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The Serious Eats Doughnut Style Guide

Wowza. This is one comprehensive round-up. Impressive!

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas, and Ricotta

I made this the other night. I had high expectations, especially considering I love all the ingredients. But it was wholly disappointing. Very bland. Even with my own added seasoning, it just didn't work. Sorry Martha...they can't all be winners.

Type 1 Diabetes Food Blogs?

Thanks @dbcurrie - I will definitely pass the info along. Sounds like a good resource.

Type 1 Diabetes Food Blogs?

Thanks @merstar - that's more of what I was looking for.

Type 1 Diabetes Food Blogs?

Hm. Okay. I did see those when I did a Google search, but they seem so clinical, and also not geared toward dealing with a child that has this condition. I'll take a deeper look. Thanks!

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

My Beagles are named Ginger and Ebi (which means "shrimp" in Japanese - she was the runt of the litter.) They were named during a fantastic sushi meal.

Mixed Review: Manischewitz and Gefen Potato Latkes

It's pretty amazing how many Latke recipes there are out there. I like to cut the potatoes into cubes before running them through the food processor, which results in smaller threads and less like a hash brown. I also just simply lay them on paper towels to get some of the excess water out. Much faster and easier than using a cheese cloth.

I don't consider Sandra-Lee an evil doer like a lot of other foodies, but I can't say I would consider using a Latke mix from a box. I like your experiment, though!

Hospital Food

@MadelynRodriguez - I was actually surprised/impressed with the vegetarian selection during our stay. However, I completely understand what you're saying. I lived a meat-free life for a long time and I was always stunned at how many people would say "yes, it's made with chicken stock. But not actual pieces of chicken. So you can't tell." Sigh.

Hospital Food

@sugartoast - thank you for the kind words and warm wishes. The last few days were really hard, to say the least, but we're on the mend and relieved to know it's not more severe than I had worried about. The post was actually created because I was so worried and couldn't sleep. Certainly nothing I ever want to experience again, but the writing was an excellent/much needed distraction.

Hospital Food

@betteirene reminded me of how good the food was after giving birth to my daughter, and again after my son. But labor is so much work, I wonder if anything would taste good.

Your Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My absolute favorite. The kind that makes your mouth want another one, even though your belly is full.

How many times a day do you eat?

I try to adhere to the 3 main meals and two snacks in between, but I daydream about food all day long. Does that count?

Money Saving Tips On Food

I posted a recap last week of all the awesome (and most common) suggestions. Several aren't included because they came in after I posted.

I have taken everyone's comments to heart. Hopefully I can report back soon with some good news.

Money Saving Tips On Food

@CATERPILLARGIRL - we actually did away with a lot of the extraneous items when my second child was born. And we live debt free. So food is really the only place to cut back. I'm not willing to give up the great food, either. But clearly I need to make some adjustments.

@wasliche & @hereandthe - I love the bulk bins at my local market. I'm actually a huge lover of trail mix (which is an upcoming blog post of mine.) It does help cut down on bad snacking, and also so much cheaper than buying it pre-made. Also great for oats, cornmeal, etc.

@amiyrah18 - I have to do weekly meal planning for sure. I'm way to anal not to! I sort of take "inventory" of what I have every Sunday morning and then start my list based on that. I will check out your blog, thanks!

Money Saving Tips On Food

I'm still checking and reading. Thanks everyone. Really, really fantastic stuff.

Money Saving Tips On Food

@mollykate678 - I already know a lot of the snack foods will need to go. Maybe I'll even learn to enjoy water. I doubt it, but...

@therealchiffonade - you'll be happy to know that I am not wasteful with food at all. I am very mindful to use everything. Leftovers have always been a big deal in my house. And I love my crock pot.

@Cantaloupe Alone - my husband and I seem to be of the few people in the workplace that actually brought our own lunches. I always made enough for dinner the night before so we could avoid paying outrageous prices for sub-par sandwiches. And quite frankly, my cooking is better than anything you'd find in a cafeteria!

Money Saving Tips On Food

@cybercita - excellent. I already started reading a few of his articles. I also found The Simple Dollar. Really great tips on there, too.

@PeanutButter & @radish - I am so so guilty of this. I know I have many cans and boxes of food stored in my pantry that could be utilized. So ridiculous. Thanks for pointing that out.

Lori F - will check out your site, thanks!

Money Saving Tips On Food

@cyberroo and @joyyy - loved the suggestion of using eggs more often. I hadn't thought of that. Quiche, omelet, casseroles, etc. Of course.

Okay, I'm sold on cutting everything up myself! I'm always trying to save time, but now that money is an issue, I get it.

Money Saving Tips On Food

Thank you everyone. Even more excellent suggestions!!

Compared to a lot of other people that have lost their jobs, we're actually pretty solid. We sort of saw it coming and started to plan, but as I said before, I'm not creative when it comes to saving on food and I'm really trying to be smart. Hopefully it will change my shopping habits for good.

A lot of people tend to think that Minneapolis is pretty inexpensive, since it's the midwest. This is not the case at all. Perhaps in terms of housing, but certainly not as far as insurance, property taxes, and food. My mother was recently out visiting (from San Francisco no less) and had sticker shock when she saw the prices at my local grocery store.

Anyway, sounds like I need to stop buying pre-cut anything, invest in a freezer, cook with less expensive meats, cut coupons, looks for sales, frequent the farmer's market, and make more soup. Got it. I can do all of this!

And I was afraid nobody would chime in. You Serious Eaters are great.

Money Saving Tips On Food

@Ortolan - I don't want to give up the meat either, but I know I'll need to scale back. Thanks for the food blog link. I've been collecting some great ones that focus on saving money, and I will check it out!

Money Saving Tips On Food

@joyyy - I'm not tied to organic, luckily, so I will absolutely buy generic or anything on sale. I love your suggestions of downplaying meat as the lead ingredient and utilizing more eggs. Ah, the dried beans. Yes, I always buy the canned to save on time, but now it's about the money. Excellent suggestions.

@CJ McD - I do already have a garden, but it's limited to tomatoes and herbs. I will try and plant some of the other veggies you mentioned if they're still available. Great idea about soups! I forget about soup as the weather warms up.

I still work and we actually have savings, so we're no where near needing to go to a food bank or work for trade. Hopefully it won't come to that. I'm just trying to be smart and stay ahead of the game. I would much rather leave those resources to people who truly need it.

Money Saving Tips On Food

I'm in Minneapolis. We do have a good number of ethnic markets, so I will absolutely check that out. We're pretty close to a farmer's market, which I guess I'll be buying a lot more produce at.

Great suggestion about cutting up our own meat. I do tend to buy everything all ready to go, and I know I pay for that. Reminds me that I should start buying block cheese instead of pre-shredded.

I really appreciate the suggestions!