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First drink of the day

By drink do you mean ones with an alcoholic content?

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

hotnpopin, that is awesome to hear! I have heard of many people using regular applesauce (the cooked version) but never from anyone who has used just raw apple mush out of the blender. The fact that you have had success baking with raw apple mush is very encouraging!

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

Heheh - I will report back on the trial for future lazy souls. :^) Thanks so much for the insight and the encouragement.

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

That makes a ton of sense... Intense mechanical blending perhaps releases a little bit of pectin or is that wishful thinking?

Raw Applesauce as a Butter Substitute

So what happens to the pectin while cooking? Is it some process like gluten forming threads while kneading?

hotnpopin: Yes, you have tried it and it was a success? Or Yes, you have tried it and it was a failure?

What to do with green chili powder?

I say, use it to season the cooking oil for flavour. For eg.

Take teaspoon of cooking oil (olive), toss in some cumin and when the cumin starts to sizzle, toss in some green chillie powder and cubed potatoes (or any vegetable really), saute with some soy sauce. Serve over freshly steamed red (or regular) quinoa! Et voilà - awesome light spicy dinner salad.

How do you clean the inside of an oven w/o a self-clean feature?

One more vote in favour of Bar Keeper's Friend and elbow grease with stainless steel (soft) metallic scrubber, followed by a thorough splashdown with diluted liquid dishwashing soap (any that you currently use) and a wipedown with a damp sponge. If you don't have Bar Keeper's Friend, you could try simple baking powder + elbow grease + vinegar followed by the soapy wash.

Mascarpone instead of Butter in Speculoos

Thanks! I ended up baking a batch as an experiment and they were much softer than the original recipé. The taste didn't differ so much - but the intensity of the spices were reduced.

@lexophile: Yes, that recipé yield a very good speculoos with butter. The flour quantity is a bit vague though. 500g is too much. You might need to adjust the flour down depending on how "knead-able" your dough feels. Good luck - I love these biscuits more than any on the planet! :)


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