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Solbeso: Chocolate's Boozy Cousin From South America

Well, that's not a margarita. What you probably mean to say is that it's good in a sour.

The 7 Best Budget Tequilas

Good list, and one that just about every bar in New Jersey should review so they can finally stop carrying mixtos.

It's important to note that Gran Centenario sees oak for about a month, IINM. You can see it in the color and taste it as well. I think it works very well in margaritas.

Poll: Stuffed Burgers: Way or No Way?

The problem with stuffed burgers? There's no room for close-to-raw meat. They just don't do it for me. I want juice and flavor and fat running out of a burger, not cheese and sauce. That stuff can drip off of the top.

Submit Your Picks for the AHT Burger Hall of Fame

That said, my two picks were Luger and Minetta, because of the dry-aged aspect, but not because of the purveyor. :)

Submit Your Picks for the AHT Burger Hall of Fame

I'm probably in the minority, but I'm of the opinion that La Frieda excels at marketing. Not all of the beef they sell to every restaurant is exceptional. Some is just like that from any other reputable purveyor.

'Time' Names the 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time

@chuck, I think between those two, I'd pick Luger. Its simplicity, its funky dry-aged flavor, its price. It's just exceptional.

'Time' Names the 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time

Hard to really understand what "influential" means in this context, but I was surprised to not see any dry-aged offerings. Minetta Tavern (or even Peter Luger) certainly helped kick off that genre, which seems to be growing pretty quickly.

Paulie Gee's Planning Nationwide Expansion, a 'Brotherhood of Pizza Enthusiasts'

Very cool for you, @adam kuban, and for any city where this operations stakes a claim!

Poll: Would You Choose a Healthy Side Over Fries at McDonald's?

As long as it tastes good I don't see why not. I'm not married to the fries at McDonalds. Too often they are limp and oily anyway.

Chain Reaction: Zinburger

There's so much bun that this can't possibly be considered a decent burger without a fair amount of surgery. All out of balance as it's served.

The Burger Lab: A 60-Day Dry-Aged Home-Ground Prime Rib Burger (That You Will Probably Never Make At Home)

If you know a butcher who does dry-aging you can no doubt ask him or her to give/sell you some "scraps" from the dry-aged primals for your ground beef. I have been doing this for years at Westwood Prime Meats in Westwood, NJ, and more recently at Batali's place, The Terry Market, in Port Chester.

I also recommend getting these scraps of meat/fat when you are making a steak, so you can render that fat into clarified butter a la Luger, for that funky, minerally flavor that they have in that sauce of theirs. All of that flavor isn't coming from the beef from what I can tell. It's coming from the tallow/butter sauce.

My Pie Monday: Tabisca Saccense, Carbonara, Hawaiian, and More!

@TXCraig1, I'd be happy to cook it for you and bring the Shiner Bock if you let me get my hands on that oven of yours.