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What to serve with fondue?

Forget the chocolate course and serve plenty of ice cold beer.

What to serve with St. Louis style smoked ribs??

I like the cucumber salad, but in addition to thinly sliced red onions, I like to put in a sliced tomato or two.

St. Louis, Missouri: Ted Drewes' Frozen Custard

The whole Ted Drews thing is getting a little shop worn. Let's find another so-called icon to pimp St. Louis with.

Food Network Hotties...Which One Guys!

Boy, that Giana sure does have a lot of teeth.

what to do with frozen ground beef?

Brown the meat and add chopped onion and garlic then mix into mac and cheese.

building a grill?

Go buy a Weber and be done with it. You can roll it around and they are easier to clean etc than a fire pit, plus you can smoke with a Weber whereas not so much with a pit.

Memorial Day Menu Ideas??

What's wrong with ribs? Too obvious?

What to Make With my Beef?

There's always hamburger helper. :>)

More Girl Guide help - making pizzas at camp

This has come up before. What are those hors d' ouevres with browned pork sausage and some kind of cheese on those little dollar sized ryes. I only had them once a long time ago, but they sure tasted like pizza.

Food Science Rant!

Can you be a bit more explicit or form your question in a different manner?

What's your state's best food/dish/specialty?

Pork steaks and gooy butter cake from Missouri

Burger Help

I would use all chuck.

Your All-time Favorite Beers and Why?

It's true, beer snobs are as bad as wine snobs!

'Slice' Poll: Pineapple Pizza - Way or No Way?

The idiot's delight is a good name for that mess!


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