22 year old male, recent college graduate. I work in the wine and liquor industry as a National Account Sales Rep.

  • Location: Ocean County NJ
  • Favorite foods: Italian, Chinese, and Thai foods
  • Last bite on earth: Rigatoni with broccoli Rabe, fresh mozzarella, and spicy sausage

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Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

Sarah, That was an amazing article! I haven't commented on SE in years, but I wanted to thank you for an article that reminded me of my childhood and motivated me to share the power of Sunday Sauce with my friends!

Brussels Sprouts

Today I tried the recipe posted a few days ago, brussel sprouts sauted with a little bacon and butter, then finished with maple syrup. It was delicious! I recommend cooking them a little longer than listed and at a lower temperature for a more tender sprout, that or I would blanch them in a little salt water. But I would highly recomend it. Brussel Sprouts are one of the few reasons to enjoy the onset of the cold weather fall brings.

What Should I Make to Accompany Mac and Cheese

As a young male, I think it can't hurt to add more food! I would try grilled ham steaks brushed with a little dijon mustard and some roasted vegetables, as you suggested, on the side. Oh and if I was the boy in question, I would already be won over by your thoughtfulness to create a meal of my favorites! I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. I tried, but couldn't resist, the best dessert you could offer would be simple, just plain whipped cream, served in the form of a bikini!!!

Should Fast Food Chains Give Kids Toys?

Just another example of the government trying to run our lives. It is terrible that personal responsibility is a thing of the past, society today has become weak and reliant on the system and it seems that we are only sinking further into this whole. I personally think parents should be the ones doing the parenting. And I do agree that children have a significant impact in family decisions i.e. where to dine, HOWEVER, if your kids are making the decisions day in and day out, you are not fit to be a parent. America needs to remember why our country was founded and demand the freedoms this country is supposedly based on, even if it is so trivial as to give away toys with a happy meal.

Slip-n-Slide Food

I was thinking of a completely different approach that fits the slip and slide theme, foods like white castle and taco bell may work ;) lol, sorry I couldn't help myself!!

Dear Whole Foods,

It funny to hear people complain about high prices yet, they seem to be the ones demanding fair trade, organic, living wage produce! If thats really what you want then yes a single apple will cost $3. Thats why I love low prices, it allows me to use my salary to donate to charities of my choosing, and yes I am aware of the slavery type conditions of some produce workers and that is not what I am advocating. But at the same time, some of these new fangled hippie ideals are simply impractical, and their consequences are the outrageous prices of "Whole paycheck" or wherever hippies shop these days.

Emotional Eating: Strange Cravings when you're ANGRY!

I don't eat when Im angry, Ill drink or go crack some skulls, my appetite just disappears with anger, and the drink has to be citron vodka on the rocks, or a strong vodka with a splash of club soda, or sometimes a smoke which is odd because I'm not a smoker!

Leftover steak?

I love leftover steak diced small in a frittata with corn, a little milk, and a lot of black pepper

Chipotle Redesigns Logo

I dont like their new logo at all, but nonetheless I will still eat there. And I think their comparison to McDonalds or any of the such is unwarranted. Everything is cooked fresh and seems to be of at least decent quality. I have never had a bad meal at Chipotle but I also do not go in expecting the same meal i experienced in Merida while traveling the Yucatan penninsula. Life is all about relativity so when I want Mexican in Seacaucus NJ for less than $10 bucks and within five minutes on a Wednesday afternoon, it fits the bill

Cornish Hen - Internal Temperature?

Yep same as chicken, and be wary on some of the higher numbers you read. Some people are crazy, food doesnt need to be dry and tasteless just to be safe. And once you get used to it, you can usually tell by touch.

Where is a great place to eat in Philly?

Well other than the obvious Cheese steak (please try both Jim's and Geno's) you should try Amada, which was already mentioned. Its a little pricey but do the higher level tasting menu, it is worth the money and a truly great meal. Budakan for Asian fusion, it blows away both the NYC and Atlantic city locations. And lastly Capital grille, its your typcial high end steakhouse with more comfort food and a small philly twist. I was in Philly for four years for college and it has really evolved into a foodie city in the past few years. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the city of brotherly love!

P.S .Oh and if you want Italian almost anywhere in south Philly is amazing, but Dante and Luigi's is one of my favorites.


haha the chilled gazpacho story is funny, It just reminds me that we are not the rest of the world!

Yet Another Food Blog: help me name it

Oh and PS it also doesn't help its the one and only post hsppzz has ever made, so yeah I agree kinda of spammish.

Yet Another Food Blog: help me name it

I can agree and see the taboo here, If someone came into your restaurant and said "hey I want to open a restaurant" and started asking questions and polling your customers I could see the anger! Especially if they plan in operating in direct competition! But as was said, this is a public forum and all are entitled to their opinion, so those who have no issue please continue. And to the new entrepreneur I offer only the best of luck! its a tough world out there!

Food Network's New Offerings

HAHAHA I was dying when I read about "What WOuld Brian Boitano make?" it reminds me of the south park song "what would brian boitano do?" I wonder if he will be fighting grizzly bears on the show. That was hysterical!

$10 gift card to Sur La Table

Nothing, $10 at sur la table wont buy anything, everything there is awesome and I love window shopping but it's so damn expensive. Maybe you can get a keychain and a piece of gum.

It's A Texture Thing....

Texture doest bother me unless its paired with a bad smell, either alone I can deal with, but together uughh! For example oysters, unagi, or anything like that is fine, as are stinky things like cheeses or some exotic fruits, but something like breadfruit would kill me. As do metallic smelling things like brains! So I guess my answer is no, texture alone doesn't really bother me.

HELP! BF is extremely picky...

I love you guys, and I am amazed more and more everyday about how genuine and caring the members of SE are, more importantly I really believe that we all share a similar way of thinking, not just about food but the fact that we are so loyal to this site and are always ready to lend a hand to each other. Whether its figuring out what to bring to you're bosses pot luck or what the next step in life should be. I would come to you guys before I approached my family or friends in many situations. I don't know if its the anonymous factor of the format or the fact that we share with each other several times a day.
I have become so disenfranchised with my friends and the drudge of everyday life after college, its a tough transition! But a few times everyday I come on SE for 10-15 minutes and I am able to forget about everything except the delectable savoriness of fresh game or the salty goodness of our favorite topic (bacon). And today the way you guys reached out to me, it really touched me. It may just be karma or sheer good luck but having people, even being online friends, seeming to care is exactly what I needed. This may be a little TMI so I am sorry but Its been a tough day and i needed a format to vent. If I had a blog I would have went there, but alas, no blog. So SE thanks for being there, and thanks for being my friends!!!

HELP! BF is extremely picky...

Dump him and date me;
22yr old Male
Accounting and Intl Business degrees from Villanova
5'9" and very athletic
Dark hair and dark eyes
Employed as a Corporate Account Rep for a Wine and Liquor Distribution Company
I enjoy cooking, working out, the beach, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with my family
I am a hopless romantic and more importanly I enjoy all foods and will eat anything you were to serve me!

where to go wine tasting

If youre lookin for something a little different how about the NY finger lakes. It is an often overlooked wine producing region and makes some great wines, another choice would be the Niagra region of Canada. I have been to both and there are a ton of small boutique wineries and plenty of small intimate bed and breakfast to stay in as well. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

Need help picking a US foodie travel destination!

This is easy, as another young single male, I can easily recommend Las Vegas! Not only are their countless great celebrity restaurants and all the classic old Vegas digs, but theres also plenty of nightlife as well as young single ladies!!! Only one thing to remember, what happens in Vegas happens in Vegas...

what do YOU substitute to make something healthier?

When I make chicken or tuna salad I substitute half of the mayo with whole grain mustard, you get the same consistency, a lot less fat, and a whole lot more flavor!

Big Daddy's House vs Will Work For Food?

I think they are both absolutely terrible shows, neither of them is fit to host 30 minutes of my life

Worst Sandwich You've Ever Had your mom had a hydroponic garden? hmm, the most common reason that I know those are used for is quite illegal. Maybe her "state" while she made the sandwich is why it wasnt the greatest, also did your sandwiches often included funions, peanut butter, chocolate, and honey? I think I have finally solved the problem!

Uses for Fried Eggs

One of my absolute favorite ways to eat a fried egg is to toast day old italian bread slices, then rub them with a piece of raw garlic. You take the "garlic bread" and ladle on some extra thick tomato sauce, then top it with a fried egg, parmesan cheese, and lots of black pepper!!! Its great for a leftover type breakfast and is even hearty enough for a lunch. I like mine with the egg fried firm but Im sure its just as good with a runny egg. Oh and Giada does a version of this on her show, but its common in a lot of italian households with school aged kids.


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