My family owns a Pizza Shop in Ashtabula County, Geneva City specifically. I enjoy reading SliceNY and food in general.

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'The best pizza is the one that you like, not the one I tell you to like'

"I think the most Italian or Neapolitan thing you can do is look around your surroundings and your demographic and then figure out what that means."

That's what I'm sayin', yo!

Attention Pizza Heads, SLICER's and MPM'ers...Please watch!

I disagree with Jeff, in that, pizza made with hi gluten is cheap or that all hi gluten flours have bromate.Not all NY pizza is made with IDY, or sauce with transfats. Remember he says he's trumpeting quality and not authenticity. Why doesn't he mention canned tomatoes?

Daily Slice: Iggy's Bakery, Cambridge

That place looks amazing!

"Spicy chopped prosciutto, roasted peppers, and arugula topped one pie, spicy salami, kalamatas, and cilantro topped another, and a third had squash, chive, and goat cheese."

Yes, please!!

Daily Slice: La Bella Pizza Garden in Chula Vista, California

Ruination! Stone IPAs are the best. I am a Tony Jr. and I have a brother named Joe. We've both worked at my parents place Capo's Pizza in Geneva, Ohio.

Home Slice: Things I Learned from the Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party

How hot was your oven? I know when I held a small pizza party at my place, the stone quickly cooled. It topped out at 550 degrees though.

Video: The Four Greatest Pizzerias in New Haven

We use cornmeal at our place, and if a pizza went out the door with burned cornmeal on the pizza or in the box...I don't know if I'd be here to leave this message. ;)

Video: The Garfield Show, Perfect Pizza

Great episode. My son and I are watching it now, Saturday mornings live on!

Pizza Specials Inspired by 'Breaking Bad'

Netflix just added the first few seasons, we're at episode 12 and can't stop...

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Sauce


Perhaps true pizza lovers don't believe pizza existed until the two met.

Video: Dozzino Pizza, Hoboken, New Jersey

Dope Video! Isn't that a gas/wood combo oven? Looks like he just turned the oven on in that one shot.

'Star Wars' + Pizza = Supreme Geekery

These are awesome and WAY better than the Iron Man pizza.

Daily Slice: San Matteo, NYC

@Pizzablogger I don't believe we're (my family and I) misrepresenting true Neapolitan pizza. I make sure our customers know we make the pizza in the style of Naples. If someone starts asking questions I explain how true Neapolitan is made and its differences to what I am doing. I think Neapolitan Pizza will continue to be well preserved in America. Especially with prolific bloggers like yourself and the many here at Slice.

Daily Slice: San Matteo, NYC

@blindfog They were observations, I'm sure the pizza is good. What the owner is saying doesn't add up to what the pictures show us. If you put a pizza, in a 1,000 degree oven, its going to burned.

Daily Slice: San Matteo, NYC

At first I only read the first paragraph. 1,000 degrees and no charring didn't make sense. One thousand degrees and a wood fired oven does not equal credibility. Just be who you are. We make a Neapolitan style pizza at our place. It's thin, has DOP San Marzano, Olive oil, and fresh mozzarella. But the dough is essentially a NY Style dough.Oh, and it's not cooked at high temperatures. But it's us, and its effin good.

'51 Great Pizza Parlors' from 'USA Today'

@jamesws Yes, thats what I keep telling myself, its a list. As a wholly independent third generation pizza maker I want to be at the top of the Ohio list. ;)

@dmcavanagh The arguments could go on forever.

'51 Great Pizza Parlors' from 'USA Today'

I was surprised by the Ohio pick, it came from Ashtabula county, where I call home. I was also surprised because we're much better. ;) A Cleveland FOX affiliate is holding a "Best Of" contest of which we were fifth and we're 45 miles east of Cleveland in a small, small town of 6,000 people. If you feel like it give us a vote for best pizza @

Pizza Topping Prices

@seriousb @kerosena My family owns a pizza shop near Cleveland about 45 minutes east, in Geneva Ohio. We charge the following, we are a bit heavy handed when we decorate our white and traditional pizzas.

9" cheese 5.75 - .75 cents per item - premium and extra cheese 1.50
12" Cheese 8.50 - 1.25 per item - premium and extra cheese 2.00
16" cheese? 11.25 - 1.75 cents per item - premium and extra cheese 2.75

Watch the Di Fara Documentary 'The Best Thing I Ever Done'

Let me correct myself, I was under the influence when i left the comment:

My Grandfather's shop had a similar patina. This documentary not only capture's what Dom's life was like and his hard work. But the experience and hard work of many families in the pizza business. Great Work!

Watch the Di Fara Documentary 'The Best Thing I Ever Done'

My Grandfather's shop had a similar patina. This documentary that not only capture's what Dom's life was like and his hard work. But the experience and hard work of many families in the business business. Great Work!

Video: Paulie Gee On Quitting Your Day Job

Congrats Paulie! That is too cool. I saw you using a dough stretch technique in the video where you were throwing it from hand to hand. So i have one question, its an honest one: How is this different from tossing it in the air?


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