowl of slighty underripe mangos dressed with some honey and fresh mint, served with a gingerale with grenadine and a shot of amaretto. ("Bite", "oversized meal", who's checking?)

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camping with vegans and very little gear...

I'd just load up on canned beans because, in a pinch, beans can be an entire meal.

Your ideas sound great - onigri isn't the camping food that I'm used to, but hey. If you have a Trader Joe's new you, they have great Indian meals that don't have to be refrigerated and can be heated on the stove. They're mostly bean and lentil stews, but my favorite is the Madhras Eggplant.

Also, grab some vegetarian marshmallows for the fire! :P

Homemade veggie burgers that are grill-able?

This is my favorite veggie burger - I'm not positive if it's grillable, but maybe you can add some extra flour and egg to make sure? It seems to hold up fine in the pan.

Also, maybe you can freeze it, grill it on high on both sides just to get a char, then finish cooking it on the stove or microwave... a bit besides the point, but hey.

1/2 cup cooked red quinoa
1/2 cup hummus or mashed chickpeas
2 Tbsp ground flax seed or egg
1 tbsp Worchestershire
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp whole-grain mustard
3-4 tbsp flour (whole wheat adds a nice nuttiness)
Spices/herbs of your choice - I like corriander and red pepper flake.
Salt/pepper/what have you

Combine everything by stirring, mashing, or breakin' out your hand and squeezing, refrigerate for an hour or two, then form into patties. This is probably where you could freeze them. The unfrozen versions take about 3 minutes per side.

I need a Cheese-less pizza idea.

I'm not lactose intolerant or vegan, but my favorite way to have pizza is thin-crust with lots of tomato sauce, basil, and red pepper flake. Sometimes I'll add mushrooms if I'm feelin' crazy.

Do eggs contain lactose? Probably a stupid question, but if they don't, you should try the whole crack-an-egg-on-the-pie-before-baking thing!

Frosting... :-/

I haven't done this, but I've heard that if you spin some regular sugar in the food processor for a few minutes with some corn starch, you get powdered sugar. Don't take my word for it, though!


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