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When good food gives you bad...gas

Thanks for the suggestions. For the record, I personally don't really care that much, I mean the soup was GOOD! And yes, we both ate it, so we're both dealing with the "problem" so to speak. I didn't use any meat in it either, just onions, vegetable broth, butter, S+P and the usual toasted bread with Gruyere.

I suppose I was just wondering if other people avoid foods that they find give them this problem and if my boyfriend was just being a bit over-reactive.

I think I'll try the apple cider vinegar suggestion after I polish off the leftovers and see how that works out. :)

Have You Heard of JoJos?

I certainly wouldn't say they're an "Oregon thing", more like Pacific NW thing. We call them Jojo's here in Washington too.

home made ice cream

Add a couple tablespoons of vodka or any other liquor that will compliment the flavor of your ice cream.

Also, maybe your freezer is super cold? Perhaps you have it on the coldest setting?

Lady Gaga's meat dress: Identify the cuts, and then COOK it

I'm shocked - it's actually REAL meat that wasn't treated in any way! Interesting article with the designer of the dress:

As for what kind of meat it is, the designer says:
"I don't know what it's called in English, but in Argentina, it's called matambre. I went to my butcher to get it, in Los Angeles in the valley. He's the butcher that my family goes to. I'm trying to get him a signed picture of it."

Lady Gaga's meat dress: Identify the cuts, and then COOK it

Everyone is aghast over this dress. If you watched the show (which I only did because I love Gaga), you saw that the meat didn't look real. It looked plasticized or possibly fake, which is what I thought. It's obvious she wasn't just wearing raw meat like all the gossip blogs (and PETA) are up in arms over.

That aside, even if it was real meat (treated in some way), I can almost guarantee that whatever cuts she was wearing cost less than a designer gown. Wasteful? Maybe, but that could be said for many things. To each their own!

a Trader Joe's Disappointment

I would never say TJ's only carries "junk food". If you read the labels, even their 'processed' type foods don't have many additives or any preservatives.

Some of their frozen meals are great if you're squeezed for time. Love their frozen gnocchi, vegetarian fried rice, chimchurri rice (mixed into their fire roasted tomato soup - delish!), mangoes and sticky rice (LOVE) to name a few. The huge 17 oz chocolate bars are my go-to for baking projects - great price and quality. Love the wheat levin bread. Cheap jalapeno stuffed green olives. Kettle corn, bananas (best price ANYWHERE, hands down), I'm addicted to Almondina cookies which I can only find there, dried fruit (soft & juicy mango - love this stuff!) and nuts. Cheese. Cheap organic tofu. Chipotle salsa - my favorite salsa hands down.

All of which I mentioned are cheaper at TJ's than any grocery store around me. One thing to keep in mind is that they do tend to run out of things and will unexpectedly and without warning stop carrying an item (hate that!)

I also love that every day (all day long) they have a sample. I've come across some great products simply because it was the sample that day and was something I'd never tried or happened to pay interest to.

It's not a replacement for a grocery store, but the price and items can't be beat for me. I remember the first time I went into a TJ's (over 10 years ago!) I was awestruck at the variety and low prices (mind you, this was in like, 1998 lol). If it's not for you, it's not for you. More for us TJ's fanboys (and girls) I guess!

Vanilla ice cream with hot espresso!

It's called affogato and yes, it is delicious :)

what's your new thing?

Poached eggs!! Never would've thought I'd like runny yolk (hated it, in fact as a child) and now I can't get enough.

This revelation lead to my current breakfast sensation: barely toasted no-knead bread topped with mashed avocado, salt & pepper and a poached egg. Mmmm....

The Pillsbury Bake-Off makes me sad...

DAMN a MILLION DOLLARS for forming pre-made cookie dough into a cup and putting a scoop of pre-made ice cream into it?! Pillsbury sure has a lot of money to throw around!

While I understand the main goal of the competition (to promote Pillsbury) the whole thing grates my nerves.

Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache frosting. Yes, I'm a chocoholic.

Congratulations to the Winners of Saveur's 1st Annual Food Blog Awards

I agree, Smitten Kitchen shouldn't have won for photography - don't get me wrong, the pictures aren't bad by any means, there are just so many other blogs that have astounding photography that I'm surprised it was even nominated in that category.

Red-Dyed Pistachios: Are You Still Out There?

I also remember reading the book about the teenage girl who ate loads of red pistachios and her hands always being pink! I read that book in elementary school (early 90's) and at the time had never had a pistachio nor ever saw red ones. I love them now, but I've still never seen red dyed ones and totally forgot about them (and that book!) until reading this!

Celebrate Macaron Day with Free Macarons Around New York City

oh how I wish I were in NYC this weekend!

Instead, I will be celebrating Macaron Day here in Seattle by making my own :)

Cakespy: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Irish Whiskey Filling

Wow, I can't believe the name was changed (or maybe, I can)! Political correctness gone too far.

French Macarons from Trader Joe's Are Pretty Damn Good

I was pleasantly surprised to see TJ's carrying these in my area (Seattle). $4. 99 is certainly "cheap" for a dozen macarons, considering they usually run at least $1.50 each at most bakeries - that is, if you can find them!

I much prefer to make my own though :)

Therapeutic tedium... or hateful kitchen tasks I strangely enjoy

For me it's doing the dishes (by hand) and cleaning up the kitchen. It's all part of the process and having a clean kitchen after producing something tasty is almost just as satisfying!

Cakespy: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Irish Whiskey Filling

Let's not get too PC about the name here, shall we? The name is based purely on the drink, of which all elements of are featured in these cupcakes.

I made these last year and they are gooooooood!!

Poll: How Do You Cut Your Sandwiches?

ALWAYS diagonal! I don't know why, but it's so much more appealing to me.

Also, taking that first bite off of a nice, pointy corner is so satisfying. With the vertical cut, the sandwich touches the sides of your face/mouth.

How about the half sandwich fold? My mom used to make me PB&J sandwiches (1 slice of bread) and rather than cut the bread, she'd fold the it in half. For some reason, I hated that with a passion lol.

Seattle: Beecher's Cheese at Pike Place Market

Oh how I love Beechers! Their mac and cheese really is dreamy. Sinful and dreamy, just the way mac and cheese should be. Those herbed cheese curds are addicting. The smoked flagship is amazing. I couldn't be happier that Costco carries their cheese (only the flagship, marco polo and no woman though so far - here in the Seattle area anyway, not sure about elsewhere). The flagship is absolutely spectacular!

Cook the Book: Ad Hoc at Home

Talay Thai - the best hole in the wall Thai place one could ever wish for.

What's Your Go-To Cheese?

I could live forever off of gabietou if only price were not an issue.

In reality land, gruyere and feta seem to be a staple in our house.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Grocery Chain?

Fred Meyer is my go-to grocery store. Their prices are good and I can get everything I need there. That being said, I always also grab cheaper items from Trader Joe's and other things I can't find at Freddy's.

Central Market is my "browse the aisles and drool" store since they're overpriced. I like that they have a lot of hard to find or unique items that most grocery stores don't carry. Their produce section is awesome and so is their Asian foods selection.