uncle rocco

Enthusiastic and messy cook and eater.

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Favorite foods: Simple hearty stuff, big plate on the table all dig in. Cook mostly Italiany stuff and guilty of sticking to my favourites though do go through phases of trying to add to my repetoire, usually after eating out somewhere and trying to copy it.
  • Last bite on earth: At mine with my family - big antipasti, my aunt mary's spaghetti (though sadly not possible now) not a big sweet man - so some very good cheese then proper coffee. It goes without saying there would be plenty of wine knocking about throughout.

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Video: Johnnie Walker 'I Walk' Ad with Robert Carlyle

shame he's walkin away from kilmarnock - home of Johnny Walker for Generations - Diagio just announced closure a couple of weeks ago with 900 jobs going...

What is your fantasy food business?

Just a proper cafe - unfortunately the majority of the old school caffs have died out over here - due to 1. the proliferation of coffee shops etc that have made them unable to compete with resultant increased rents 2. because a lot of them lost the plot or enthusiasm for it the 2nd 3rd generations just didn't move it on and I think allowed point 1 to happen. So good simple food, proper breakfast, great coffee, decent price and plenty of formica. That would work wouldn't it?

Does this sound like a decent menu?

Thanks for all the tips - you're right about the antipasti, but I can never resist it regardless of what's on the menu. Salady thing also taken on board - what's with the cherries though don't think I've ever eaten one except on top of a knickerbocker glory - am I missing out. Here's the possible dessert- Mixed berries - brambles, blueberries, strwaberries plums cooked down a wee bit with a bit of prosecco served with mascarpone cream with vanilla. It's raining here by the way.

Also how do you respond to indiviidual folk. Want to tell italian cupcake the scallop thing though it's not really a recipe.

Does this sound like a decent menu?

Just signed up to this today so not sure how to reply to each of these.
Agree with the biege thing I've tried those peppers very good - wanted something that was quite sharp as the pork may be a bit heavy - how's about grean beens in a light vinaigrette?


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