What's in your fridge? - My Sweet Potato Phyllo Bites

awesome! sounds yummy. i'll give these recipes a try!

What's in your fridge? - My Sweet Potato Phyllo Bites

lol i guess that changed your mind when you though it was common? :) of course i meant it in some other way- using all the ingredients in my fridge to come up with a good dish. :))

Apple Pie in Peanut Butter Cream Sauce

Just another attempt to use what's made available at home. Plus, I'm intrigued by how apple pie is usually made. I still used phyllo dough for my crust since I had to finish it off first before opting to make the "real" thing. Guess I pretty much succeeded in doing so. And oh, I just found out that peanut butter tastes good with apples.

What's in your fridge? - My Sweet Potato Phyllo Bites

What's a better way to start your food adventure than try to make use of the ingredients you already have at home?

My stomach was grumbling really hard, but boredom hit me even harder that I started scouting for a good dish. Yes, that's how I work - unplanned. spontaneous. And just so you know, I work best when I'm frustrated about something (don't even bother ask me about it), hence, I came up with my first entry. My very own, straight from my innovative and creative juices -- Sweet Potato Phyllo Bites.


Apart from my amusement, I've been really wanting to try working with phyllo dough since it's been used numerous times by the famous italian female chef Giada de Laurentiis in her show Everyday Italian. (Cooking shows always fascinate me.)

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