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The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

@findingmykd - I'm with you on Alive & Kicking. I was almost glad it didn't make the list so the masses don't descend on the neighborhood spot.

The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

@engill - Lago's is the BEST! I grew up in Rye and it was our last day of school treat, sometimes replaced dinner, and the place of work of many of my closest friends.

How Ful Mudammas Made Me Forget All About Hummus

Max, thanks so much for this. As a first generation Egyptian-American, ful was always a special breakfast for my family. For Coptic Christians, who fast from animal products for much of the year, ful is an especially important part of the diet in Egypt.

I've never had it with tahina, though! We eat it with chopped tomatoes, lots of olive oil, lemon and cumin in my house. Excited to try this new recipe.

The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

Made these tonight--the coconut curry--to bring to my boyfriend who works late. In a word...AMAZING.

Lunch Hack: Use a Pizza Wheel To Chop Your Salad Directly in the Bowl

Now I'm actually looking forward to making some salad this week! Thanks, Kenji!

Recipes From Chiang Mai: How to Make Real Deal Khao Soi Gai (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken)

Going out for Thai tonight--now I know what I'll order, even if it won't be as good as this version.

How well does the soup keep? I'm getting into making a soup-of-the-week to feed myself at lunch.

How 3 of New York's Top Pastry Chefs Helped Me Make a Wedding Cake: Part Four

So fantastic! I was so looking forward to the final product, and it's beautiful! Your friends are quite lucky to have you!

Another Cool New Treat From Paris Baguette: An Almond-Rum Pastry

Paris Baguette just opened in my neighborhood in Cambridge and I am SO EXCITED.

Spring trip to Kennebunkport, Maine...

My parents love Hurricane and The White Barn Inn, I haven't been to either, but trust their judgment strongly. Frankly what I remember about food in Kennebunkport was the fact that it was the closest Ben and Jerry's scoop shop to my hometown in Portsmouth, NH.

A day trip to either Ogunquit or Portsmouth will find you some great restaurants--and a gorgeous costal drive. Arrows is a famous Ogunquit spot, and if you're looking for something a little more low key, Mark and Clark, the chef-owners, have another restaurant in Perkins Cove, a short drive form Ogunquit.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

@emcakes, sorry I just saw your comment--I found the recipe here:

Topped it with a glaze of powdered sugar, meyer lemon juice and zest, and served it with macerated strawberries. I'm going to try it with agave syrup next time becuase you can't really taste the maple syrup, and I like to save it for dipping bacon and other porky deliciousness.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

I just made a stupid-easy vegan lemon bundt cake this weekend with meyer lemons that people devoured; it was so good, I'm considering zesting/juicing a couple dozen meyer lemons and freezing the juice for cakes all summer. I like citrusy desserts after a heavy dinner. (but otherwise, I'm a chocolate freak)

So what did you have for St. Patrick's Day?

I go vegan for the Lenten season so I made a lentil/mushroom Shephard's Pie with corn, peas and carrots, topped with a turnip and potato mash. I almost didn't miss the lamb!

One place to eat in Boston

Craigie is perfection. Just celebrated my birthday there last weekend.

Make Dinosaur-Shaped Cookies (or Fondant) With Dinosaur Cutters From Cake Boss

I want to make cheese crackers with these. Screw goldfish, I want cheese-a-saurus!

Staff Picks: What College Food Item Did You Depend on for Survival?

@Maggie Hoffman...I go down to Princeton a few times a year for work and I have developed a deep deep love for Small World.

Blizzard--What are you planning on cooking?

Birthday weekend = booze and my sweetie to keep me warm! I'm hoping the restaurants we're planning on going to all weekend stay open--have fondue reservations for Saturday night. PERFECT fondue weather!

Win Two VIP Tickets to Cochon 555 on February 10th

Planning more trips to NYC so I can find a favorite!

The Secret to Soft Flour Tortillas: Instant Mashed Potatoes

@dbcurie-- any thoughts on whole wheat flour in this recipe?

Flour and Potato Tortillas

Would this work with whole wheat or half whole wheat flour if the potato is still included?

Hey Boston! Win Tickets to Barrio, a New Pop-Up Restaurant

Serious Eats, i love you. My fave street food is Koshary, an Egyptian dish of pasta, rice, lentils, fried onions and hot sauce.

This Passover, Try Making Sephardic Haroset

@Max Falkowitz: As an Egyptian, this sounds delicious and we'd be happy to take credit. We celebrate Easter, but my father is well versed in Alexandria's long Jewish history...this would be a great dish to encorporate into our Orthodox Easter celebration!