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Dobleta - The Best Sandwich Wendy's Never Made

In high school (early 90's) we used to drive up to Taco Bell and order a bean burrito, a soft taco and a small drink for lunch. Total: $2 on the head (wow am i old). I'd unwrap the burrito, put the soft taco inside shell and all, and re-wrap.

We thought we were food pioneers.

The Best Falafel Sandwich in the Loop

Oasis Cafe is the way to go. May not be the best falafel in town, but the shawarma is incredible. Plus its in a friggin jewelry "mall". Really? This place is a one stop shop. Have a watch to pawn at lunch? This is your place!

Here's a tip. Order a Mixed Combo with shawarma, substitute the rice with baba ganoush (no charge). Enjoy an amazing combo of chicken, falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, etc for one low price. And guaranteed leftovers.

What to introduce to someone new to Oysters...

The only reason I would say to go with a fried oyster (or any cooked preparation really) is to get him over the "fear" of eating oysters. It's kind of like training wheels on a bike.

If you insist on going raw, go with some pacifics that are small enough to not be intimidating.

Looking for Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) in Chicago

Thanks everyone! My brother picked some up at Super H-Mart. Happy Holidays!

Angry Poutine And Poutine with Bacon Now Available at Burger King in Canada

I tried poutine at a BK in Windsor a few years back. As I recall the gravy was served in a little single serving cup like the nacho cheese at a theater. Not impressed at all with it.

Help with recipe - Japanese Steak House "Golden Shrimp" topping

Thanks for all the info guys. I followed dbcurrie's advice and just followed the cookistry recipe while adding more to thicken further. By the end it was so thick that egg/oil mix immediately stuck in the whisk.

Thanks so much. As for the "raw" reference, this is more about my poor English skills. What I was trying to say was that even while raw, it is thicker than set pudding.

If anyone hasn't tried this, you should give it a shot. Yes, it sounds gross. Yes, you may have a grabber on the way home. Yes, you will want more.

Blast from the Past: The McDLT

I seem to recall David Letterman saying, "The hot side is hot, the cool side is cool, and the entire thing is under a heat lamp."

Chicago: BIG & little's Cooks Up Classic Burgers and Legendary Fries

@JimTheBeerGuy - you're totally right, its a burger blog and the burger IS fantastic. best case scenario? bring your girlfriend along with you and eat 2/3s of both meals.

Chicago: BIG & little's Cooks Up Classic Burgers and Legendary Fries

Burgers are great, so are the fries. But the fish & chips make this place. I've never seen "short order" cooks work so lovingly on an order.

Milwaukee: Major Good Burgers at Major Goolsby's

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I see brand names on menus I always assume that the brand is compensation the establishment with either discounted prices or chipping in on the menus themselves. Am I just crazy?

Wings wise, you have to hit Points East Pub in Milwaukee. I'm a (pissed off) Chicagoan and even I feel that these might be the best I've ever had. Plus the owner looks like Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Have a Moscow Mule or two with that dude if you ever have the chance. Thank me later.

Costco, a Pizza Chain Hiding in Plain Sight

I'll agree with many of you, the hot dog deal is great. BUT. The churro is where it's at. I HOPE it's not just in Chicago.

In Prank, Man Orders $4,000 of Pizza, Doesn't Pick Up

@DonNotSwallow - EXACTLY. I feel bad, don't get me wrong, but come on. Use your heads people.

Top This: Hot Oil

Maybe it's a Chicago thing, but this reminds me of how I add a little giardiniera oil on my pizza. I don't necessarily like the solid pieces of peppers/olives/celery on pizza but the oil is just the best.

Serious Eaters and Trendy Party People Unite at Old Town Social in Chicago

How I've stayed away from Old Town Social as long as I have confuses me. Each of your photos looks better than the next. This weekend is Lollapalooza, next weekend is Old Town Social.

Go to Fogo 2 Go for Pie that Cannot be Categorized

@Daneil: I'm not sure I was in shape to be reading. Next time.

Go to Fogo 2 Go for Pie that Cannot be Categorized

I walked right by this joint a few weeks ago while suffering a hangover that only 5 Guys could fix. It looked damn good, but I was in need of tried-and-true.

Next time...

Poll: Do You Like Pickles On Your Burger?

I LOVE a spear on the side. Hell, even two. But on the burger? No thanks. The pickle flavor is sometimes SO intense that it's all you can taste.

Steak 'n Shake: The Quintessential American Cheeseburger

The burgers are fantastic, but help yourself and order up some fries and top it with the pepper juice on each table.

You're welcome.
(That's for you thanking me later)

Bad Ass Burgers at The Bad Apple in Chicago

My brother and I went last night. First time up at Bad Apple and won't by my last for sure. Started with some cheese curds. They're not "wisconsin style", meaning they dont squeak when you might them, but still damn good. I had the Pat LaFrieda on a pretzel roll (mid rare) and my brother the Slow Burn on the normal bun (mid rare as well).

First. Both burgers were excellent. The server overheard us talking about splitting them and asked if they could do it in the kitchen for us. Nice touch. Great "meat" taste, great toppings...everything seemed to work together. Burgers were 5-6oz(?) id guess. More than enough, but look small next to near by Kuma's.

Only issue was that both burgers showed up mid well. Not a bit of pink in either of them. That said, still VERY juicy. My first experience with Pat LaFrieda beef. Hope it wont be my last. I will be very clear next time that I need medium rare.

Final comment on the food...I'd skip the pretzel roll next time. Its a tiny bit sweet and doesnt add too much. The normal white roll is a good bun from Chicago bakery Turano. They make the best rolls for Italian beef sandwiches and make a damn good burger bun too.

Service was great with very attentive staff. The "dining room" was missing something. Wish we had sat in the bar or the game room.

Review Your Favorite Burger Joint on A Hamburger Today!

@Robyn Lee: Well sure, a PROFESSIONAL review. What about my amateur perspective?

The Super Scooby, UK's Biggest Burger

I was thinking the same exact thing. Its just two burgers stacked together. Maybe a single version is a non-Super Scooby?

Burger King Signs a Deal with a Vegetarian

I really want a veggie burger developed by the woman who wrote "Hey Jude".

Oh, wait...


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