The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

@findingmykd - I'm with you on Alive & Kicking. I was almost glad it didn't make the list so the masses don't descend on the neighborhood spot.

The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

@engill - Lago's is the BEST! I grew up in Rye and it was our last day of school treat, sometimes replaced dinner, and the place of work of many of my closest friends.

How Ful Mudammas Made Me Forget All About Hummus

Max, thanks so much for this. As a first generation Egyptian-American, ful was always a special breakfast for my family. For Coptic Christians, who fast from animal products for much of the year, ful is an especially important part of the diet in Egypt.

I've never had it with tahina, though! We eat it with chopped tomatoes, lots of olive oil, lemon and cumin in my house. Excited to try this new recipe.

The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

Made these tonight--the coconut curry--to bring to my boyfriend who works late. In a word...AMAZING.

The Food Lab: The Easiest Foolproof Crispy Pan-Seared Fish You'll Ever Make

this look freaking fantastic. I know what's for dinner tonight!

Lunch Hack: Use a Pizza Wheel To Chop Your Salad Directly in the Bowl

Now I'm actually looking forward to making some salad this week! Thanks, Kenji!

Recipes From Chiang Mai: How to Make Real Deal Khao Soi Gai (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken)

Going out for Thai tonight--now I know what I'll order, even if it won't be as good as this version.

How well does the soup keep? I'm getting into making a soup-of-the-week to feed myself at lunch.

How 3 of New York's Top Pastry Chefs Helped Me Make a Wedding Cake: Part Four

So fantastic! I was so looking forward to the final product, and it's beautiful! Your friends are quite lucky to have you!

Another Cool New Treat From Paris Baguette: An Almond-Rum Pastry

Paris Baguette just opened in my neighborhood in Cambridge and I am SO EXCITED.

Spring trip to Kennebunkport, Maine...

My parents love Hurricane and The White Barn Inn, I haven't been to either, but trust their judgment strongly. Frankly what I remember about food in Kennebunkport was the fact that it was the closest Ben and Jerry's scoop shop to my hometown in Portsmouth, NH.

A day trip to either Ogunquit or Portsmouth will find you some great restaurants--and a gorgeous costal drive. Arrows is a famous Ogunquit spot, and if you're looking for something a little more low key, Mark and Clark, the chef-owners, have another restaurant in Perkins Cove, a short drive form Ogunquit.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

@emcakes, sorry I just saw your comment--I found the recipe here:

Topped it with a glaze of powdered sugar, meyer lemon juice and zest, and served it with macerated strawberries. I'm going to try it with agave syrup next time becuase you can't really taste the maple syrup, and I like to save it for dipping bacon and other porky deliciousness.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

I just made a stupid-easy vegan lemon bundt cake this weekend with meyer lemons that people devoured; it was so good, I'm considering zesting/juicing a couple dozen meyer lemons and freezing the juice for cakes all summer. I like citrusy desserts after a heavy dinner. (but otherwise, I'm a chocolate freak)

So what did you have for St. Patrick's Day?

I go vegan for the Lenten season so I made a lentil/mushroom Shephard's Pie with corn, peas and carrots, topped with a turnip and potato mash. I almost didn't miss the lamb!

One place to eat in Boston

Craigie is perfection. Just celebrated my birthday there last weekend.

Make Dinosaur-Shaped Cookies (or Fondant) With Dinosaur Cutters From Cake Boss

I want to make cheese crackers with these. Screw goldfish, I want cheese-a-saurus!

Staff Picks: What College Food Item Did You Depend on for Survival?

@Maggie Hoffman...I go down to Princeton a few times a year for work and I have developed a deep deep love for Small World.

Bake the Book: Balaboosta

Giveaway: Win A Limited Edition "Zelda Collection" from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

dark and stormy, please!

Blizzard--What are you planning on cooking?

Birthday weekend = booze and my sweetie to keep me warm! I'm hoping the restaurants we're planning on going to all weekend stay open--have fondue reservations for Saturday night. PERFECT fondue weather!

Win Two VIP Tickets to Cochon 555 on February 10th

Planning more trips to NYC so I can find a favorite!

The Secret to Soft Flour Tortillas: Instant Mashed Potatoes

@dbcurie-- any thoughts on whole wheat flour in this recipe?

Flour and Potato Tortillas

Would this work with whole wheat or half whole wheat flour if the potato is still included?

Hey Boston! Win Tickets to Barrio, a New Pop-Up Restaurant

Serious Eats, i love you. My fave street food is Koshary, an Egyptian dish of pasta, rice, lentils, fried onions and hot sauce.

Win Pop Chart Lab's "Pie Charts (A Baker's Dozen)" Poster

This Passover, Try Making Sephardic Haroset

@Max Falkowitz: As an Egyptian, this sounds delicious and we'd be happy to take credit. We celebrate Easter, but my father is well versed in Alexandria's long Jewish history...this would be a great dish to encorporate into our Orthodox Easter celebration!

Goodbye Work Cookies

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job before I head off to a new adventure. I'd like to give my managers and a handful of colleagues boxes of cookies as a thank you and goodbye. I am planning on making coconut macaroons with Ina's recipe as recommended on SE, but I'd like a second cookie in the box. Ideally something easy and quick to make, that will appeal to broad tastes, since I'll be making everything in one evening. Thanks!

Candy Friday

About a month ago I started what I hoped would be a new tradition at my boat club (rowing): Candy Fridays. I would make candy every Friday for no reason other than it is delicious and after 5 mornings of 4:30 wake ups, we could all use some sugar.

I made caramels and a ton of peanut buttery things. Now I am looking to expand my recipes.

What's your favorite candy recipe!?

Cooking Onstage!

I have been very lucky to receive the opportunity to cook onstage with Joanne Chang (Flour Bakery, sticky sticky buns) tomorrow at the "Let's Talk About Food" festival hosted by the Museum of Science.

I am super excited but nervous. Wardrobe advice, friends? Do's and Don'ts? Naturally I will try and play it cool...

Bostonians! (and Cantabrigians...and metro westers...) come enjoy the festivities and celebrate food.

Boozy Popsicles

While New England weather may be denying it's summer, I refuse to listen.

I'd like to bring boozy popsicles to a friend's birthday on Friday night, but am tripping up on finding suitable recipes that ensure they will freeze (and I'm no chemist!)

I'm thinking of making a dark and stormy pop as well as a g&t pop (complete with lime slices.

Has anyone had good luck with proportions of booze to mixer that freezes well?

$200 kitchen spree

As a graduation gift, my grandmother is giving me $200 to spend on something for myself, preferably something I can keep to remember her. Clearly I need new kitchen items!

Already got a KitchenAid from the other set of grandparents (I'm way too spoiled, I know) so I am thinking of either a Le Creuset pot, a blender or a food processor.

If you had $200 to spend on yourself, what would YOU get??

Valentine's Ham Dinner--Ladies Only!

A good friend and I have been dying to make a baked ham since Christmas time, and we thought that having a formal Valentine's dinner would a great reason!

The ham will be baked with an apple/maple glaze...but I need recommendations for sides and desserts.

-Not Southern Traditional
-Light dishes appreciated (the group of women is mostly elite lightweight rowers...)


Need a little teapot (short and stout?)

For the first time in my 22 years on earth, my mother finally asked me for a specific Christmas gift. She wants a good teapot.

Problem? As much as I love a good cup of tea, I have no idea what to look for in a teapot.

What's your favorite pot? It should be big enough to make tea for a few people--as we normally pull our leaky ceramic one when we have guests.

My sister and I are joining in to give it to her---so it can be on the pricer side since we're splitting the cost.


Recipe Search: Lemon Poppyseed Rum Cake

Serious Eaters, I need you now!

We used to celebrate Thanksgiving with a lot of extended family, and now we've sized down and I do all the cooking. A family member who we are no longer in touch with used to make a KILLER lemon poppyseed rum cake and I'd love to reproduce it---it's a family favorite!

I tried a google search, but couldn't find anything that looked promising. From what I remember it was made in a bundt pan.

this year, I'm Thankful for the SE community!

Carbo Loading!

I'm running my first half-marathon Sunday morning (woohoo!) and I want to make a slow-cooked but EASY sauce to make for spaghetti on Saturday night. I would prefer something either with no meat, or with turkey/chicken. (and not too many spices, I don't want to upset my digestive system before a 2 hour run!)

My family doesn't usually make pasta sauce, but I want something special for my "last supper"

Pumpkin what?

I am making a batch of pumpkin vodka (vanilla Smirnoff, lightly roasted sugar pumpkin, cinnamon stick) and so far it tastes delicious!

In preparation for my pumpkin party next week--I need your help, COCKTAIL IDEAS!

Think.....classy, but wild young-mid 20 year olds...nothing too fancy!

Serious Eats in Falmouth, MA and Martha's Vineyard

With one door closed, a big window (or french doors, perhaps) opened! I'll be going down to Falmouth, MA for a few days next week, and treating myself to a day on Martha's Vineyard--just me and my bicycle!

So I need some ideas--maybe specialty markets where I can get picnicky foods for the beach, a NON toursity seafood shack, the best ice cream???

I live near the beach at home, so I don't need to eat clam rolls every night, just trying to get new ideas for my adventures!

Dinner on a hot and humid night.

First off, the same woman is eating popcorn again. This place smells like a movie theate.

It's a hot and humid day in Boston--I think I'll just havea mango for dinner tonight. Oh, and some limeade sweetned with coconut syrup to celebrate my roommates rowing successes and new job! horray!

Your turn! Is it cool enough to fire up the oven/stove? Or are you eating cold tonight?

Popcorn in the office--What's for dinner?

Every time I read a thread about office microwave smells, I thought my fellow SE-ers were being a little too whiny.

I just started my first real office job last week. Someone just made popcorn. It's making me hungry, but I'm not actually hungry. And that is pissing me off.

So, I admit it, you were right.

But now I'll make this thread useful---what's for dinner, y'all? I'm baking cookies all night for my roommate who is an elite rower and going to a big race tomorrow, so I'll just nosh on leftover pasta with garlic scapes and bacon.

Barter in Boston-Foreman grill

So, my housemates and I have two Foreman grills, but no waffle iron, and we'd really like a waffle iron and not two grills. Does anyone want to do an exchange in the Boston area? Pretty please?

email me-

Serious Efforts: Recipe Card Project!


I am taking a book making class this semester, and have decided to do all my projects on variations of the cookbook and I need YOUR help!

I am trying to collect notecards of (preferably) handwritten recipes that are special to people--either a favorite recipe, or one that just has a special meaning to you! I'm going to try and incorporate as many different recipes as possible into the book.

If you're interested, drop me a line at, and I can give you more info! (just don't want to post mailing address here).

I'm excited! Thanks for all your help!

Pre-Made soups

The weather here in Boston has been acting funky these days, one day snow, one day 70 degrees, but we all know the inevitable 5 month cold front is right around the corner, and I want soup!

I'm all for homemade soup, when I go home I plan on making a lot to freeze, but now at school, in a dorm it's just not happening. I don't really like canned soup, but there must be something good out there?

So what's your favorite kind of soup, be it dried (add water/milk) or canned, brand and flavor?

Alton Brown in Boston

Bostonian SE-ers, I just found out Alton Brown will be at Coolidge Corner Theatre next Tuesday night, at 6pm. Although tickets are sold out, there'll be a standby line--tickets for $5.

I'll be going at 4:30 or so with a book to wait--if anyone would like to join, to see our favorite food chemist!

Sneaking food into movies

Yesterday before going to see Julie and Julia (loved it!) I headed down to the Copley Farmers market (where I will start working on Friday--please come visit, SE-ers!) and picked up a baguette and herbs de provence goat cheese, which I snuck into the theatre and enjoyed throughly while watching the movie.

What kind of yummy snacks do you all (or don't you?) sneak into the movie theatres? Does it vary depending on what you're going to watch?

Dairy-Free Easter Dessert

So my mother just called me and asked me to post a question for her:

This Sunday is the Easter that the western world celebrates, we still have one week until Orthodox Easter, also known as Greek Easter.

This means that for our mock Easter dinner this week there will still be people who are lenten (this means totally vegan). She wants to try and make a dessert called Konafa, which is like two layers of shredded wheat filled with a sweet ricotta mixture. She was going to try and sweeten some firm silken tofu to get the same texture, but isn't sure how well it will work.(All the recipes we found for vegan ricotta substitute were for savory foods like lasagna and included nutritional yeast and other ingredients that would not work with the sweet dessert.

Here's a link if you want to see what Konafa looks like: ---Sorry the only picture I could find was in French!

Any advice would be great, thanks! (and yes, we could just wait to eat the real thing, but where's the fun in that?!)

Low Temp No Knead Bread

Hi All--

So I have been wanting to make some no-knead bread. I've made it before at home, but now I'm at school and only have one small pot in which to make it. The plan was to make the full batch of dough and just bake it in multiple small loaves.

The problem is that my pot can only withstand temperatures up to 400. Because the loaves are going to be smaller does anyone think I can just cook it at a lower temp?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I just want some bread!

Pizza Party Help

Hi All--

Friday I am having a get together with friends to celebrate my birthday (goodbye teenage years!) and I was going to make pizzas with Trader Joe's dough.

I was thinking of making the pizzas with the sauce and cheese, baking them, then having people add toppings and putting them back in the oven for a few minutes to reheat the cheese....will this be gross--and will the cheese get funky? Should I just make a few for all of us?

Also--how many half-sheet tray pizzas would you make for 10-12 college aged girls, and 2-3 guys?

Thank you!

What Are Your Kitchen Nightmares?

Many of my friends--swimmers and rowers--had hard sports practices this morning, so I decided to treat them by making breakfast. We were having french toast from my homemade cinnamon bread, bacon, and scrambled eggs...yum....right?


I set off the fire alarm in the dorm...the WHOLE dorm...with the smoke from the pan. To say the least, I am still HORRIFIED. We were standing outside for 20 minutes as the Boston Fire department raided the building...yikes!

So friends, what are your kitchen nightmares?

Adding Flavor to Plain Cheesecake

My cousin is having his annual work party on Saturday and is making a plain cheesecake. He is still learning to cook but loves it, so I don't want to interfere too much. I was thinking of just letting him make the plain cheesecake he was planning on then adding some flavor--chocolate, carmel, peppermint...something.

Any ideas on how to jazz up a cheesecake?

What to wear to a restaurant opening?

I have been invited to a restaurant opening in Boston tonight!
One problem...I don't know (and neither does my inviter) much about the restaurant, other than it is located in a hotel and is "American"

So this isn't totally food related but...WHAT DO I WEAR? I was thinking little black dress, knit--not too fancy but still classy.

What do you all think?
--Thank you!

Healthy & Delicious: Clam-Stuffed Mushrooms

The best part about this recipe is the addition of clam. Largely sustainable and virtually fat-free, it's an interesting twist on what can occasionally be a fairly staid recipe. Buying a more upscale brand will only help the flavor of your dish, as some find bargain-basement clams to be a little tough and perhaps even a tad tasteless. More

Time for a Drink: the Maiden's Prayer

As tempted as I am to select a drink recipe this week related to Wednesday's post on fern bars, I'm just not gonna go there. Besides, if you really want a recipe for a Sex on the Beach or a Slippery Nipple, there are plenty of sources where you can satisfy that particular craving. Plus, you don't need to probe the mixological offerings of the leisure-suit era if you're looking for drinks with a lecherous wink in their makeup; for example, look no further than the Maiden's Prayer. More

Grilling: Sausage-Stuffed Apples

"The maple-coated sausage mixed with the sweet apples had all the fitting flavors of an autumn meal." [Photographs: Joshua Bousel] I love this time of year, when the supermarkets bust out the big bins of deliciously fresh apples and fill... More

Sunday Brunch: Pumpkin Tea Cake

[Photographs: Robin Bellinger] It's been a while since I baked something I simply could not resist (I've been experimenting with applesauce-sweetened, bran-laden toddler "cookies") so it was a relief to bite into this pumpkin tea cake and discover that I... More

Beer Bread Pecan Rolls

"Skip yeast in favor of a quick beer-and-baking-powder dough." [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman] Brunch at home needs to be easy. There's a reason that neighborhood cafés manage to sell a couple of sad poached eggs for $13 on Sundays: we're not... More

Buttermilk Oatmeal Muffins

[Photograph: And Then I Do The Dishes] At Serious Eats, we're of the opinion that it's always a good time for oatmeal. (Chalk it up to a disproportionate number of obsessives in the office.) But we're now moving into oatmeal season proper, and these oatmeal buttermilk muffins, from And Then I Do The Dishes, look like a perfect fall breakfast. "They were so tender and comforting that now," the author writes, "I buy buttermilk just to make these muffins."... More

Dinner Tonight: Peach Caprese Salad

Beyond the absolutely brilliant idea this recipe for peach caprese salad is—substituting the juicy summer tomato with the fragrant, sweet peach—there's not much more to say about this variation on an a classic. All the usual elements are there: creamy... More

Basta Pasta: The Best Pasta You've Ever Had From a Walk-Up Counter

"What real chefs can do with red-sauce Italian." One could be forgiven for expecting very little from Basta Pasta. It sits on a traffic-heavy Cambridge street lined with bodegas and split-level homes. No waiters--just a walk-up counter whose chalkboard menu reads like the Olive Garden's. There's a refrigerator stocked with Pepsi and Gatorade; a flat-screen TV hangs overhead. The name's a little corny. And the owners aren't even Italian. But with one bite of homemade fusilli, none of this could matter less. MIT grad students, the Cambridge fire department, and Central Square denizens have been holding out on the rest of us--Basta Pasta is no ordinary red-sauce takeout. Order well, and the dishes handed over the counter will be phenomenal.... More

Blogwatch: Fiddlehead Salad

Mel of Bouchon for Two, like many of us, is a sucker for things with short seasonal shelf lives. Right now, she's after fiddleheads, or the unfurled fronds of young ferns that are harvested for food consumption. They look like snail's shells or some pasta marketed at picky kids. Mel says they're "delicate, earthy" and make a nice salad with minced garlic, Dijon mustard, Parmesan, walnuts, and lemon. But you might want to blanch them first—they contain mild toxins that dissipate after being fully cooked. Related: Fiddleheads [Talk]... More