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Your NYC St. Patrick's Day Irish Food Itinerary

"Shepherd's pie is classically made with lamb or mutton (since shepherds deal with sheep) but in America you're more likely to find a beef filling."

It's called a cottage pie when made with beef.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Sunday lunch - roast rib of beef, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and gravy

Reccs for Ithaca restaurants

Ithaca has so many great restaurants, it's hard to choose. I'd recommend Taste of Thai. It's the best Thai food I've ever had. Fine Line Bistro, Madeline's and Zazas are also very good. Even if you choose not to have a meal at Madeline's, their dessert menu is worth a look. The Indian food at Mehak is fantastic.

If you happen to drive by Binghamton, I recommend stopping by Lost Dog Cafe.

Portsmouth, NH/ Southern ME suggestions?

I've been to Portsmouth Brewery. They have a fantastic fried fish sandwich and the beer flight was excellent. Definitely worth going.

Win Two Spots at Dinner by April Bloomfield and Paul Virant, Sunday October 21st

Fergus Henderson and Heston Blumenthal - Meat, especially roast bone marrow & parsley salad from Fergus Henderson.


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