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The Best Places to Eat at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson, the World's Busiest Airport

With holiday travel season fast approaching, there's a good statistical probability that you'll find yourself in Atlanta...no matter where you're really going. That's because Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest in the world, whether you're counting the number of passengers or the number of flights. And even if you're just passing through on a layover, you'll want somewhere to eat. More

The 10 Best Pizzerias in Atlanta

Damn if Atlanta didn't go and turn itself into a bona fide pizza town when no one was looking. Pie fanatics could do a lot worse than booking a flight to Hartsfield-Jackson International and immersing themselves in our city's pizzascape for a few days. More

Our Top 10 Burgers in Atlanta

Some of my top burgers in Atlanta are traditional in style; some stray toward my personal penchant for crazy. You don't have to agree with all my choices, but trust my palate enough to know that every burger on this list is worth seeking out, whether you're a lifelong ATLien or just passing through on a long layover. More

Don Antonio Brings World-Class Pizza to Atlanta

"Pizza is a social food. In this country, you call a friend and say, 'Let's go get a drink.' In Italy, we say, 'Let's get a pizza.'" Every single thing I ate at Don Antonio by Starita was well worth sharing with someone you care about. MY favorite pizza in Atlanta? I think I just found it. More

Our Top 10 Burgers in Atlanta

@cateater: I actually have all kinds of love for Moxie Burger, and they're just barely outside my Top 10 (but not by much). As for Ssam Burger, that's on the still-lengthy list of burgers I hadn't been able to try as of press time. I've heard great things, and look forward to sampling soon. (Maybe I'll have to do a Top 20 list next time...)

Our Top 10 Burgers in Atlanta

@Krysti: IknowIknowIknow. So many exceptional burgers in this city. If the list could have been a few spots longer, Red Eyed Mule would definitely be there. (Along with Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Yeah!Burger, even The Rusty Nail. Search the SE archive for any of those places to get my thoughts... and some extra burger porn.)

@ATL_Jen: Keep in mind that you can order the Hank as a single. Don't let my double-patty gluttony be the thing that scares you away from Illegal Food. Go, go, go! And yes, Farm Burger is excellent, too. Honorable mention.

@Xeraux: Thanks for the intel. Another burger added to the to-eat list...

We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

To all the In-N-Out fanatics: I desperately wanted to include them in this review- as well as Jack in the Box and Culver's- but sadly, none of those chains exist in Georgia (where I'm based). And while Serious Eats was gracious enough to pay for these 9 milkshakes, I couldn't quite convince them to pony up for plane tickets to round out my "dairy dozen."

Expand Your Vocabulary and Get a Superb Burger at Ink & Elm in Atlanta

To keep the comments from straying any further off the topic- and real point- of whether this burger is worth eating, the post has been edited.

Expand Your Vocabulary and Get a Superb Burger at Ink & Elm in Atlanta

@taylorsham: If anything here is feeble, it was only my attempt with that line to invoke nothing more than a fairly well-known Katy Perry lyric. I apologize for offending you.

Don Antonio Brings World-Class Pizza to Atlanta

@Lorenzo: The rim may seem puffier than some iterations of Neapolitan, but I personally loved it. Sorry you didn't, @jedd63. The photos are not my best (dim lighting in there at night), admittedly. But I would put Don Antonio's pies right next to Antico or Varasano's; they're unquestionably that good.

@ATL_Jen: I didn't want to come right out and endorse a place by name in a review for another restaurant. But if you were to scroll through my reviews in the archive... and think "northwest suburbs"... and focus your search on, say, June of 2012...

@rlp122: Thanks for the heads-up. I think it's fixed now.

Chain Reaction: Dave & Buster's

@Helldog: The menu really does specify "frazzled onions." How they got that way, however, is up for debate.

Chain Reaction: McDonald's Mighty Wings, Revisited

Lee: I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you liked the wings as much as I did. Interestingly, I went back and got another order shortly after they went national this summer... kind of half-expecting them to not be as good, maybe because of my expectations, maybe because they'd jiggered with the formula, maybe because it's just fast-food luck of the draw, maybe because, well, it's McDonald's. But they rocked and I felt vindicated. Now I do once more. Thanks for the shout-out.

Reality Check: We Try Wendy's New Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

@illone & @Sam Levison: I worded that paragraph VERY specifically. I'll pick *ALMOST* any other fast-food outlet over Wendy's for a road trip burger. And I called out by name: Burger King, Hardee's, Jack in the Box, and Culver's. I deliberately did not mention McDonald's... because I don't eat the clown's burgers (unless asked to review one by the SE mothership); I'm strictly a Filet-O-Fish guy at The Golden Arches. In fact, I originally did put Mickey D's in that roll call list... and then backspaced it out. I couldn't be dishonest just to try to make a point. I don't care for Wendy's hamburgers in general... but I would take it over one from McDonald's.

Woodstock, GA: California-Style Toppings Shine at FireStone

@Marie Let's Eat!: Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, too. Go when you can kick back and hang out on the patio for a while with a bottle of vino. I'll go ahead and also recommend the arancini as an app; the s'mores for dessert. Ask to sit in Kathryn's section; she's exceptional.

Woodstock, GA: California-Style Toppings Shine at FireStone

@mwainer: Think that link is fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up. Check out the Vingenzo's review when you have a moment; the pizzas are worth it.

Atlanta: Cibo e Beve's Pies Fail to Impress

Atlanta: Cibo e Beve's Pies Fail to Impress

Chain Reaction: Wild Wing Cafe

@BaristaBoysGirl: Chicken wings, anatomically speaking, are made up of 3 parts, which are usually cut away from each other for serving. The first section between the "shoulder" and the "elbow" is the drummette, which looks like a tiny drumstick or chicken leg. Attached to that is a flat center section with two bones that make up the middle of the wing joint. Respectively, these sections are nicknamed "drums" and "flats" by wing-eaters to differentiate them from one another. (The third section, the wing tip, is rarely served due to the lack of meat on it.)

Chattanooga, TN: All Aboard for Loaded Burgers at Urban Stack

@sdfishtaco: On the contrary, the rings were outstanding. And again, I'm admittedly not a rings guy...

@Shaby, @nowsonexitmusic, @suddenlyissoon: Tremont Tavern has long been on my list of places to hit at some point in my travels. But when I found that U.S. was literally 2 blocks away from my room at the Choo Choo, I couldn't pass it up. And I'm so glad I didn't...

Atlanta: Scratch Your Itch for Outstanding Diner-Style Burgers at Scratch Fresh

@andymac73: I've not been through the truck stop yet, but love what Brett does in the mobile unit. You did see that review from this past summer, right?

@hungrychristel: Big A.1. fan myself. I can say this is thinner, with more emphasis on Worcestershire and soy... but those are the only two ingredients I could get confirmed. *Fruity* and *smoky* aren't words I would use to describe this...

@rlp122: Just north/east of Windward Parkway on Hwy 9. Be sure to tell 'em I sent you...

We Try The 3 New Desserts At Taco Bell

@sourdough & @bobcatsteph3: Interesting. Taco Bell is calling this a "nationwide" rollout on all three items; maybe the empanada has been a past test item in your necks of the woods.

@calicook: Point well taken. But at least they made an attempt by calling it an empanada instead of a pie. I might have cut the cookie a little slack if they'd taken more than half a second to name it.

Atlanta: Great Beef and Turkey Burgers with Gumption at Moxie Burger

@rlp122: Thanks. Marlow's has been on my list for a while. I've been pleasantly surprised with the food on my past visits; I'll be doing a proper review in the near future.

Atlanta: Pizza That Glitters at Ammazza

@TheKaz: No, that's what I had thought, too. It's not sweet sprinkles. I'm not sure what it is, as I don't do a lot of baking or cake decorating, but it seems to be a product that's strictly for looks, because tasted straight, it was literally flavorless.

Charlotte, NC: Burgers + Sushi = Unexpected Greatness at The Cowfish

@wunami & @Scott569: Yeah, the artwork at The Cowfish is pretty boss. I'm not terribly well-versed in art, so some of the inside jokes and smarty-pants references were inevitably lost on me, but I saw a funky take on "American Gothic" that featured a pitchfork-impaled burger, a Warhol-inspired piece of repeating Technicolor burgers and sushi rolls, and a version of "Dogs Playing Poker" that looked like Picasso had done it. All wickedly cool, like everything else at The Cowfish (even the signs leading to the restrooms... trust me). The Lichtensteinesque work I show in this review was my favorite, and the one I thought AHTers might most appreciate/lust after.

Down South: 5 Life Lessons From Country Ham King Allan Benton

Spectacular read, Jed. Nicely done.


Wow, 1-2 meals and so many recommendations. Some fine choices already here. Your FLIP and Woodfire mentions would suggest you're leaning toward "nicer" restaurants. Actually, if you're into Richard Blais, I'd go to his new place downtown, The Spence, instead. A much broader menu, much better food IMO, and there's a chance you'd actually see him there. STG Trattoria is a nice suggestion, too, for that part of town. The Westside has tons of spectacular options (that's where the excellent JCT Kitchen is) like Bocado and Miller Union, which I can't recommend highly enough. Also in that area, The Optimist, a brand-new high-end seafood place that is currently all the buzz. Watershed on Peachtree is also top-notch. And you really should hit both The Varsity and The Vortex for quintessential Atlanta experiences and solid grub at the other end of the spectrum. And then there's-- oh, wait. You said one to two meals. Hmm. choose wisely... and come on back soon!

A Pizza My Mind: My Weirdest Pizza Topping Ever

@iahawk89: Yes, I know. The shame, the shame. I possibly never made it over to Oakland BECAUSE of one too many late-night Pagliai's visits. I was thrilled to be able to give them a little SE love in our college-town roundup recently. Check it out at http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/09/staff-picks-the-real-deal-pizza-in-college.html.

Chain Reaction: California Dreaming

@Erin: You're absolutely right, not a croissant in the true French style... but that is how they're named on the CD menu.

Staff Picks: Favorite Late Night Pizza in College

Ehubbard89: Looks like I'm showing my age; neither of those places existed when I was in the IC. Looks like I need to find an excuse to get back on campus...

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