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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

Ham, cheese and thin slices of pineapples - just like the toppings on a Hawaiian pizza. Why not in a sandwich toast?

Cook the Book: 'Fresh from the Market'

Am looking forward to Brussel Sprouts :D ...

Cook the Book: 'The Vegetarian Option'

I am not a vegetarian but enjoy vegetarian dishes. A lot of my inspirations for vegetarian cooking is from Indian-cooking. Aloo Gobi, Roasted Spiced Cauliflower, and Spiced Cabbage - love them all!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Spring Greening

Bok Choy is in abundance in the farmers markets now! Spring it up - a simply vegetarian stir-fry in conjunction with Earth Month too.

Stir-Fry Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage with Mushrooms and Carrots

'Brutta ma Buona' in Taiwan, Part 2: Xiaren Rou Yuan, Niu Za Tang, and Youyu Geng

I actually stayed in Taiwan (mainly central Taiwan) for 6 mths and did not fancy any particular dish over there. :O

Dinner Tonight: Sardines with Lemon and Mint Salsa

I wish I could get my hands on some fresh sardines now! I have been using the Brisling Sardines (comes in a flat tin) and loving it so much.
I wonder what's the diff btw these sardines and the fresh ones....

The Nasty Bits: Chicken Liver Omelet

Have tried making chicken liver with onions and braised chicken liver (done Chinese style). Too good! A bowl of chicken liver noodle soup is nourishing for a growing kid. We get our chicken liver from Whole Foods. I am not sure if it is expensive but we do consider it good value for the nutrition these livers can offer.

The Crisper Whisperer: Hairy Gourd Bread

Miss Hairy appeared in my Chinese stir-fry weeks ago. Yum! ;p

Cook the Book: 'Urban Italian'

I like almost any tomato-based pasta, mixed in with chopped Chinese veg - bok choy!

Which Rice Cooker Should I Buy to Cook In?

If I had a choice, I would go for Japanese makes - Panasonic, Zojirushi. If not, makes such as Aroma shd be good too for simple meals. I have gone with reasonably cheap brands (eg. local brands, in-house or maybe OEM brands) and have not failed in those. But I am talking about older models with Cook and Warm function. Not sure about fuzzy logic and digital ones though.

McDonald's Multigrain Bun in Taiwan

Ha, I guess you are right! They are seeds on the bun, rather than grains in the bun. I do not like that it is so soft. I like the good ol' artisan wheat or multi-grain bread. Well, if only they serve that! :P
Thanks for the feature, Erin and the Serious Eat team.


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