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How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardene

Again, thanks so much for all the comments, the one foot gardening book is amazing. thanks for giving me that tip.

How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardene

So many people are giving me such great ideas and tips. Thanks a lot everyone. I guess i just need to print all of this and put everything in a binder. Can't wait for that garden !

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

thank you for that ell.victor. I will follow your suggestion. And sorry for anyone who were truly offended by :
1. My first newbie post with a link (i felt like a Cornell student on Initiation day).
2. My Spam remark. I guess when you are a french speaker things like that are happening all the time. 2 years ago i didn't even know what Spam looked like.

How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardene

wow ! so much good ideas over here, you're helping me a lot, thank you ! And i love the idea of the Marigolds.

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

no, i don't. you have to excuse me for that Burger356. I guess as a first time blogging on this website i learned a lot today ...

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

Are you Hawaiian to use Spam ??? Because over there they adore Spam.

Your suggestions for good affordable wines?

Here is a list of affordable wines i tasted during Valentines day weekend.

- Fonty's Pool Pinot Noir Lemberton Western Australia 2010 ($12.99)
- Beaujolais Terres Dorées 2009 ($12.95)
- Beaujolais Village Château du Souzy ($9.99)
- Pares Balta Cava Brut ($14.25)

I thought that these were great discoveries. But, i am wondering if people can give me more ideas for wines under $15 that i can buy in grocery stores or a wine store. Thanks for the help

If you could eat only 10 things for the rest of your life?

I certainly couldn't live without french baguette or peanut butter. Without them, geezzz, i would surely feel like wonder woman without her gold cuffs. For me, my list is not a super healthy one; no fruits and veggies, no whole grains, but hey, can you really fight with your taste buds and what your heart desire ? But if you were given the choice to eat only 10 things for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

For me, it would be :

1. french baguette
2. peanut butter
3. terrine
4. bacon
5. cream cheese
6. olive oil
7. coke
8. pizza
9. dark chocolate
10. chocolate chip cookies

Some wine suggestions for Valentine's day ?

I would like to know if you have some suggestions for good red wine. Why red? Because i tend to drink more red wine when it is colder outside. Here are wines that i truly love; they have impressed me so much and i adore them for so many reasons ; they are bold and supple with a deep clarity and intensity in their burgundy color. They are alluring wines, with a beautiful bouquet and aromas that entice you. Here is my list, what is yours ? And please, some good available wines that i can buy online or in a store.

* Bouchaine Carneros Pinot Noir 2007
* Côte-rôtie J. Vidal Fleury
* Châteauneuf du Pape
* Château Etang des Colombes Corbières Bois des Dames 2007
* Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone-Villages 2007

What are you cooking for your love one ?

Valentine's day is approaching and i am wondering what to cook for my husband on this special day. It is always such a pleasure to cook for someone you love because you want to give them the best, the ultimate meal and surprise them as well with your intention and devotion. I am thinking about Foie gras with a Boeuf bourguignon, and Champagne, bien sûr.

It is such an immense joy to cook for someone you love, because you know what they like and you also know what is going to be their reactions when you will serve the plate. Cooking for someone you love is certainly the best single act of unselfishness there is; you just want to cook and eat the meal that is going to put a smile and a lot of warmth in a heart you deeply treasure.

What is for you the ultimate meal to cook for someone you love ? Is it for your dad, your wife, your son, your boyfriend ?

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

There is always some products that you use every time you cook in your kitchen. Some gadgets that you cannot live without, some essential things that you absolutely adore.
Here are the best 10 ingredients, products that i use all the time and almost everyday. Without them, i would be nothing in a kitchen.

1. Sea salt. This is the only salt that i use for cooking. Coarse and fine, both
2. Dijon mustard. As a marinade or to do an easy vinaigrette.
3. Herbes de Provence. A french dried mix of herbs that is amazingly fragrant and versatile.
4. Extra virgin olive oil. That is the only oil that i use all the time.
5. Heavy cream. For finishing the soups, the sauces, the pastas, the salads.
6. Cheeses. All kinds. I use the leftover scraps of cheeses in soups, on a pizza. I never throw away cheese.
7. Olives. Because it is always a great appetizer. Not the ones in the can.
8. Parmesan cheese. As a garnish on salads, pastas, soups, as well as in cubes for an easy tapas.
9. Ice cream. It is always an indispensable to make a last minute dessert.
10. Butter. Do i have to say more ...

That would be an interesting discussion to have ; describing your 10 essentials in your kitchen ...

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How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardene

Today, the post is more of a descriptive question and hopefully some people can help me with that one. Send me tons of feedback because i really need to hear from you. It is a cry of the heart but mostly of the taste buds.

So, about the question. We would like to do a small edible garden, with maybe 10 different vegetables. I am thinking about tomatoes and garlic of course and carrots, squash, but do you have suggestions for :
1. Name 10 vegetables, super easy to grow (please no peppers otherwise i will have to take tons of Alka-Seltzer after the meal).
2. When do you begin planting the seeds ?
3. What about fertilizers, which ones are the best and is there options for natural, organic ones?
4. I heard that there is some combinations of vegetables that you can make (side by side).
5. I want a small garden that won't take every single minute i have.
6. What about the bugs and the birds. We do have some Japanese beetles over here (i am not really in love with them, but i am trying to exercise my Buddha mind ... it is not easy).
7. And the seeds, is there better ones than others, do i have to put them in water for germination ?
8. Of course, all other suggestions are welcome !!!

Thanks for all your help you, online gardeners. I am waiting for your thoughts.

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