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Looking for Illinois' Best Pizza Not in Chicago

Here are three local pizza places that stand out in a sea of Domino's:

Pizza Villa in DeKalb, Il has been around for 52 years. I've been going for nearly 30. Our family has always ordered the thin crust, which is the classic square slice. The crust isn't much to write about, but the toppings are heavenly. Great sauce, quality toppings, a good balance of cheese. I've been off meat for about 12 years, but I still remember the sausage. Really delicious.

Mike's Pizza in Jerseyville, IL has been around for at least 20 years in various forms. They also serve thin crust, square cut, with a sweet herb sauce. They're a little heavy on the cheese, but it's a solid pie. They are located at 208 S Lafayette St, which is not on the main strip, but near a great local ice cream stand, McCarry's Dairyland.

Alfonso's Pizza in Carrolton serves just about the same pie as Mike's. I believe they were the original owners. They are right in the main square.


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