I like food of all sorts any thing fresh and that someone put effort in.

  • Location: Howell MI Untied States
  • Favorite foods: Yakitori, Yakiniko, Yamichan Chicken Wings, Ramen, Pizza, Beer, all protiens grilled, sauted smoked or fresh raw, little necks and steamers, oysters, waffles, my dads slimo pancakes, Anything made in someones home kitchen or backyard.
  • Last bite on earth: with friends music beer and maybe a cigar or two.

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Serious Eats' Halal Cart-Style Chicken and Rice with White Sauce 

Ive never tried this dish before, no cart food in Mid-Michigan. It really is awesome. My roommate scored it a 4.25 anything over a 4 can be served to guests. My Girlfriend loved it and she is food conservative. Everyone should try it. Thank You and keep it coming, great work.

Slice Poll: Clam Pie, Way or No Way?

I've only had 3 clam pies I made all three. The first one I made was wonderful. The next two didn't get finished, so knowing how good a clam pie can be would always encourage me to seek a great one out.

Building a Pizzeria: First, a Dream and a Lease

Good luck bikes and beer are passions I enjoy and believe many others do too. My only advice is less is more dont be afraid to make what you have work. Cheers

United States of Pizza: Michigan

I've posted these two places before but I think B-line in Howell and Vivios in Indian River are tops.

Flint, Michigan: Angelo's Serves A Killer Diner-Style Cheeseburger

Kenji your Angelo's review was perfect I stopped in there yesterday with a friend and fellow food guy I think we all are of the same opinion Angelo's does a really nice job. Unfortunately they had no idea that such a positive review had been written it would be nice if there was some way to let them know that other people appreciate the product they produce outside of their loyal daily following. Maybe Ill mail them a copy of your article. Thanks for the review keep em coming.

Best pizza in Michigan?

I'll be in Indian River this weekend, I have heard from many people that the Pinehurst Inn has good some even say great pizza. I would claim to try anything once I just can't bring myself to eat in the Pinehurst!!!! maybe this is the weekend. The Elvis thing is great especially because he doesn't cover just the songs of Elvis makes it that much more surreal. On a serious Pizza note try the sausage, shrimp and banana pepper pizza at Vivio's for a nice treat.

Best pizza in Michigan?

In northern Michigan I really enjoy Vivio's in Indian River, always good with a salad. Vivios is a great family tradition that sparked my pizza pursuit.

I would love to hear others input on Vivio's.

In the lower mitten I really enjoy B-line Bar south of Howell, great pizza and bread sticks.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Coppa Combo

Wrapped aroud a thin strip of chicken breast, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, lots of garlic fresh chopped herbs, grilled to perfection.

My Pie Monday: Soppressata Slivers, Pistachios, Beets and Goat Cheese...

After a quick search the oven was originally sold by Brookstone. I wanted one I called they dont have them anymore and arent going to reorder. They also wouldnt share the name of the original manufacturer. Im thinking Ebay or Craigslist.


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