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Where the Locals Eat: 5 Great Spots for Seafood in Seattle, WA

Spud's Fish and Chips on Alki Beach is time tested and very good!

Giveaway: Frank Sinatra's New Best of the Best Album and DVD

My favorite, and there are many to choose from, is "September Of My Years" because I think it captured the essence of where he was in his life in 1965, 50 years old with a lifetime of memories that no doubt reflected some of the lyrics of the song. Cheers!

Portland Pizza Roundup! Links Galore!

Not a mention of Pizza Depokos - it is too good to be missed.....IMHO.

Slice's Pacific Northwest Pizza Map

Thanks for your follow up. I know that Pizza Depokos has gotten a little interest, so I look forward to more once Jim goes there again. I like to see someone who works hard and is truly into their craft succeed, and that fits the bill at this place.

Slice's Pacific Northwest Pizza Map

I am disappointed the Portland list doesn't include Pizza Depokos, as I thought it had been mentioned/reviewed in the past. Pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and passion, and it shouldn't be missed.

Pizza Obsessives: Jim Bonomo, Slice Portland Contributor

Have Jim tried Pizza Depokos in PDX? It's closed until February, but Ethan works his butt off to make a very good pie in his homemade wood burning oven.

Pizza Obsessives: Adam Lindsley, Pizza Blogger at 'This Is Pizza'

Looking forward to when Adam begins his revisits to many of the places he's reviewed to see how they are keeping up and/or evolving.

Where Do You Get Your Favorite Pizza?

Lately in Portland, OR I've found that I enjoy the pizza at Pizza Depokos as much as any of the places here (and we have some very good choices, i.e., Ken's and Apizza Scholls). It is rustic, it is honest, it's made with passion, and it is very tasty. A++ in my mind and according to my tastebuds.

Slice Poll: Do You Salt Your Pizza?

I never have put salt on a pizza, normally just black pepper, some red pepper flakes, maybe a little extra parmesan, but I sure will the next time I have one now!

Pizza-makers Q&A Series: Who Should We Interview and What Should We Ask

There is a fairly new wood fired pizza spot in Portland, Oregon, Pizza Depokos, and I think Ethan Welt, the owner, would be a good interview. He is passionate about what he's doing, he is articulate about how he's doing it, and he puts out a very good product.

Slice Poll: How Do You Reheat Your Leftover Pizza?

I found a method through Google that seems to work well - heat the oven to 450 degrees, put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, put the pizza on the paper, and put in the oven for 6-10 minutes depending. It has worked for me, crust gets maybe a little more crisp than the original, but the toppings get warm and the cheese melts.

Field Report: Ken's Artisan Pizza

Best in Portland, and maybe a lot of other places on the West Coast, IMHO.

Poll: What Do You Drink with Pizza?

For me a good California zinfandel, especially from Lodi, is perfect with a good pie.............

Openings: Howie's Artisan Pizza, Palo Alto, California

IMHO it was okay, but not great. I'll try it again to see.

Frank Bruni on the Great Artisanal Pizza Boom

When will the Pizza Map include Portland, Oregon? Some pretty good stuff going on out here............