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Where to Eat Near the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Our Updated Guide)

If you're going to include Bocado (meh! note the two stars on your own site), and LPQ (good food but bad value), you MUST include Il Salumaio on 2nd, I think its near 88th. Some of the best Italian deli sandwiches anywhere, hands-down.

What to Eat Near the Metropolitan Museum of Art

It's a little far east, but Cafe Alsace @ 88th & 2nd is delightful, the croissants are to die for (same people as Le Monde, French Roast, etc.). Strong seconds on Corner Cafe, that place is underappreciated, particularly for breakfast, and their bakery is on the north corner of the same block. Unless Flex Mussels has got their act together from last year, I advise caution. The mussels and dessert are delicious, but when I went the front of the house was disorganized (forgivable) and obnoxious (not forgivable). For better service and delicious mussels, I advise B Cafe on E 75th bet 2nd & 3rd.

hudson river or inwood recommendations?

Sorry forgot to add, both are in Inwood

hudson river or inwood recommendations?

Popular stop for bikers or anyone - Indian Road Cafe. The best coffee for miles around, and good food too.
If you get there too late on a Saturday, though, it may be crowded.

Runner-up: Garden Cafe on Broadway
Web site is corny, service is OK, food is good.