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Cook the Book: 'Jerusalem: A Cookbook'

What I really love is this very home-y dish that's not found in restaurants - it's called Mouloukhieh (or Jew's mallow) and is this nice, mellow stew with dried greens over chicken and rice. Very good on a winter day.

Restaurants: Here's How Getting a Good Review on Yelp Is Done

Hmm...the last time I ate at that particular Mel's Drive-In, I waited almost an hour for my food at lunch time, when there were probably about five other customers. Maybe there's a reason why they need enticements to bring people in...

Serious Eaters! Lend me your rice cooker recipes!

Roger Ebert had a whole column devoted to the topic. It's quite creative and useful, actually. You might like it.

Laura Ling's Special Soup Revealed, Sort Of

Chinese herbal soups never bring to my mind any pleasant memories. Mostly they taste bitter. Here's hoping she's getting some winter melon soup which is sweeter.

Chinese Preserved Vegetables

My family uses preserved turnips to add almost as aromatics to our vegetables and fish. You can also use in soup. They are also pretty salty, just be warned. I would cut them up into thin strips, about one inch long, and add to your vegetable stir fry. It goes well with bok choy and over steamed fish.

Just be warned - the taste is not for everyone!

Potluck wedding receptions

It's pretty interesting to read all the different opinions. It will be a pretty small wedding. Several people, including us, will be flying in from out of town, across the country to attend it. We love these friends dearly and would show up no matter how they were doing their wedding, but I still find the idea of a potluck reception completely odd.

Light Butternut Squash Recipes

you can try grilling them. we actually did this a few days ago and it came out great - very sweet and tasty. cut in half, brush with olive oil, pepper, salt and some herbes de provence. i think we grilled them for about half an hour.

WD-50 NYC???

I ate there on my first trip to NYC. It's fantastic. The tasting menu changes, but what I had was excellent, and you can see Wylie poking out his head every now and then to watch how everything's going.

Raw Almonds

We just bought some last week. We ate them as is with some salt. It has an unexpected tart flavor, that reminded me of pears. Anyway, as long as you get over the fuzzy thing, it tastes fine. Just don't eat the stem.

Going to be in LA LA land next week

If you make it to Lucky City, a Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park, during a weekday they may be running a 2 for 1 lobster or crab special. It's something like $8.99. GET IT! They fry it in a wok with piles and piles of garlic.

I love Lemongrass in Eagle Rock for its pho and the banh mi are good.

Chosun Galbi for a really nice atmosphere and delicious Korean BBQ. They butter the grill! (Service can be slow. It's also expensive, but the quality of the meat makes up for it.)

The Kitchen for delicious, new American-style food. I remember loving the mac n' cheese there.

As for markets: I second the recommendations for Hollywood Farmers Markert, and for ethnic markets, you should hit up: Super King on San Fernando (Armenian/Latin), Seafood City in Eagle Rock (Filipino) and 99 Ranch in Monterey Park (Chinese).

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 61: The Acid Reflux Chest Tightness Diet

I'm really glad that you covered this and that there are so many commenters piping up with their own stories. My husband has acid reflux that became pretty severe right after our wedding, and it was a struggle to find the right balance. We cut out caffeine, alcohol, and lightened up on the seasoning. We got ourselves a few cookbooks that seemed to focus on people with acid reflux, but were frustrated with the instructions - everything was like, "add onion, as tolerated".

Anyway, eating a healthier diet helps a lot. A lot of people we talked to suggested switching to brown rice...which I am resisting because I don't like the texture, and also because I have a 25 lb bag of white long-grain rice to finish!

Olive Oil Help

Get a giant thing of Bertolli's under the Kirkland brand at Costco. I think it's a two-pack, about twenty bucks, and will last you months. Tastes great, too. Otherwise, get yourself to an Arab/Armenian market like Super King and get one of those giant cans for pretty cheap. (I think you live in Los Angeles, right?) Super King has a few locations, one in Altadena and one near Silver Lake on San Fernando. (While you're there, take advantage of super cheap fruits and vegetables and their awesome and equally cheap deli counter.)

Cook the Book: 'Beyond the Great Wall'

Eating Peking duck in China with other Chinese tourists. The guy next to me kept talking about how much better the Peking duck was in Berkeley.

Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

I like seafood mostly as sushi. But I will admit to adoring a great smoked salmon.

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

Butternut squash soup, with roasted brussels sprouts and either potatoes or rice on the side. I might add some bacon to either the soup or the sprouts, but they all taste yummy just the same.

Taking Comfort In The Kitchen in Silver Lake, California

Oh hey, I just ate here tonight with my husband! (He had the turkey burger and I had chicken pot pie.) It's one of our favorite spots. Their menu is so awesome and has so much good stuff.

Weekend DVD Giveaway: 'Bottle Shock'

i need a good drink
chardonnay sounds like an idea
disappearing stress

Any Tea Drinkers?

I love tea. Twining's Earl Grey is great. But my favorites are from Mighty Leaf, expensive, but worth it. I also like getting Genmai Tea from the Asian markets.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'American Cheeses'

Point Reyes Blue Cheese. I am not normally a blue cheese girl, but theirs is delicious.

Dinner Tonight: Lentil and Bacon Soup

Did I read this right? HALF a pound of bacon?

I love bacon as much as the next person, but that's a bit much...

San Francisco Burritos at La Corneta

El Matate, in Belmont, CA. Every time we head back to the Bay Area, my husband makes a stop here for his "Mission-style" burrito, which is not available in his native Los Angeles. Be warned - their burritos are quite huge. This was a favorite lunch place for him and his coworkers.