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meat eaters dating vegetarians

Hm..I was a veghead when I first met my now live-in BF and had been for 7 years. However, I decided to start eating meat after losing a good deal of weight and discovering I was lactose-intolerant. So I don't think I was because of my relationship that I become omni, but it was a factor. Now, 2.5 years later, I have reverted back to eating very little meat and have actually gotten him to lower his meat eating habits considerable (but that's because I do the cooking!). He still finds it necessary to buy pork chops every so often.

Cooking with Red Wine

Thanks everyone! You're suggestions were so helpful, and the Faux-meat au vin turned out great! I made my own tempeh bacon and seitan and added extra mushrooms as well. The wine was a burgundy, which I've seen if what the original Coq au Vin is made with, and it worked out really well.

@finewinedine Very funny, mine turned purple as well, so its not just you :)

Help me choose a study abroad location via food!

I vote New Zealand! If not for the Asian fusion and sustainable fare, then for the landscape and views!

Cooking with Red Wine

I should have added 'Faux' I suppose. I do know that this is a traditional French recipe based on Coq - Chicken. That being said, I've already found several recipes (from just a simple web search) using seitan, or just using more mushrooms (a meaty variety like cremini or portabella). Other veggies that I was planning to include are carrots, celery, onion, and lots of herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme...). I'm just searching now for some tips on how to select wines for cooking :)

Super Bowl Giveaway: The Bacon Explosion

From Grumpier Old Men (1995):
Grandpa: I'm done.
John Gustafson: Pop, I really wish you'd try the low fat bacon...
Grandpa: Well you can wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which gets filled first!

What Foodies Read (or Why are Food Blogs so Good?)

Wow- I mainly read food blogs. And then it is just mainly for ideas and inspiration. I rarely read blogs concerning politics, specific hobbies, or just someone's life. But there are really some great insights about the blogosphere in this thread...thanks to all!

Poll: What Do You Call Cola Drinks?

Coke! It's all coke in my part of the south (B'ham, AL), though maybe it was just my family.

Breakfast Ideas

Oatmeal! I haven't seen enough oats on this thread.

I eat oats nearly every day from breakfast....and in the wintertime I love mixing in pumpkin, and toping with some PB (maple flavored sometimes).

If you're not feeling a sweet breakfast, then look for some savory oat recipes, Mark Bittman popularized them a while ago, as I'm sure most SE'ers know. :D

Oatmeal Month

@kimjr: Such a great idea! I do want to try savory oats sometime...

Thanks to everyone for all the ideas!

The Top 10 Most-Googled Recipes of 2009

@amazon_ww: Well put! I run on the same philosophy. I also love just letting the dinner evolve on its own without a recipe

I may have googled some permutation of hummus (like edamame hummus) or meatloaf (turkey w/chickpeas)

Serious Heat: 25 Things To Do with Hot Sauce

We use frank's on just about everything, but Tiger Sauce is the BF's new favorite. IT is great mixed into salsa to give it extra kick!

Pumpkin: *Way* or *No Way*


In sausage kale pasta or in pumpkin gooey butter cake...Love it! In fact, I steamed and pureed my (organic) halloween Jack O'Lantern and just finished up that last of it (some is in the freezer too) today in pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Beans, Beans the magical fruit.---- What's for dinner Nov. 20?

The BF is making chicken in Yucatan vinegar sauce with wilted onions for me while I brainstorm a take-home final....oops better get back to that....:)

First Home! What Should I Make First??

For the first morning anyway...I'd make a nice pot of steel cut oats and plunk some pumpkin in there to give it a warm autumnal feel. Top it will pecans, brown sugar and nutmeg and you've got a super cozy start to the first day in your own place!

Do You Check Out Other Peoples' Fridges?

I always find it interesting to open the fridge at a friends' house or at a party, but I'm not sneaky about it.

However, after reading the topic, I only thought of going home. One of the first thing I always do when I go home is check out the fridge. To check out the eats, yes, but really to see if my parents are eating well. :)

how to make a Fluffernutter sandwich?

For me the traditional way is:

Fluff + creamy pb (Jif) on untoasted sandwich bread (white or whole wheat)

It's a fave though, and I didn't even discover it until my teens!
(my school lunches were turkey, not pbj's)

Cook the Book: Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes

I veganized this recipe and made it more healthy by subbing yogurt for the cream cheese. It's absolutely delicious, and best when made with devil's food cake and banana subbed in for the eggs!

Looking forward to enjoying it this winter....if the pumpkin shortage doesn't continue.....

Walk the Wok. Talk the Talk. Dinner Saturday, Oct. 10th.

We got 6 inches of snow here today, so it felt right to make bison pumpkin chili (with lots of chiles, and cocoa powder).

They carry ________ but not _________?!

@Suzyhomemaker - you can't get local beef probably because the cattle has to be shipped out of state to be slaughtered, which means the final product isn't labeled 'Colorado beef' -- I've got the same problem up here in WY!

The latest item I've had trouble finding in my WY town was hoisin sauce...of all places, I found it at Wal-mart....go figure. MY local Co-op is surprisingly good however. They even have fresh ground almond butter and grind-your-own Montana wheat flour

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Living in WY, thank god I like Beets --- probably have three or four pound in the fridge from my CSA right now.
Love sushi, cilantro, blue cheese, olives and brussel sprouts

I never have a texture problem with foods (though my mother does, let me tell you). I fear that if I ever encountered a dish of sweetbreads or offal (what have you) I would have to surrender. Don't think I could do it after being a vegetarian for seven years.

Don't think I could eat worm cheese (as seen on Bizarre Foods) either!

Simple romantic food for an anniversary

@yankeesgal - Love the paintbrush idea!

Thanks to all for the ideas. I'm going with the shrimp and chocolate theme for sure. Asparagus and crusty bread are a must, too. Sounds like a pretty good meal. I may roast a chicken, because there is nothing like pulling the succulent meat from the bone :)

What's for Dinner? 08/29

CORN night---- I'll add that to my list of acronyms!
I've got Spaghetti Squash in the oven from the Univ. student farm where I volunteer. I'll eat with marinara and goat cheese. I may pick at a few beets on the side...sounds weird I know, but I've got beets coming out my ears here in WY from my CSA (beet capital of the nation)!

Then it's peach crisp time (thanks to my CSA as well)!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 82: Peanut Butter Portion Control

It's one of my fave foods. I love all nut butter really. Almond butter and walnut butter...yum! Really I love buy the 'corporate' brands---- ie JIF. The BF buys them though and I occasionally take a big ol' sniff out of the jar, which satisfies me quite well! As a child I would have 'JIF spoons' as snacks, but now I am all about natural PB, and even make my own in the food processor sometimes.

PB = Heaven

What is your "style" of cooking?

Produce, and more fresh produce, baking, stews, fly by the seat of my pants, (ie NO Recipes!)


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