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Seattle: Grass-Fed Burger at Spur Gastropub

@NWcajun - that's because they're owned by the same people.

No future for self-trained chef?

Reading Monsieur_Ghislain's comment made me laugh. It's so true. You work in a kitchen? You're a cook. You can call yourself a chef when you run it. Making that little verbal faux-pas is a dead giveaway of someone who has never worked in the industry.

I'd suggest either trying to get a job at a very small, perhaps lesser known kitchen or offering to stage, or work for free, at a "decent restaurant/hotel." Experience is everything in a kitchen, and if you don't have any professionally, you can expect to start at the very bottom.

Apple Chip Failure

for apple chips, I've found the thinner the better. the best I've ever made came from super thin slices, a quick dip in simple syrup, a shake, placed on a silpat, and cooked at 250 for 45 minutes or so.

married to a chef?

as a chef previously married to a non-chef, I can say I did a lot of cooking for the two of us. . . when we were home at the same time. it's tough for someone working 3 pm to midnight to share meals with a nine-to-fiver. so two nights a week, he ate like a king. the rest, it was sandwich city.

Need a cookbook recommendation!

The Complete Robuchon is pretty great. and I second the suggestion of Jaques Pepin's books.

Your Top 5 Cookbooks, HIgh Fidelity Style.

Culinaria: Spain - Konemann (amazing textbook-like reference)

Simple to Spectacular - Vongerichten and Bittman (fantastic idea, great recipes)

The Cooking of Spain and Portugal - Time-Life Books (some of the best Spanish recipes I've ever tried, good regional guide)

West Coast Cooking - Greg Atkinson (super easy to follow, great Northwest ingredients)

The Best of Vietnamese and Thai Cooking - Mai Pham (delicious recipes from home)

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 1

Dreadlocks have no place in a kitchen. Period.

Good flavour combinations with Black Sesame Seeds?

I made an ice cream with black sesame and nettles. Was delicious. It also pairs well with avocado.

How to Run a Restuarant For Dummies

If you are asking for advice on opening a restaurant on a Serious Eats topic thread, my advice would be that you are not ready to do it. Start a book club instead.

Cooking confession...

NWcajun, it's cool. I Velveeta from time to time. Spam, too. Midwest roots die hard.

Country Ham

David Chang wrote in the Momofuku cookbook that they treat American country ham similar to proscuitto - just slice it very thin and serve it uncooked (it's already been cured.) I'd like to try that sometime. . .

Response to the journalist kicked out of Tribeca restaurant

Chefs can be d-bags. You know why? Because they are in charge of that kitchen, and probably for a good reason. That guy who got yelled at most likely deserved it. And if he didn't walk out of his job then and there, he realized it.

That sentiment likening the situation to someone reprimanding their kids on the subway: lame. That waiter is not a child. He is an adult who did something wrong at his JOB. And instead of firing his ass, that chef just told him (yes, loudly) what was wrong and not to do it again. The writer is unfamiliar with the restaurant world (as are most of his readers, no doubt) and needs to keep his entitled, smug face out of the kitchen. Don't like it? Don't dine there. Simple.

Critic-Turned-Cook Finally Gets to Party Like A Rock Star

I would not say this this is, in my experience, partying "like a line cook." Cantinetta guy sent invites to his birthday party randomly to restaurants all over town in what seemed like an awkward publicity ploy. And the invites were to the chefs and owners, to my knowledge there were no line cooks invited. Not even those who worked at Cantinetta. . .
Partying like a line cook? Usually takes place around midnight with the cheapest drinks possible. Very un-glamorous, rarely with house bands.

Love to eat, hate to chop

dbcurrie - you have an incredible memory.

stanard - you should get a slap chop.

Dinner Tonight: Miso-Glazed Catfish and Baby Bok Choy

cocoloco--wild catfish do taste like dirt. they're bottomfeeders, and mud is on the bottom of their natural habitat. (sustainably) farmed catfish are they only tasty way to go.

Breaking: Ferran AdriĆ  to Close El Bulli in 2012, Reopen with New Concept in 2014

maybe when he reopens in 2014 he'll front a new trend of serving actual food in restaurants. imagine!

French onion soup: Beef stock or brown chicken stock?

I worked for a while at a French restaurant with an amazing onion soup. we used 2 parts veal stock to 1 part chicken stock to make it.

it was lovely.

Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato Pancakes

I'd cook down apples and sweet onions with cinnamon and cardamom. That on top of butter would be delicious on these little babies.

Hot Dog Of The Week: Seattle Style

I haven't ever seen kraut or bbq sauce at the hot dog stands. They automatically come with toasty bun, grilled onion, and cream cheese. I like to add jalapenos, sriracha, and mustard. very, very occasionally. If I sprung for one every time it smelled amazing at 1 AM I'd weigh 200 lbs.

My favorite stand is for sure Comet Dogs.

strawberry stems?

I give them to my rabbit. that or compost - I don't think they're much good for anything else.

Shrimp Heads

usually when you get the ama ebi nigiri super fresh, they'll pull the shrimps out of the tank, pull the heads off, and put the shrimp on rice. they deliver the deep fried heads afterward.



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