I am married with one young child. I enjoy cooking delicious vegetarian meals and desserts, but I don't like to spend a lot of time doing so!

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  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Favorite foods: Pizza from Wal-Mart's deli, anything chocolate, french fries, pasta
  • Last bite on earth: Gnocchi with Gorganzola Cream Sauce from Antonia's in Key West.

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Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Beyond Tofurkey, Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

Great article, Caroline!

But I just wanted to share my thoughts on Tofurkey...

I think Tofurkey is delicious! I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas just so I can eat it! Plus, I buy an extra one and serve it on Easter.

I think the Tofurkey might have a bad reputation due to the baste recipe on the box. It doesn't make nearly enough and as a result the "bird" can dry out.

Baste occassionally during the cooking process and you won't be disappointed!

Best Vegetarian Blogs?

I will also shamelessly promote my blog...

Lots of filling casserole and other recipes. I do use eggs and dairy, but alot of vegetarian meat substitutes as well!