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The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak

@Kenji: Hah. Thanks. But I was actually joking. Gimme a f*ckin steak. Tofu doesn't compare (sorry vegans).

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak

Any vegan suggestions to substitute the steak...?

How to Color Fresh Pasta

Sounds gimicky and much more in depth, but extracting chlorophyll from parsley to use in pasta dough (or green sauces) yields unBELIEVABLE color without any need to adjust ratios of flour, egg, water, etc. No flavor to speak of, but I don't find spinach adds much flavor either IMO. It's a pretty simple process.

Use the Microwave to Dry Your Herbs for Long-Lasting Intense Flavor

Microwaved rosemary powder makes the fastest (and brightest green) rosemary oil ever.

How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize it—for Good

Here's a tip for spices you may find in the cabinet that are still "usable" but you just forgot you had them: Hide them under a rock down the street from your house. If you don't find yourself walking down the street to go find them at 2 AM that week (because you just can't live without them), toss em.

*Bonus tip: this also works with relationships.

Bagna Cauda: The Buttery Italian Vegetable Dip That Deserves a Place on Your Steak

Love bagna cauda. I've actually served it as a warm vinaigrette on bitter greens (frisee and radicchio) and burrata. Caesar and lyonnaise inspired.
Anchovies; sea bacon. Burrata; cow egg.

How to Make Uovo in Raviolo: Showstopping Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli

@Burger: Correction; duck eggs are great for everything egg-related (or not).

How to Make Uovo in Raviolo: Showstopping Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli

@Kenji: Exactly what I was thinking. And let it brown a bit too so it's not just boiled/poached, for added flavor. OR, embrace the forgotten boiled egg. Runny yolks get all the attention. haha. Maybe shoot for soft boiled even...?

Worth experimenting with, though.

How to Make Uovo in Raviolo: Showstopping Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli

I keep meaning to attempt a scotch egg ravioli; same method here but using sausage instead of ricotta. With a sort of breadcrumb gremolata to mimic the fried part of the scotch egg.

...because...that's why.

Hey Chef, What Are Some Savory Uses for Jam?

Strange that chutney wasn't's sort of jam-like depending on the ingredients and variety.

Caponata: The Flavor-Packed 30-Minute Sicilian Dish We Should All Be Eating More Of

@Kenji: Ever have caponata served with chopped HB eggs? It's a nice finishing touch.

@elle; Dried currants or even dried cranberries would probably be good. Although leaving it out wouldn't be the end of the world; many caponata recipes out there sans raisins.

The Food Lab Redux: Use Science to Bake the Best Apple Pie

I think a cherry pie would be better suited for the pie crust virgins...just sayin.

Forget Al Dente: Braised Green Beans Are Where It's At

Love when science and cooking come together, and the food still tastes (and looks) like food...not a foam or a gel or a friggin sphere...

Very cool.

Toasting Nuts? The Microwave is Your Best Friend

I've seen this technique too. Works in a pinch.

I've read also (I think over at ChefSteps) that toasting nuts for a longer time in a low temp oven develops better flavor and results in a more "toasty" nut. Your thoughts?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Hambone: "Daaaaamn, did ya see that shih tzu that just walked by?
Sherlock: "Ehhh, I seen better."

Easy Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Bacon

Bacon is the ugly person who has all the game and sex appeal to get whoever they want to go home with them that night. (And makes them breakfast in the morning...hah, see what I did there?)

Insanity Burger From 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

I was actually being sarcastic (in response to @Jacques's comment).

The guy's a chef, not the president. Let him be a chef. The book is "comfort food", not "healthy food".

That said, the burger is a little much (in my opinion).

Insanity Burger From 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

....And obviously, the title of this book is called "Guide to Healthy Cafeteria Food"..right? Just checking..

.... :)

Nice and Easy Sautéed Zucchini, Summer Squash, and Cherry Tomatoes with Chilies and Herbs

Yup; start hard, fast, and rough...then finish nice and easy. Ya know, when sauteing zucchini (obviously).. ;)

The Food Lab Turbo: Why You Should Really Be Grilling Your Cabbage

@foodlabfollower: You're not adding pig! Bacon, pancetta, or pork drippings (from a chop or roast). Lol (seriously, though).
Also, apples and red cabbage are a classic pairing; their sweetness (or tart acidity from Granny's) counters bitterness of the cabbage. Fennel is another good match. This is more for a braised cabbage dish,

*Trick: A teeny (tiny) pinch of baking soda helps break it down quickly and neutralizes the bitterness (speeds up the Maillard reaction).

The Food Lab Turbo: Why You Should Really Be Grilling Your Cabbage

....Wait, think a grilled cabbage coleslaw would work?...hmm..gotta experiment with that one.

The Food Lab Turbo: Why You Should Really Be Grilling Your Cabbage

@Kenji: I'm wondering (what's your opinion?) if weeping (salting) the cabbage for a bit before grilling would make any interesting differences for this application? Maybe soften it and take away some of that cabbage-y bite, thereby leaving you with a more concentrated, sweet, cabbage interior. I'm thinking about like when you did your post on coleslaw...(I use that technique all the time). I do it when I grill things like zucchini, too; to rid it of some of its water - grills up better (IMO). Thoughts?

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

@frackle: That a roundabout way of giving (weird) sex advice?

Ideas in Food vs. The Turkey Club Sandwich

No frilled toothpicks = no club. Obviously


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