I really love to cook (southern style), and I bake all the time (co-workers love my misadventures). I like to garden and be outside grilling whenever I can.

  • Location: Texas
  • Favorite foods: Easier to say what I don't like--venison.
  • Last bite on earth: Ribeye med rare with sauteed mushrooms. Nuff said.
    my email addy is

side dishes for baked ham

Cauliflower Gratin. Awesome!

I need a creative blog title! Help!

ummm-let's see. No, can't say that. ummmm nope not that either. golly gee----no, never that. Gosh I don't know.

What Color Are You?

I love love white american. It just seems creamier and the flavor has a bit of a stronger taste to me.
Dang, now I need to get some and make a grilled cheese sammie!

Sunday Brunch: Cornish Pasty

They have actual "pasty" meat that you can purchase in the UP of Michigan. The miners wives would all get together once a week and make batches of these for their husbands to take down to work. They would stay warm in their pockets until they were ready to eat. I am informed that they are mighty tasty with ketchup. I actually order mine for my hubby at Pasty Central.

A Poorman's Birthday Steak Dinner

Arnold hit the nail on the head with his suggestion of a Chuck eye steak, I buy them all the time for myself. I freeze them and pull one out when I feel like a steak. It has almost the same consistancy of a ribeye, and can be very tender either med or well done. Saute up some canned shrooms with a little butter and onion. Throw a little salad together and you are good to go.
I have done my steaks either in a screaming hot pan on the stove, or under the broiler in my toaster oven. I just season with salt and pepper.

Where are you posting from in 2012?

Huntsville, Tx on a laptop, 13 miles north on same laptop and my iphone.

glass in broiler?

Hmmmm, glass under a broiler? Someone whould have to prove that to me.

Room temp butter - what type of storage?

I on the other hand have experienced "rancid" butter. While Lemonfair said really no ill effects, it made me sicker than a dog. I left my butter out for WAY too long without using it. There is a limit to leaving it out. I prob left mine out for a week and a half, I do not recall the weather conditions. Just don't leave alot out at a time, and if you construct a butter bell situation change your water!

Happy Holidays, Serious Eaters

Merry Christmas to all of you at SE! May the 6th year be better than the first 5. I don't know how but........

LOVE IT! Just got my SE baggu bag. Thanks, SE!

Wait until you send it down the conveyer belt and the bag boy goes "hey its the lady that has a bag for her bag!" He does it everytime and just laughs.

Help me figure out what I did wrong? French Silk Pie FAIL.

I agree with Jerzee--it sounds like the chocolate. I also would like to know what you used.

Eliminating bacon odor

I was gifted a bacon candle last year, and hope to receive another this year---YUM!

Serious Eats' Caramel Sticky Buns

These do look amazing. I wish my family did breakfast sweets!

Serious Eats Is Five Years Old: Happy Birthday to Us!

Oh Happy Happy Day to you SE!!

That doesn't go together!

I absolutly love chedder cheese and pineapple!

Just curious...

I have my computer at work, so off and on during the day and I will normally look at it again in the evening after dinner and chores are finished.

Seasonal Cooking

Very similar to my Pasty recipe. We add potatos, onion, and use a lot of seasoning.

I Got My Present Early!

OH I am so happy for you!! What a spectacular gift to receive, and before Christmas so you can make alot of cookies, and cakes. When I got mine I made Nestle Toll House Cookies--it was straight from the package because thats what I had closest to me. Those cookies were the best ones ever made! You will have so much fun making greatness in your mixer.

Missing out for a lifetime thanks to one innocent mistake.

When I was stationed overseas I decided that I wanted to drink Gin. And I did--ALOT, in one night. The smell was coming out of my pores for a week. I cannot even stand to smell it anymore.

Then there was the time I got baby back ribs at Outback Steak House. I knew the bbq sauce seemed a little off. We live 45 miles from the restaurant, I made it approx 30 miles before I told Bill to pull the **** over NOW!

What's For Dinner?

Fried potatos, onion, and kielbasa. Dinner of champions.

Where to Eat in the World?

And thank you all very much, the B_I_N_G_O_ song is flowing freely around my head!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

My first trip to Hawaii, and a whole roast pig. That thing was gigantic, crispy, moist, and I felt I had died and gone to Heaven.
Heaven=roast pig!!!!

Bundt Pan Problems SOLVED - YAY !!!

Yes, I use Bakers and love it. I remember the dusting of pans while helping my mom bake.

Video: Porcupine Doesn't Want to Share His Corn

I have heard these little buggers can be dangerous, but that is the coolest animal sound I have ever heard!

Bundt Pan Problems SOLVED - YAY !!!

What is the Bak-Klene ZT? Is it a coating of some sort? Glad your cakes are all going to be great!

The Need for Cheese

I am venturing down the road to a town that has a huge supermarket, with a wonderful deli section. I am "in the want" to try some new cheeses. I am NOT a connoisseur, I only know the basic cheeses. American, Mont Jack etc. I do not like Bleu Cheese because it tastes like perfume to me. At least the cheap old one that I tried once did. Other than that no constraints. Please suggest a cheese that I should try and your favorite way to eat or use it. Oh, and I do like wine. (and beer, and booze but I digress) We are going in mid morning, so I will post what I bought when we get home. Thanks!


Our own dbcurrie has started a Facebook Page for all of us. We can talk about everything that we want to, whenever we want to, and invite others to our site. It is a wonderful page and I hope each and everyone of you will visit it and encourage others to come there. We have been talking about recipes, movies, TV shows, and generally just getting to know each other better. We are having a great time over there. It doesn't take the place of SE but is a wonderful extension!! Please come and check it out!!

The 3 P's

Parchment Paper Peeve
How in the heck do they keep parchment paper from rolling up on "those shows"? The stuff will not stay put, it curls up, even if I put it upside down. I am so tired of this mess. So, any recommondations on those sil pat thingys or something like it?
Frustrated Baker
aka Traci :)

Center Cut Beef Shank

Hi, after too much turkey and ham, I found 4 center cut with bone-in beef shank. They are about 5 inches in diameter, about an inch thick. Really beautiful in color. Don't have a clue as to how to cook them. I am wondering if I should do them in the crock pot the same way I do a chuck roast? I understand they need to be cooked awhile and while I would like to serve them intact is this possible? They really are a pretty cut of meat. Thanks to you all!!!

Thin Sliced Eye of Round

What should I do with it? I have 4lbs of it raw. I was thinking using it like I would a roast but I am sure it would over cook. Can I use it in a sauce over noodles, make a stew, beef bouegnnes? It was an impulse buy, marked down at the butchers store. I only spent $5 on it so it doesn't need TLC. Help me. I have all kinds of grains, herbs, pasta, vegies, etc.

Freeze Boiled Eggs?

Eggs are on sale quite a bit here lately. I use eggs all the time and always have an 18 count in the frig. I love just to eat a boiled egg, slice one up for a sandwich or make egg salad. Can I stock up on eggs and boil them to freeze for later use or will they be yucky when thawed? I just don't want 2 or 3 cartons taking up space in my frig.

Turkey Advice

I am grilling a 12lb bird tomorrow on my gas grill and I have looked everywhere on the internet for guidance. I am fairly confidant on the temp and timing. All the websites I went to showed cooking them whole (flipping and flopping) or sitting up on a "beer can chicken" thing. I do cornish game hens and normally butterfly them. They truly turn out wonderful. Is there any reason why I couldn't do the same with the turkey? I realize I wouldn't have the seasoning inside the cavity but I season under the skin and baste anyway. Is this a plausable way to grill a turkey or am I going to waste a good turkey sandwich on Tuesday? Thank you!!

Ricotta VS Cottage Cheese

MIL tells me that I don't make my Lasagna correctly, even though DH loves it, because I use Ricotta. She always uses Cottage Cheese and says it is much more flavorful. (WTF) I guess what I am asking is which is more flavorful? I add my eggs, rosemary, basil, parsley, motz cheese, parm cheese, and start layering. Please help I don't think I want Lasagna with Cottage Cheese.

Eats Near New Dallas Stadium?

Got tickets to see the Cowboys play the Eagles next Sunday (3rd Jan). The game is at noon and the BF has a Packer game on right after. Anyone in the Dallas area please help me find a sports bar close to the stadium or close to our hotel which is the Howard Johnson Express on East Copeland. I know ya'll can help me. Thanks!!!!!

Korean Burgers

I want to remake the hamburgers that those of us that were either stationed or visited Korea used to get from the venders outside the gates of Bases. They had beef (hopefully), fried egg, cabbage?, other veggies if you wanted them, and this incredible sauce that I do not know what it was. It was so good, I have tried to replicate it but don't have a clue. Help me make a memory burger!!!!

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