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I have been hanging out at the cooler and at T-Paul Perry's Tavern lately and if you want to catch-up you can catch me there..

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  • Location: Kissimmee, Florida
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, hearty breakfasts, meat and potatoes,any kind of seafood, spaghetti bolognese
  • Last bite on earth: Anything that a beautiful woman prepares..and a nice glass of very good wine..

Cooking for seven. Big family Meals. What Is Yours?

Amish, with 10 kids that would have been quite a job. I bet you had your own chores each day as well. I know I did. Thanks for your comment.

I am a candy inventor.

I rarely visit here, but, whenever Adam posts something in the cooler, I know it is worth a look. Finding ways to make a product consistently and in volume is always a challenge. I knew a Senator from Florida that supplied Disney world with salt-water taffy packed in film-reel tins. He used old rebuilt machines. it was a pretty cool operation. I am sure the machines today are much more practical, yet his did the job. I am diabetic so I do not eat candy all that much and I do believe white sugar and high fructose syrup is not good for you. My question to Dave is are you exploring/experimenting with alternatives like stevia? I realize that they are far more costly. In the third world, candy is sold by the piece. In places like Haiti they are called Bon-Bons, Every street merchant/vendor sells them and they are the cheapest "energy" the average poor Haitian can afford. Thanks for sharing.

Speedy Romeo: Saint Louie, Louie, Oh Baby

dmc, when you do, let me know. I would like to duplicate it as well. my concern is that it might have to be done at the cheese factory because it is a combo processed cheese. My first thought was to cold smoke the three types and simply blend but I doubt if that would taste the same..Certainly the melting point would be different, and I imagine the processed cheese would have a milder taste. Still, a distinct flavor that is memorable, is always worth investigating.

I Want To Infuse My Butter, For Seafood, Any Suggestions?

Some good suggestions, I like a little zing and a bit of hot. Thanks for participating. I am sober now :-)

Video: How to Kill and Eat an Iguana

Not much different from alligator. They are eaten most everywhere in South and Central Americas. Boil, skin, then fry. I had a friend that had a "pet" iguana who use to ride around in her car with it on her shoulder, one day the iguana decided that her cheek looked tasty and took a large bite out of it. I really dislike pet stores selling these invasive reptiles. People let them go when they move and do not seem to care what happens next.

Free Pizza on Adam Kuban at Paulie G's. 1PM to 3 PM today.

got me back already Tup!

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

and forgive me for my poor spelling of poisson...I know I do not want to be eating poison..

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

Looks pretty even. For sure you are going to get more bang for your benjamin by eating at home. I rarely go out as I have a family of seven. Pav, would that be enough? Tupper, I know the answer, you go to the store and I come to your house.

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

Traveller, your money. the hard earned kind to be exact!

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

I agree 1%, I just had "poison gross sel "(haitian red snapper whole from the grill), then rice with shrimp, and now lambi also known as conch, with hot sauce. all in all, over a franklin, but worth every penny.

Where can I buy freshly caught fish in South Florida?

If you do choose to actually go fishing, remember that Florida Law requires a salt-water license. The last thing you want in florida is a very expensive ticket.

There are also a lot of "charters", these are local retired persons who charge a gas fee of 100.00 bucks for the day to take you out fishing. They do so illegally as that also requires a license. Still it is done everyday but you find these guys by word of mouth. The real chartered boats are usually way more expensive. There are, as others have said, group boats and those can be fun.

Pantry and Fridge Frustrations. Has It Happened To You?

CJ McD, That covers most of my gripe bases. Excellent! What is amusing is that your letter could have been written from someone in this household as well.

Adam you are right, how long does it take bacteria to invade standing water? The "someone" sounds a lot like the lovely lady you

Mr. Nick, now that is an option and a solution too. Has Vinny seen the movie about his cousin?

dhorst, that is very organized and efficient. mlplouff and smallblondemom, have offered great ideas as well.

RJ, sounds like you need to start hiding a personal stash?

POM, Goodwill will thank you!

Dashofginger, I forgot about the empty ice cream boxes. I like that you owned up to my version of "not-me". Perhaps some part of the brands container ad campaign is so captivating that it is hard to toss?

Thank you all for both solutions and for allowing me to vent. I had forgotten how much fun it is to bring my questions to SE. Great group of people here.

Pantry and Fridge Frustrations. Has It Happened To You?

I agree with one%, the clear containers make sense. The last of the milk does not go into a glass.. I chug it, it helps me maintain my crude bad-boy image. I do throw it out though so maybe I am missing out on some fun.

Chisai, I too load up with things like the peanut butter, which I rarely use for myself and I eat cereal about once every two months so what happens is I do not know we are low on something until after the shopping trip.

Ifyoucookit, I have 7 people here and since cereal is about the easiest breakfast there is I do not mind that they have their favorites. What bothers me are the deceptive empty boxes "not me" fails to toss in the garbage

Where to Eat in Kansas City area? (Classics and new?)

ok well it has been 3 decades since I was in Kansas City but I see these guys are still around if you're looking for steak... have a great holiday Adam!

multiple posts

I agree with Pavllov, and the others here sometimes it just feels right to say what you want to say..

multiple posts

Adam I think she is a non-native speaker of English. her primary idioma is most likely espanol. Really i think she is having a bit of a break-down. She was to suppose to have her book out on the 16th of December. It appears to me she had no editing done so I imagine it is one of those self-published books. She teaches people how to cook for carnivores so my guess is she does not realize that the only humans that might make a case for temporary title to being tigers (carnivores) would all be on the atkins diet. How you could make that into a vegan dish I really have no clue.

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

hsryan, Great insight. Science is important and we are gaining a clearer picture everyday on how everything is related.
Sharona, makes a great point too in that it was not her parenting skills.

I spend a lot of time with my three children and almost daily we talk about issues I feel are important. I drive them to their three schools which with the waiting times allows me to spend a good 30 minutes just sitting in the car and talking with my youngest daughter Halle(4th grade) she is very kind and just last month a high schooler was killed in an accident she made up a card of sympathy and gathered all of her coins and put them in a sack for her big sister to give to the school fund for the family that lost their child. and my son Timmy (7th grade) straight A's and makes his Mother crazy proud, his school is only a minute away from hers and the wait there is another 55 minutes. We usually play a game of words. (he has me beat in math already) We talk a lot and I constantly bring up examples and situations just to hear what he thinks and how would he handle something.

My adopted daughter (Charmie, 9th grade) from Haiti, (she was there during the earthquake) is the type of young person any parent would be delighted to have.. the other day she told me how there was this one orphan (in Haiti) that did not have any shoes and came to school everyday with no money and a dirty uniform dress and spent most of the day crying and even though she (Charmie) only had a few sets she gave one of her uniforms and shared her meager lunch daily and got her a pair of shoes to boot. My kids teach me something everyday if only to better see the world through their eyes.

Meat Guy... Really? "Wait, I have a great idea! if your kids are too aggressive, we had that problem with my dogs, neutering them worked wonders."........... tell me what you ate yesterday?

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

meatntaters, do you believe what you are saying? A great man that argued against a lot of things held as true(but may have not been) died today. I believe there is some truth here. I wanted to explore the concept. I like exploring things and I would not post it if I was not interested in the answers

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

"Some studies say that diets and denial can spark aggressive and angry behaviors."

This makes sense to me a bit, have you ever been around someone who is on a diet they hate? How about someone who just started to quit smoking?

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

jedd63 thank you for the laugh. Chicken wings make me want to shout too!

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

philandlauren, While I agree that too much sugar was a simple example I am not quite ready to dismiss the idea as BS and here is an example from Wisconsin "Indeed, the study proves what every parent already knows. Serve soda and candy at a children’s birthday party and you’ll get loud, hyperactive behaviour followed by tears and tantrums.

It works like this: Blood-sugar levels jump suddenly after you eat sugar, which initially gives you a burst of fresh energy. But then your blood sugar falls, and you become lethargic and sleepy. In an attempt to prevent blood-sugar levels from falling too low, your body produces adrenalin, which makes you irritable and explosive.

But sugar can’t be the only problem. After all, high blood-sugar levels mainly have a short-term effect on behaviour, while the research of Schoenthaler and Gesch indicates changes over a longer period. They suggest it is much more important that you get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids because these substances directly influence the brain, and therefore behaviour." This is a quote from this link...

I agree that a lot of behavior stems from the parenting or lack thereof. Still it is an interesting concept (at least to me). The link I just noted was about a school that changed the menu and changed the school. I do believe you are probably correct about these studies being funded from somebody. Thank you for your comments.

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

When did Shun Lee Palace go downhill?

Teachertalk, Hi there! While I worked NY Harbor for a lot of years. I really did not have much experience with the local restaurants in the city. Still this thread reminded me that our tastes evolve. When I was a child my stepfather was well known for his Spaghetti sauce, when our cousins visited we would get excited about having this really special meal.

Fast forward to 1973-1975 I was living in Naples Italy and for many months had to eat at the USO as our ship was in dry-dock and almost every night I ate spaghetti.

Fast forward to 1977 I am out of the navy and spent a few weeks at my step-fathers house and he cooked his famous recipe for me and I was very excited until I took my first bite. Horrible. Bland, and he did not even understand the concept of al dente.

Sometimes it is not our memories that have changed but our tastes have. Our memory recalls how a food made us feel at that time in our life. We just have to keep seeking as our tastes change.

I Want To Infuse My Butter, For Seafood, Any Suggestions?

There are a lot of questions to ask, but basically, any of the shrimp/lobster/claw/ category. I am looking for the perfect infused butter. Do you have it? Salted, or unsalted, sea, or refined? Does it have some "good" iodine? (all I know is that shit hurt as a kid with frequent scrapes, and burns). Now I am thinking I should be asking about salt, not butter.

I like the idea of fresh herbs, and spices, lets start with the shrimp being 16/20, infuse my butter! I have in fact, been drinking, these dangnabbit happy hours...

Pantry and Fridge Frustrations. Has It Happened To You?

I have a large multi-cultural household. I try to keep up with their needs, but here is the problem, I look before I go shopping and later learn that three of the 5 cereal boxes are in fact empty. The two that they do not like are full. (plain cornflakes, and raisin brand) The big round quaker oats (sans oats) container looks good up on the shelf.

Not only that, but the two large jars of peanut butter have about a spoonful each left.

The 20 or so ramen noodles have all been stripped of their spice packets which have been used in not really creative ways. Mainly soups that I do not eat.

In the fridge I find the butter tub is empty and there is no cottage left in the tub of cheese.

How about you? Do you have family that puts back empty containers that fool you into thinking you have something you don't?

What are your pet peeves when it comes to the kitchen? I also hate it when deli meats are left open in the meat drawer. I always get the same answers to who did it.......not me. Each of my kids apparently have seen "not me" raiding not only the fridge, but the pantry as well. I tell them the next time they see not-me , they better explain the rules. Think they will?

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

Lately I have been researching ways to help stop bullying and thought to google if certain foods made people far more aggressive than others. There are some interesting studies that are being done in this regard. School and prison foods for example.

I asked myself if I could recall any angry behavior on my part after eating something and that this "something" produced a consistent attitude after consumption?. I think that is a pretty tough question as I, like many people, could think I was right to be provoked by something someone else did or said. Then I think of the many times where I just do not care what someone else said or did.

An example we all could relate to perhaps are drivers we do not know that are sharing whatever road we might be on. Some days I will smile and wave if you made a mistake but if you cut me off with your aggressive driving I will probably flip you the bird and call you a dumbass. Some days I will just think I wish there was a cop around.

Anyway back to the food, perhaps that person ate something they should probably learn to avoid. Some studies say that diets and denial can spark aggressive and angry behaviors.

My kids are far too aggressive after sugar overloads and that is something I know for certain.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject. Do you know or have observed someone close to you that have a tendency to have a short fuse after eating a particular food?

New Food Trend! One Color Mondays and Tart & Tangy Thursdays!

If you only had one color of food to work with for Monday, what would be your color and what would your food picks be?

Tart &Tangy Thursdays explains itself. What would you make?

The idea for this post originated from a gifted person known here as Jerzee Tomato whom I do believe can spot a trend when she sees it or make one happen.

Please Help! We need your contributions.

Those blue or grey Mondays might be hard colors but I am certain someone is up to the challenge. Still, it is your color to select. It is your Monday and Tart & Tangy Thursday.

At the Grocery Store, Do you Take It Back? Plus A Horror Story!

You have something in your cart you put in on the first aisle you shopped and you now find you do not want it and your on your last aisle to shop, do you take it back or just leave it there?(Most often I take it back but there has been occasions I have been guilty of this)

You find something in the aisle you know does not belong there (like a food product in the cleaner product aisle) do you point it out to a store clerk, or just ignore it?

You got something from the deli/meat/seafood counters special wrapped and decide you no longer want it, do you dump it in the nearest cold bin and move on?(No I did not)

Now for the horror story, I heard this the other day and thought I would share it. It is a quote that lilminx13 shared with the folks at a different site.
"I just witnessed probably the most weird and disgusting act in a grocery store as possible. I ran in to get a couple bags of hotdog buns. As I grab the bags I look over an notice a lady over by the regular bread.... she's opening the bags and feeling the bread. Not just 1 bag or 3..but I watched her do this to 7 different bags. An employee notices this too and say that she can't be doing that. She quickly says "I will do what I want to ensure I get fresh bread"... the 1st employee is backed up by a manager who then tells the lady she will be purchasing all the bags she opened. She was quite pissed. She grabs 4 loaves..and I couldn't pass my chance up to bring to light the other 3 she needed to take as well."
I mean wow.. that makes me want to bake my own bread!

Do you have a story you have seen first-hand at the Grocers?

How many do you have, and what spices can you not be without?

I confess, I have not been cooking for awhile. I went into the cupboards and see I am out of salt, pepper, old bay, Bouillon, rubs, bay leaf, (lets include herbs as well.). I see in the pantry every single ramon noodle package (20) has been stripped of its spice packet. I have 7 people I support and the other cooks in the house are Haitian.(who love spice). There is plenty of garlic and garlic powder but no onion powder. I have plenty of frozen habanero, but very little else. I have no soy sauce nor Worcestershire sauce. Ok, it is official I am lost. Oh do not get me wrong I can get as minimalist as they come, but certain things I just am not happy cooking without.

How about you? What are your must haves, and what do you currently have in stock?

Vittles! Varmints! Do you have a backwoods recipe?

Ozark Kitchen measurements according to Jed "A smidgen is just a teensy little bit like that. Three smidgens makes one pinch. Four pinches equals one little bit. Four little bits equals one middlin amount. Three middlin amounts equals one right smart. and it takes five right smarts to make one whole heap"

Irene Ryan,(Granny, Beverly Hillbilly) and Cathy Pinckney, in fact published "Granny Hillbilly Cookbook" I tried to find a list of her recipes but could not. There is another book by Jim Clark (Beverly Hillbilly Cookbook), but I wanted to learn more about the one "Granny" had her hand in.

Do you know how to cook hillbilly? Does anybody actually have the Granny Hillbilly Cookbook? I loved that show as a kid and am still amused by Granny antics to this day.

"Granny: How do you like yer possum, Lowell, fallin' off the bones tender or with a little fight left in it?"

Travel Ambassador At Large. I Cook For Fun! Do You?

Many of you know me as Timothy Paul Perry. Well, what you may not know is I travel internationally and when I do, I throw food parties at other peoples homes. I cook my own versions of american food. Potato salad, sloppy joes, american fries, fruit- can nectar chicken (my version of drunken chicken only I use mango or pineapple nectar as opposed to beer) Then there is fried chicken, pulled pork bbq with slaw, bacon baked beans, meatloaf and baked potato stuffed with cheddar and sour creme, bacon bits, fajitas, chili, pizza,(you get the idea).

Been doing this for years. I eat well everywhere because I cook. I also get invites from people who want me back so I guess being a self-proclaimed ambassador of the american food spirit is playing well for me as I love to travel and cook. Even in the USA, when I stay as a guest anywhere, I go out, buy the food and cook it. I do not always clean-up(my hosts rarely let me) but I always have fun. The internet is changing our social world, web sites like (I joined two days ago) are in fact growing and offering people new ways to travel on the cheap. I have several travel stories but a lot more to come.. I cook for fun. You know I love a story. Do you love to travel and cook? I do.

Columbia and Ecuador, Where to Go, and What to eat?

I have been thinking to spend three months in Ecuador, then come back for three months, then go again for three months to Columbia. I have been to Baranquilla,(awesome food especially if you like meat), yet have not traveled anywhere else in Columbia. I have never been to Ecuador, but it has been rated as the #1 place to retire to. (international living)

If you know anything about either country in that; a place, or food, I should explore I would very much like hearing about it. I hate missing out on something because I failed to ask this question.

I really would appreciate any insights you may have.

Food Jeopardy! What is the Question?

Weekend amusement for all of you with incredible memories. Here are the rules: You can play two ways.

You provide a few of the funniest answers that were given that were provoked by a question presented in SE talk.

Then it is up to us to come up with the original question that was asked. and phrase it like jeopardy.

This is just for fun but I know some of you have very good memories so I I think we should limit the questions/answers to ones that had a good deal of community response.

No time limit on how far you can go back within the SE archives.

Just a question about rare fruits and vegetables at your grocers

I am trying to broaden my understanding. As many of you know I like to shop and I really have no fear concerning little ethnic shops which carry certain foods common to the culture they serve. Small shops have owners who are delighted to help. Yet over the last few decades I see mainline store chains offering fruits and veges I do not recognize. I see a deal, or a markdown but lack of knowledge prohibits me from taking advantage of it.

My question to you is do you have one or several that you know few people outside your culture or region even know what it is? The other day I was learning about hatch chili's as an example

. Yet there are quite a few I see in which I am clueless. This converging culture has a lot to offer I know. I just would like to know more. Please, if you would, enlighten me.

I go to the grocers almost daily, yet I do not always eat fresh

I find myself amused with myself as I try to come to some understanding as to why I love to grocery shop. I buy beautiful fresh veges and meats that end up in my freezer for another day, when another day comes I get busy and forget to put something out to thaw so I have to pick up more fresh food for dinner. I do it all the time but I do have an unused spare freezer in my garage, so I think I have this somewhat under control. Still, it is hard for me to pass up a deal at the grocers which I can spot in a heartbeat since I shop so much.

I go to four different stores on a regular basis, meats at one, milk at another, bulk at another and so on.

How about you? Are you eating fresh? How much do you shop? You know I love a story so if you got one please tell it.

Dinner For Breakfast, Breakfast For Dinner, Life And Choices!

I love eating a reheated, re-purposed meal for breakfast. I have many favorites but I would like to hear about yours. I also love to smell the bacon and sausage broiling as I crack open some eggs and start a pancake batter for dinner.

How about you? What is your favorite last nights dinner that you eat when you wake up, or the breakfast you love to eat at dinner time?

Life is only as good as you make it, do you have a story for me?

Fresh Water Or Salt, What Is Your Favorite Fresh Caught Fish?

Growing up in northern Michigan, we ate a lot of fish from fresh water, we never bought fish in fact from a store throughout my entire childhood. We caught it and I really can not think of one I did not like. Pike, bass, bream, perch, sunfish, trout, even catfish (which were a pain to clean), bluegills, and smelt, we caught it and ate it. It was fresh. So I am curious about this as my wife growing up in Haiti never had a freshwater fish until I went and caught a bucketful in upstate NY. What is your choice and if you have a story to tell, well I love a good story. Can you tell?

This Post Has Been Rated...."R"

OK, if the title amused you and you were looking for food porn (which would need a different rating btw), you probably are not going to get your money's worth here. Nope, what I am looking for is what are your RESTRICTED foods that you crave, but can not eat due to diet, or medical condition and doctors advice.?

Pizza Hack Challenge! Has To Start By Using Flour, Cheap But Goo

For those that know me you know I like finding cheap ways to make pizza ovens. Hacks, if you will, that work. So lately I am on a mission, to do homemade pies that the family loves but require very little effort to do and at very little cost. You can tweak what you want with any mix but I think it needs to start with working the dough with your hands. After that it is up to you but I think it only fair if i start so here is what I did last night for two large pies. I made a pepperoni and cheese and a lime garlic shrimp and onion with cheese and basil.the ingredients were all store brand at walmat and the cost breakdown. 2 packs of just add water pizza crust mix (.44 cents each), 1lb of whole milk mozz. ($3.28), 1/2 pack of Hormel original pepperoni (1.50 worth) and half a lb of peeled shrimp (sea pearl brand at $4.00 per lb) 1 lime and i get them 15 for a dollar. 1/4 stick butter, fresh garlic, basil and sweet cherry tomatoes that i always have on hand. so lets just guesstimate a total of $7 bucks for two large pies. They were devoured by my family in like 20 minutes.

I baked them both in the home-oven using just perforated pizza pans. (I do have my own hack for home ovens but did not use it)
I did sautee the shrimp in lime butter and several sliced cloves of garlic, and a bit of old-bay and tony chacheres creole seasoning, before placing it on the white pie and i made my own sauce for the pepperoni using fresh basil and a touch of oregano, with the handfull of cherry tomatoes pulsed briefly in the blender. Both were covered with the i/2 lb each of the whole milk mozz and baked untill the top was bubbly and browning and the bottoms had some good browning.

I realize many of you are searching for the ultimate pie, well this ain't it. Call it the bottom shelf if you will for the average person who lacks our devotion to the artisanal ultimate hand crafted pie.

How about you? Do you have a pretty good hack that you care to share?

Dirty Question! How Much Dirt Do You Believe You Eat In A Year?

There are statistics of course. Still I like to know my meatloaf is being made with clean hands and finger nails. I freak a bit when I imagine they start out a bit dirty and end up clean on the other side. Kind of like what Red says about Andy in Shawshank Redemption. I probably should not even ask but they say sometimes say the truth hurts. Do you ever wonder? See this is one of the reasons I rarely eat out. How about you? Do you too eat your share of dirt, and have you not heard of the 5 seconds rule?

That extra breakfast sausage, Do You Bring it Home?

This morning was a tough day, my son was embarrassed he was going to school with the schools logo shirt, which sold for 15.00 each, I got him every color. Apparently few kids in his school had these shirts and he did not want to stand out as it is a brand new school for him., His Mom insisted and there was way too much drama for me this day. Anyway I had spotted a restaurant that does breakfast because of the cars and trucks I have seen in their parking lot and they are busy so i stopped in and the 2 over easy with the links and hashbrowns was more than I could eat and I had a whole link left that I left behind so tell me should I have brought it home?

Taco Night! Weekly Food Rituals ...Got One?

I know in today's economy most of the folks are on budjets. So my question is do you have a weekly food ritual you and your family look forward to that is not only affordable but your family actually loves?

Please share on what you make and give up a little insight on how it all comes together on a weekly basis.

Maybe it is Sunday fried chicken or even a take-out. Pizza night is usually fairly popular here. Tonight it will be soft beef tacos and haitian rice with sauce. What do you do? Do you have a designated night that's special?

What Would Your Banana Say?

I learned today(through Sheri, and she has never been wrong by me. and she saw somewhere a food blogger had toothpicked a nana peel, and that it is possible to score a banana peel using a toothpick and write whatever it is you might find comical. It only shows up much later to read it, whatever it says in the message. You could probably even take one(toothpick), with you the next time you visit a store that sells bananas and well, just have a bit of fun. (Pav do not try this at home)..venture out a bit and yes you can.. just take a pic and share it at the cooler, but hey as much I love to go off topic..the banana is a shoe-in ON topic. So are you having fun tonight? Tell me what your banana would say? I am well into my happy hour but still I like funny. Could you even consider it? I have and I just bought a shitload of naners and there you go...

You Asked The Food Lab 164 Questions. Here Are 164 Answers

Yesterday I told you I'd answer every single question you asked me. I thought to myself, "hey, here's an easy way to do a fun column this week without time to get into the kitchen. This'll be a snap! Dear Serious Eaters, I severely underestimated you and your ability to ask fun, challenging, downright thoughtful questions. It's been a hard day's night, but I finally got through 'em all. More

Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack

By this point, there is absolutely no question that the method of cooking foods at precise low-temperatures in vacuum-sealed pouches (commonly referred to as "sous-vide") has revolutionized fine-dining kitchens around the world. But the question of when this technique will trickle down to home users—and it certainly is a question of when, and not if—remains to be answered. The Sous-Vide Supreme is certainly a big step in the right direction. But at $450, for most people, it still remains prohibitively costly. In an effort to help those who'd like to experiment with sous-vide cookery without having to put in the capital, a couple weeks ago I devised a novel solution to the problem: cook your food in a beer cooler. I put the hack method head-to-head against the Sous-Vide Supreme. More

Favorite Food Joke?

I know this is pure silliness, but I notice that a lot of other commenters like food puns/jokes. So what's your favorite food pun/joke/riddle whatever? I'll start. Q: What do vegan zombies eat? A: Grrraaaaaaaaaiiiins!!!... More