The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 2, Southern California L.A.)

A great spot in Orange County (Santa Ana, specifically) is Buccaneer pizza. - they have some of the most amazing pizza I've every had on this side of the country.

Video: Pepsi Refresh Commercial Not So Fresh

They are doing exactly the same things's not like it would have been hard to come up with something new...

New Allergy-friendly restaurant finder!

Saw this on LifeHacker today, and I just figured I'd put it up for everyone here to rate. I know I've seen some posts that consider allergens in restaurant food, so it seemed reasonable to throw it up here.

I have no idea how to rate it - I don't have allergies (that I know of) so maybe y'all can tell me if it's any good :p

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