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broken meat-pies for sale...would you buy one?

Thanks for your Opinion.
in answer to your complaint was based on both...that the patties were broken in pieces and 6 days out of date.
I just felt offended that a supermarket that prides itself upon saving its customers money everyday(it does that by means of a recording that is repeated every few mins which for me gets on my nerves)but then it allows its workers to put outdated broken food for sale.
again as a regular customer I felt offended by that.
OK call me an ass condemn me for getting quite upset with the worker responsible for putting the patties on the shelf,
But I Felt I Had Valid grounds for complaint.
Because Like Everyone I Have Basic expectations when I Buy Food from a shop.
I expect it to be Fit for consumption( Now No one can argue with that surely?)
I Don't Expect the food to be out of date...and in this case the patties were 6 days out of date.
so that's a week and one day and although there were no signs of mould growing, I was still upset that they were put out for customers to buy.
again I am a man With certain standards when it comes to food and if that is wrong then so be it...I ain't planning to lower my standards any time.
OK I regret raising my voice when the assistant attempted to convince me that it was all due to human error.
Sorry I just refused to buy or accept that as a Valid excuse.
Because as A Member of staff charged with putting out food for sale it is natural to expect The Staff Carrying out Their duty in a Way That Reflects A Certain Standard Right?
Well When I saw The Broken Outdated Pies I was Surprised and Felt I Had A Right To Draw It To The Attention of one of the staff.
and I Must Mention That When I Did He Did Respond immediately and even called his colleague who was responsible for putting the patties out and His response was Kind of OK I'll Remove Them but didn't apologize.
OK I May Come Across As Demanding, Hard, But I meant Well Honestly.
And I Just want to see Standards Raised So That I no longer Have cause for complaint when I go to buy some food.
OK the chances are I will have cause for complaint and in that case human error on the part of the shop staff can be used but in the case @ Hand I refuse to except That simply Cause I reason that the guy must have known the patties were out of date?
and surely the shop standard does not permit out dated food to be put out for customers to view and buy?
After All What if the person complaining turns out to be a under cover reporter and uses their experience To Draw Public Attention via The Media That A certain Supermarket is Selling Out Dated Food?
Can you Imagine The Shop Manager Shaking the hand of the Staff member for being careless and bringing his employer into disrepute?
It has happened before and it caused embarrassment for that supermarket surely?
But Sadly they continue to be careless.