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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: High Road Ice Cream 6-Pack

Either red chile and chocolate, or jalapeno and cream cheese

Chain Reaction: Blake's Lotaburger

Having relocated to Arkansas from Albuquerque, it's hard to look at that burger and not be sad. On the plus side, during harvest season, we can actually get Hatch green chile out here, so that somewhat softens the blow...

Moved to Arkansas

Thank you all for the recommendations, as well as those that may come! We've been hotel-living in Rogers for the past week or so (yay relocation packages...*grin*), and it looks like we've found a house, in Rogers, that will accommodate all of us, as well as the critters. I'm sure that we'll be trying all of these places, and I can have green chile shipped in... :)

Thanks again, all, and keep them coming!

What's Not OK To Eat For Breakfast?

Wow - nice can of worms there, Kenji... :) Neither confirming nor denying a can of worms for breakfast, but pretty much fair game. I stayed at a hotel in Hong Kong that had a 24-hour (a day) buffet running - and a little hamachi in the morning is not necessarily a bad thing, and a good dose a good dose of wasabi can work wonders, especially coming in off of a 14 hour flight...

We Try 25 Kinds of Oreo

The reduced fat Oreos probably have just as much fat, but they can call them "reduced" because they compel you to eat less than one package at a time... ;)

Staff Picks: What's Inside Our Fridges

Definitely a fun excursion, though I was disappointed by the lack of beakers in Kenji's fridge... ;)

Sunday Brunch: A Basic Frittata

Wow, so simple that it doesn't even need a step two... ;)

Bottled Barbeque Sauce

Out here, in New Mexico, there's a place that's called Rudy's, though I'm pretty sure that it's a franchise. Their regular sauce (sause, to them) is great, though they also do a milder version, for the pepper-averse...

Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

Umm, Isn't this supposed to be about food?

Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

Kenji, I would have to say that it would be you, for a couple of reasons:

1: I have a decent chance of getting an answer - always a plus...
2: You are pretty much/should be the heir apparent of Alton Brown
Oh, and...
3: You love dogs... ;)

Outside of that, I would say Alton Brown - I really love to know the why behind the things that we cook; it makes it more fun to make it your own, then.

P.S. Four hours left on the pork shoulder... Can't wait!

The Food Lab: Ultra-Crisp-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Aaaaaaaaaand, it's in the oven now. Actually two of them - one for the roast, and the other for posole... :) Gonna be a very porky Christmas!

16 Tamales We Love in Chicago

Here, in Albuquerque, you can get some amazing tamales, but some of the great ones do come from guys with red coolers (I'm sensing conspiracy theory here, with the red coolers...).

Hangover Helper: Carne Adovada Breakfast Burrito at Frontier Restaurant, Albuquerque

I actually just dropped my wife off there for a work/breakfast meeting. Oddly enough, given how long we've lived here (I do still have enough fingers to count the decades), I've only eaten there once, and that was chaperoning my daughter and her friend after a concert.

Tell you what, though - if you happen to be in Albuquerque, and need a hangover helper, or pretty much a total cure-all - The Burrito Lady (938 Eubank Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87112) does a "supreme" breakfast burrito that really is awe-inspiring..

What Foods Have Been Ruined?

Oh yes, they're out there, and a bag of those and a can of spicy bean dip, and you'll be known as "Ed, previously known as the Formerly Big Ed"... ;)

Sometimes, you just have to laugh

@Kenji - On a less silly note, I do want to say, "Thank you" - I see you as SE's Alton Brown. I've learned so much from your "playing around", and really wish that I had the time and resources to do the same. Maybe you guys need a southwestern food lab... ;)

How exciting is this website?

@Rebbecca - Welcome to this little corner! While there are a handful of "foodie-ish" sites that I read, this is the only one that really made me want to sign up and participate.

Oh, and Pavlov, I thought that people got you a long time ago, and you were just out on weekends. And, yes, I'll do it... sigh... I don't know you, but your name does ring a bell... ;)

Sometimes, you just have to laugh

@Kenji - Are you saying that cellulose is not natural? HERETIC!!! ;) You're right, though - they're really not the same, and it's kind of sad to see guilty pleasures drop on to the side roads...

What Foods Have Been Ruined?

Well, just for the record, Kraft mac and cheese, and a can of tuna, was/is my goto comfort food. I love SE, and won't let it make me a food snob of any sort. I have learned so much on here, and look forward to learning more. The whole "Slim Jim" thing was a passing joke (those happen a lot), but I'm happy to see that it started a discussion - thanks, @philandlauren... :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

Generally, my favorite knife is the one that's not pointed at me. I used to have a decent set of Henckels knives, but only two have made it though various and sundry life events *cough* children setting up new households *cough*. They are pretty nice knives, though, and I still use them, almost every day. (It can be hard to justify using a butcher knife to make a bowl of oatmeal, but, hey, stranger things have happened...)

Just wondering, do you feel okay eating alone at a restaurant?

I used to travel for work a lot, but it was pretty much to the same cities, and I pretty much found my "haunts" there. When I wasn't picking up take-out and going back to the hotel, it was kind of nice to just sit and eat a nice meal, and talk to the people that work there. It's always been refreshing to me how nice they can be (if you're nice to them) and how much you can learn about the city you're in.

Oh, and @pooroldmama - enjoy HK! Lots of awesome...err... serious eats there!

Cook the Book: 'Ruhlman's Twenty'

Well, normally, I would say, "trying not to poison my guests", but sometimes, you know...

No, wait, scratch that...

I would have to say that the most essential technique is paying attention to your cooking. If you're following a recipe that calls for roasting something for 30 minutes, I consider that a guideline. You can't just set a timer and go out and yell at the kids to get off your lawn until the timer goes off. Nobody has the same oven that you do, or at the same place - and a few minutes can make a big difference.

Along the same lines, be aware of how long all of the dishes in your meal are going to take - having something sit around for twenty minutes, because you didn't take into account that another dish was going to take that extra twenty minutes is no fun, especially when you have to nuke everyone's plate so that everything is warm (and some bits now overcooked and dry)

Not that I have *ever* made that mistake, mind you...

Labor Day Giveaway: Tenderloin Filets and Cedar Grilling Planks

Well, I would say "small, furry, animals", but my Yorkie just glares at me, as the only grilling that I do there is with a bright light and a "what part of the rug were you on at 3am on Tuesday??"

Actual grilling with fire and stuff? Pork loins with a Chambord/Dijon/Balsamic reduction marinade... :)


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