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Did Gotham Bar & Grill Make the Perfect Fancy Fall Dessert?

Ate this 11/14/ was perfection. I will attempt to recreate the souffle for my thanksgiving table, wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it! To make such a heavy ingredient- pumpkin- transform into such a flavorful light dish- it was magical!

Staff Picks: What's Your Achilles Heel in the Kitchen?

rice - either making it with or without a rice cooker. It's become a family joke....always too sticky. I blame the humidity, as we live beachside.

School cafeteria olfactory memories

The pizza at my school (Catholic, in the early 80s) was so nasty, it was called feet pizza because it smelled like stinky feet. That was the 1st place I had a taco, because my mom did not make Mexican food.We did have delicious homemade cinnamon doughnut holes at breakfast that I have unsuccessfully tried to recreate at home, they were so fresh and good! Never understood why the food was so bad, when my grandmother ran another HS caf across town, and the food was great - and I'm not just saying that because my grandmother made it ;) ! Same budget/food, but different lunch ladies making the food was the difference, I suppose....

Cook the Book: 'The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker'

Received my Kitchen Aid stand Mixer 23 years ago as a wedding shower present, have had it adjusted just once, and LOVE it and use it a TON! great appliance worth every penny!

People that have actual real -life food/spice names, Know Any?

Our last name is Mayo...we've heard most every joke you can think of. We used to joke that we would name out 1st kid Lettuce Tomato.....and our dog is named Mocha Frappuccino.

Cook the Book: 'In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite'

I would write about how I feed 60+ people every month at my local homeless shelter - and share my tips so all could learn that it's not that hard (even in an old, poorly equipped kitchen)-- you can do it too!!! I plan and break down the recipes, salad to desserts. I've done it with a couple of helpers every month for 7 years - much more rewarding than feeding my picky 14 year old son ;)

Food Charity: God's Love We Deliver

I have been donating to GLWD for over 20 years, since they helped my brother in law as he was dying - an AMAZING group doing GREAT work for those in need...THANK YOU SE for profiling them!

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

Our 'hybrid' dog is named Mocha Frappachino, because she is black and brown with a touch of cream, and we could just eat her up!

why does organic milk have a longer shelf life than non-organic?

Thank you for your good answers! (except for joyyy).
We're trying to eat healthier, and so I guess now I will wrestle with the dilemma - is it better to drink organic milk or milk that is conventional and pasteurized for a shorter time period.....

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

I went to Zingermans every one of my 10 days spent visiting friends living in Ann Arbor, tried so many new foods - and spent too much $ on great food!

Meet Your Farmers: David Gilson, Gilson's Herb Lyceum in Massachusetts

I used to live near Gilson's, back when they 1st started up in the early '90s, I have their herb reference's great to hear how far they have come - congrats!!
I still fondly remember having lavender sugar cookies at an open house they hosted one time - delish!
Groton MA is a great place for a day trip if you are nearby - classic town common, home of Lawrence Academy, apple farms, farm stands and Gilson's! but please don't move there, it's a charm of a small NE town and I'm sure they want to keep it that way!

Cook the Book: 'Gourmet Today'

"The Cookie Cookbook" by Eva Moore - a kids book, a cookie for each month. My mom gave it to me in 1974, I was 8. Still have it, and because of this post I'm thinking I should try to make something out of it! I also used Joy of Cooking a lot in the beginning, as well as Betty Crocker, but the 1st one I remember buying thinking I was "all that" in the kitchen is the Cookbook of the Culinary Institute of America - a large, red intimidating tome....and I only made a few things from it (African chicken is still a favorite)!

'Top Chef,' Season 6: The Premiere

I ate at Eve's in Ann Arbor MI in July. It was great ( I had halibut with risotto and peas). I got to meet her for a minute, she seems shy. I think she looked so scared last night! I think it's pretty impressive that she is on the show with so many contestants from big cities.

BTW, the Puck rocks!

Who Are Your Favorite Farmers at Farmers' Markets?

How passionate am I on this subject?? this is my 1st comment after TONS of reading of this site (which I love, BTW).

OUR FAVORITE=Live Earth Farm, Watsonville CA, also at the Santa Cruz, Los Gatos farmers markets and has a a CSA program.

I had a CSA share, and you can visit the farm - and after 7 years! of not living in the area we still talk of how we miss our CSA and Farmer Tom (we are now in FL, land of rare to no CSAs, and where my local grocer said to me when I inquired as to where the peaches came from and I suggested he post signs explaining where produce comes from, he answered "why would I want to tell customers where the produce comes from??"....sigh :(.....but I digress!).

If you move to a place where good, fresh farm goods are not available, trust me, you will miss it (and gain 20+ lbs).
I try my best here to find what is local - and buy it!


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