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Best Dessert Recipes

magnolia bakery's banana pudding!!

What was the most memorable dish at your 1st night seder?

the chocolate covered caramelized matzo was the star of the otherwise bland Passover desserts

Vegetarian NYCers in San Francisco/Napa in June

La Mar is amazing peruvian food in the ferry building in San Fran. AMAZING. Also,

Complete My Passover Menu

Tzimmes is a carrot raisen dish. A nice alternative to a salad that is pretty classic and bright.

Make roasted asparagus, toss with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, roast for 5 min. super simple.

and this:

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

juliet romeo i'd like the goat cheese souffles recipe! i LOVE goat cheese

Passover Recipes

@teachertalk haha yes now I need to channel my baking/cooking energy elsewhere!

Such amazing suggestions!!!

Baking for the Office

@Mizbee, I ordered the book you mentioned, can't wait to read it. I want to be respected and known for my work-product, opposed to my baked goods. I'll save the baking for a holiday. I figure, the more "girlish" I act, the more menial tasks they will throw at me (and I obviously want to avoid that). It's a small office with 4 partners/associates so I am trying to hold my own and hope to work here after law school.
@suburbanfoodie - yes, it is pretty sad. but at least we recognize it instead of perpetuating the stereotype?

Baking for the Office

MMiNYC thats a good point. no, i would probably think an exec woman who was baking should stop wasting her time baking and be working lol. its a law firm and i've only been working there for 3 months. my job is more like a law clerk than intern. they went nuts when someone sent cookies so i figured I'd share the wealth. but maybe saving it for holidays is a better option. thanks for the feedback!

Food blog name

I love law school, but have always loved food. It keeps me sane during crazy exam schedules and I am always cooking/baking for friends. A lot of renowned food critics have experience in the white house or law (i.e., Jeffrey Steingarten) so hopefully i can make food a career later on.


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