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I'm helping develop an app that address this whole Yelp issue. Basically, the app collects all the friends you already have on Facebook, Foursquare, etc., and shows you THEIR likes. Not just restaurants, but anyplace. You can essentially discover new places (recommended by your actual friends), "save" places (with your personal notes) for yourself, or actually share your brief reviews with your friends. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than banking on the reviews of total strangers. The app should be done by end of March or early April. I don't wanna spam, so I won't drop the name here unless someone asks.

coffee and troops thread?

I forgot to include this: you can "avoid" this by republishing the entire thread, uncensored. And, please an apology to troops for SeriousEats' comments. Up to you. I couldn't care less about your fate, and I already have snapshots of the uncensored pages. So do what you need to do. Your censorship to date already has you in a big hole -- wanna dig deeper?

Bitter stew

Honestly, the above advice is well-intended but wrong.

I add no beer to my stew, but I do add wine (red or white, depending on the application). I also add anything from coffee, chocolate, worcestshire, soy sauce, onions, celery, and much more.

I've only found bitterness on a few occasions -- usually when I've added either cheapish wine or too much vinegar/tartness to a stew or soup.

It's usually corrected by simple additions of sugar, in small amounts, until it's balanced.

Risotto - How do you cook your risotto?

Take all the shortcuts you want. When you bring your casserole to my dinner party, and when my risotto is gone before yours, then enjoy.

I'm not really that competitive. I couldn't care less, to be honest. But I annoys me to see fakers and neophytes pretending to be experts.

And, yes, I'm an expert.

Campbell soup recipe - comments disabled?

Anyone complaining about these ads is:

a) Ignorant of the economics of web sites
b) Insecure (to be threatened by the mere mention of ingredients they don't allegedly prefer)
c) Utterly confused as to the ultimate purpose of SE

If you're any of the above, please leave. Now.

If you don't, I'll continue to haunt you.

Fair enough? ;)

What do I charge for my work

I can't really help someone who hasn't even bothered to get a grasp on their native language.

Do English first. Then you can get to math.

Here's a clue: materials + your labor. YOU set the labor cost. There are all sorts of obvious ways to figure out what this might be.

"gourmet" Cooking/Serving Advice You Ignore?

@healthytouch101 -- chill, babe. It's my opinion, just as your love of fungi is yours. And regarding your patronizing attitude, I've cooked 4x more meals than you've had menstrual cramps, so get off it.

"gourmet" Cooking/Serving Advice You Ignore?

Let;s get back to the original question:

Is there any "gourmet" advice/dishes you just flat out won't do, or ignore?

When I see a recipe that calls for "sauteing" or "browning" onions and garlic at the same pace, I ignore it. In most cases, onions should saute about 4x as long as garlic.

And as far as mushrooms? No thanks. I don't like fungus, and the thought of "washing" fungus just cracks me up. Do you really think you're purifying the sheit that is within the mushroom itself? :)

Correct way to chop an onion- another food myth?

Hang out til closing at the restaurant you're "trying out for."

Buy a drink for and make friends with a cook there.

Ask for an onion-chopping demo.

You can argue technique all day, but if your point is to get hired -- which it apparently is -- I'd stop with the nuances and get on with the practical, TV chefs damned.

How long will cooked chicken stay fresh?

And these should be stored between 38 - 35 degrees -- a good fridge and (if needed) a thermometer will get you there.

Not that hard.

How long will cooked chicken stay fresh?

Hello? ADD much? The OP asked about the longevity of cooked chicken breasts in the fridge.

Not about maintaining fresh flavor. And not about vague guidelines about "right temp" and "stored properly.:"

OP: After cooking, cool them for about 10 minutes. Slide them into a zipoc bag and be sure to press out all of the air (I use a straw to suck it out). They'll be good for a week.

If you're cooking bone-in chicken, leave it on the bone while you store it. It'll retain some moisture.

My boyfriend HATES vegetables...Help me!

Get over it. If you're considered marrying the guy, aren't there more important issues about which you should be concerned?

BTW, it's stuff like this that -- over time -- annoys the hell out of a guy. He might acquiesce for now, just to shut you up and please you, but he'll never forget.

Think parenting, money, religion, politics, sex, in-laws, jobs, residences, etc.

But vegetables?


Fall foods, yes, but. . .

Hey all! As the OP, I just wanted to thank you all for your responses. It was a little catalyst to get the "fall juices" flowing in a non-traditional way, and I'm glad it worked out that way, thanks to you guys.

Fall foods, yes, but. . .

@sousvide, I guess I'm just looking for more originality.

@saria, I hear you! Thanks for some.

Kobe burgers in Las Vegas

About 18 hours! Way to get a recommendation! :)

AHHH FOOD SCIENCE...*eh hem~ chuckle*

It was only recently -- in the last 200 years or so -- that modern production techniques and, in turn, "food science" -- became prevalent.

Before that, diets were good enough to raise 7 billion people from just a handful of same.

I would say that moderation in all things is still the way to go. It ain't sexy and it doesn't make headlines. That's why changes to that thinking are newsworthy. They're "new."

That doesn't make them right.

What to do with a BUSHEL of corn-on-the-cob???

I'm always intrigued by these questions: how did you get so much? Did you buy it, or was it given to you?

And when you ask "what to do with it," are you planning on sharing it widely, or just keeping it for yourself?

Just curious. This kind of post is pretty common, and I'm curious about these answers.

What to do with a BUSHEL of corn-on-the-cob???

I'm always intrigued by these questions: how did you get so much? Did you buy it, or was it given to you?

And when you ask "what to do with it," are you planning on sharing it widely, or just keeping it for yourself?

Just curious. This kind of post is pretty common, and I'm curious about these answers.

Celebrating National Cheesecake Day with a Cheeseburger at Cheesecake Factory

Clearly I love burgers, but I can't remember my last one at CF.

My real favorite there is the Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo -- I'm picky about gumbo, but this one just blows me away every time.

I'll have to try the burger next time -- maybe.

Fresh albacore tuna

My answer would depend on who caught it, where it was caught, how it was treated afterward, and what exactly "fresh" means in this case. Unless I was positively sure it was sashimi grade tuna, I wouldn't go raw, and would still think twice before going rare.

In short, my rule of thumb is: the more you trust your info and your source, the more raw it can be eaten.

And yes, that recipe sounds great.

Good luck and enjoy!

Food Network won't answer my question

. . .I'd guess that a call to your cable tv provider would be a better bet. . .

(hehe, couldn't resist)

New to Whiskey - Help me enjoy it!

Read there, only the selected posts. She wrote a book on it.

Alice Waters = Totally Out of Touch

@CatBoy, it's clear you don't know me -- I have none of those things. But it's interesting that you know all about them.

@CJ, perhaps if you hadn't "missed" the latest Oliver show, you'd get it. Most people here seem to think he's just doing it for more $ but I believe it's a real mission. Turn on the TV, babe. Get a better perspective.

And no, she's not a leader or visionary. She runs a restaurant. She jabs in her little barbs once in a while. She takes on the White House. But mostly, it's just talk. And talk. And talk.

You folks can continue to do hero-worship. Apparently, it is what you do best. If "Alice Waters" was a no-name, you wouldn't even be responding here. Because she's a celeb, you are salivating and biting-- which makes you as genuine as Sandra Lee, pretending to be something you're not and never will be.

@therealchiffonade, your best argument for me was bringing up Martha Stewart. Thank you. That pretty much says it all about you.

And if you'd expect people to not "launch barbs at someone trying to make a difference for the better," I'd expect you to be a lot more vocal in the Oliver threads.

But more than petty and childish, that may be too "time-consuming" and "low-brow" for you.

"It's probably better than any other chain," she said, "but it's not real or authentic. I'd rather eat from a street vendor in Sicily."

Raw Foods

So I live in the Bay Area (read "food fads ad infinitum") and I can spot a raw foodist and most vegans at 100 yards. Bony shoulders, wan, sunken cheeks, looking like they go to bed at 9 pm and wake at 6 am still tired (and yes, most of my RF/V friends admit to that schedule).

Is it natural? Seriously? We have incisors for a reason. Aside from that, if humans were meant to be RW/V, the entire human race would've ended years ago simply from being out-numbered by predators.

I truly admire the desire to be hip -- I try (and fail) everyday. ;) I also have a deep love of buzzwords like "raw foodism."

But yeah, I think "everything in moderation" covers it.



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