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Need recs for rehearsal dinner - 45ppl, $60/head

@tpearl - A private room at Congee Village is definitely on our list. I need to call them and get a rundown on minimum/ppl. The added benefit of karaoke is a huge selling point :) Thanks for the feedback!

Need recs for rehearsal dinner - 45ppl, $60/head

Wow! Thanks so much for all the feedback... not to knock Chow, but I've never gotten this kind of response there. So, yay!!
My future MIL wanted to do Bubby's, but they're booked already.
Prime Meats, Chestnut, Frankies and Buttermilk are all delicious, but I think they're out of the price range :( - I'll check again.
Ici is also awesome, but the upstairs is too small/expensive.
We're thinking about Luzzo's back room - tho we'd have to start at 5 on a Saturday night.
I'm thinking some big, roomy spot in FiDi could do the trick too - has anyone eaten at The Bailey (pubby spot)? Other suggestions in that area?
Cafe Asean, Salam Cafe, Churrasceria, 'inoteca and Jolie are now on my list of possibilities!
Thank you all again and again.