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Anything Can't Miss in Downtown Cleveland?

Lolita is also good, and a bit less expensive than Lola. I second Greenhouse - the beef tartare is to die for.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Today I made some eggs with fish sauce and sriracha that was pretty banging, but my all time favorite is pho.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

Fried up and toasted with some roasted Brussels sprouts and a dash of vinegar. Mmmmmm.

What to offer to an amateur brewer?

My obsessive homebrewer husband says that since your brother loves IPAs, you should get him an assortment of a few types of hops. He can create a recipe around whatever you get (or you can ask the guy at your brew store what they recommend ... they are always willing to share recipes, in our experience).

Gifts I or family members given my husband and have found use include ... refractometer, extra hydrometers since they break easily, digital scale, grain mill, extra brewing buckets, huge stock pots, beer glasses for a variety of styles, beer tastings at well respected local breweries, SWING TOP BOTTLES (ranging from Grolsh's you've cleaned yourself to larger mineral waters, etc. - seriously, my husband is obsessed to the point that I have to talk him out of stealing water bottles off tables at restaurants), a subscription to a brewer magazine (though I have heard that forums are better for this, and the subscription I purchased him while enjoyable will not be renewed).

And, thanks for this thread because it preempts my own Christmas request on the same exact topic.

Need a restaurant in Cleveland

The Greenhouse Tavern is right in that area, and is a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Food & Politics...

Gotta vote with your dollars. So, no, I don't eat at Chick-fil-a even though I recall from my younger year that it was delicious, we don't shop at Walmart, drive an extra mile to avoid a Walgreens, brew our own beer, and try to buy local and independent as much as we can. I'm not perfect, but I make an active effort not to fund companies that fund causes I am morally opposed to (such as homophobic policies or monopolistic b.s. of every degree).

Like Keios, I am an atheist that doesn't have a problem (per se) with companies promoting religious ideals. It's when they cross the line to anti-humanist policies that I have an issue. Thus, the fact that Chick-fil-A is Christian is immaterial but the homophobia is crossing the line to the point where I can't in good conscious eat their food.

Overworked and undernourished

I'm in the same boat. I make a lot of grain salads because they can be eaten at room temperature - brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, barley, etc. with roasted vegetables and a vinaigrette. Baked potatoes with some toppings packed separately are super easy. Sandwiches keep things interesting - a couple loaves of bread, one protein cooked off on the weekend (often fish, chicken, or something like pulled pork), and a variety of mustards/spreads/greens and you can have five different sandwiches in one week. Or I'll do a spin on a bento box - a carb, a couple different roasted vegetables, some refrigerator pickles, and some marinated and dry fried tofu (this is also great at room temperature). I also often make a slow cooker meal midweek so I'm not stuck doing all of my cooking for lunch on one day, though a lot of those may not be awesome to eat en route - I'll make a pork roast and then eat pulled pork sandwiches for a few days and throw the rest in the freezer for a week or two down the line.


All good suggestions above. I second the fact that 10-15 minutes from the airport might be a bit of an issue. The Greenhouse Tavern downtown. Melt in Lakewood. Fat Cats in Tremont.

Fast Food: McDonald's Chicken McBites

+1 on the McNuggets with honey. Yay Ohio! I haven't eaten them in yeeaaaarrrrs but my mouth is watering intensely at the thought of it.

I say Kobocha, you say Kohlrabi

Thanks to my CSA, I am well-versed in kohlrabi. Be sure the peel the bulbs. I personally like the bulbs chopped into cubes and roasted, especially with a splash of vinegar and some butter tossing with barley and/or greens. It is also very good in a coleslaw, as @CandiRisk said. It's good as a crudite (cut into sticks with some sort of yummy dipping sauce, for the kids?). I've added it to any number of dishes with success - ratatouille, mulligatawny, roasted and thrown on a pizza or galette. The greens are great sauteed, especially with a squeeze of lemon juice.

First Timer in New Orleans: Where to Eat?

I second @Kerry_Ann about Mr. B's. I love their BBQ shrimp (though Pascal Manale's is somewhat better known for it), and have never been disappointed by any entree I've ordered there (I'm a particular fan of the pork chops).

First Timer in New Orleans: Where to Eat?

Casamento's on Magazine, if it's open (only open during oyster season). Camellia Grille for breakfast (both on Chartres in the Quarter and on S. Carrollton Uptown around the University campuses/zoo, if you're interested). If you head up that way and the weather is warm, I'm partial to Plum Street Sno Balls. Cafe de Monde for beignets is right on Jackson Square and very good, albeit touristy. Elizabeth's is in the Bywater and has pretty good food for a relatively low price and a very laid back atmosphere. I like Voodoo BBQ on St. Charles, though it is a chain. Cochon Butcher has great sandwiches.

Cooking Injuries?

The first time I had a nice knife, which I received as a birthday present. Me, to boyfriend: "Babe, these knives are great, they're so sharp .... oh fu-k. Could you grab the gauze?" And there went the tip of my thumb.

No hospital trips necessary, yet, fingers crossed.


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