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  • Favorite foods: Ribeye Steaks. Perfectly ripe mangoes, peaches and cherries. Dark leafy greens. Almonds. Pastry cream. Pumpkin pie. Anything that has been touched by bacon fat.

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My Cookie Obsession: Tender, Melting, Gooey Alfajores

Bookmarked! Delicious weekend project, here we come :D

Quick question for you Stella, do you have any recommendations for food processors? I've been meaning to get one to make life easier when we're making pie.

Thanks! :)

How Bad Wine Led Me to Great Shrimp Scampi

"I was able to cook the shrimp over high heat and get some browning, and yet they were still soft little fatties when they came out of the pan, not tough at all."

I don't know why but that sentence made me giggle.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My Lease Safari

This was an awesome read. Can't wait for the next installment, and more importantly, for whole hog BBQ!

How to Make Super Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

"I simply stood in front of the building and beamed, extremely excited to be in close proximity to the home of delicious biscuit mix."

LOL Marissa, you are a girl after my own heart. Thanks so much for this article, and your lovely ode to biscuits. I can't wait to try out your recipe, it looks like a winner!

Go for Lunch at Hi-Collar, the East Village's Japanese Coffee and Sake Bar

@androiduser - Your attempt to discredit the Japanese adaptation of the Pullman loaf is misguided. The Japanese have taken the "western" Pullman and have created something that is highly pleasing to the Japanese aesthetic and taste; as @copperchef said, it is the application of this adaptation that makes it particularly special to Japanese cuisine. Your simple assumption that the western Pullman loaf is "the worst one" simply speaks to your own tastes (we are left to assume you prefer breads made from a heartier wheat and grain - perhaps rye?), I suppose, and implies that you yourself have not tried any variation of shokupan.

As for the article I linked, you clearly have not read them thoroughly. They were meant to illustrate why and how Japanese bread came to be. These bakeries are exemplary of Japanese preference, which you are so quick to belittle. There is no need to discredit a food that is not to your taste when it is entrenched in another nation's history and culture. Though I myself do not prefer rye bread, when there are other options available, it does not prevent me from appreciating all the good, hearty artisan rye bread I've tried, made by dedicated bakers who really fucking love rye bread and are eager to spread its gospel.

Go for Lunch at Hi-Collar, the East Village's Japanese Coffee and Sake Bar

@androiduser - Please read:


I usually laugh at and skim over the more ridiculous comments found on SE posts but yours struck a cord within me, as I am an avid lover of bread from all cultures.

So This is What Real Vanilla Custard Tastes Like: White Cow Dairy

@gargupie - Seconded! I've been reading Sugar Rush everyday since it became a regular SE column and the sheer volume of sweets you guys have covered is dizzying. I definitely appreciate the re-visiting of a sweet! I work by Grand Central, and am going to check our Murray's during my lunch break to see if I can get a jar :)

Cookie Monster: Oaty Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey, I would totally eat these! Ugly foods need love too :P

They must smell amazing!

Who Makes the Best Pasta in NYC?


Seconded! They also make lovely pasta :D

Who Makes the Best Pasta in NYC?

Del Posto's pork and veal agnolotti from last fall, with grana padano broth, parsnip puree and a sprinkle of espresso.

Haters. They gon' hate.

Flushing's AA Plaza Under Railroad Tracks Gone; Goodbye $1 Scallion Pancakes and Fried Chicken

I was also deeply saddened by AA Plaza's demise. Those fried chicken drumsticks were hard to beat at, what was it, $0.75 a piece? =T

Open Thread: What's Your Preferred Pop-Tart?

I can't believe no one said this yet but a FROZEN Hot Fudge Sundae flavored Pop Tart was my summertime treat of choice! Loved how the cream center got all chewy after a trip in the freezer.

Toasted frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and toasted S'Mores are tied for a close second.

I gotta try these new Chocolate Peanut Butter ones though :D

Eat This Now: Orecchiette with Lamb Neck Ragú and Orange Carrots at Del Posto

I had this a few months ago - those carrots haunt my memory with their sweetness.

Their veal agnolotti also made me weep with happiness.

Open Thread: What to Eat in New York When It's Too Damn Hot To Eat?

Well-chilled summer fruit - berries, stone fruits, and watermelon! Yum :9

The First Strawberries Have Arrived at the Union Square Greenmarket

@Mr. Nick - I find that they have a bit of vegetable sweetness, especially those little French Breakfasts, which tend to be milder than other radishes. I think a lot of people do indeed find that radishes have a peppery bite. That's my favorite part about them :)

Where to find a demi-baguette?

Food Emporium sells Tom Cat baguettes in both the regular and demi sizes =)

Where to Buy a Bone-In Pork Butt

Thank you friends! I did go to Esposito's and they were wonderfully, thoroughly helpful! There, I scored a 10.8lb pork butt, bone-in and skin on, for the measly price of $2.49/lb. Definitely going back to sample some of their delectable looking home-made sausages =)

Where to get a Good Birthday Cake in the Village?

^ I agree w/ @kathryn. Momofuku is for hifalutin' fancy-pants occa$ion$. Amy's Bread, on the other hand, is about as homey as you can get. Their devil's food cake with chocolate frosting is dangerously delicious. Simple, dark, moist, not too sweet...gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *drool*

I think if you call at least 24 hours in advance, you can order one in a size that will suit your needs! The devil's food also comes in cupcake form, if you're in a rush, you can just grab a dozen of 'em!

Zhu Ji Dumpling Stall, a Flushing Gem Hidden in Plain Sight

This little dumpling shack is synonymous with my childhood, growing up in Queens. Thanks for reminding me about it SE! =)

How do you find motivation when you've lost it?

Think of the simplest and quickest thing you can make, and can make well - start from there. It's not a hassle, so it won't make you resent your new kitchen. And maybe after you take a bite, it will remind you of how rewarding it is to cook your own meals.

For me, it might be scrambled eggs. There are nights when I just want to face-dive into a box of Lucky Charms and call that dinner. But I'll remind myself that I can whip up really good scrambled eggs (and who doesn't love breakfast for dinner) and after a bite, I'll feel motivated to make something a tad more elaborate tomorrow. Baby steps!

Mango Mousse Cake

Cafe Zaiya @ 41st Street and 5th Ave has one! It's not really a cake though, just layers of sliiiiiiightly jello-fied mango mousse and stiff whipped cream. They pile it in a big plastic ring mold so it's cake-shaped.

We Try Every Species of Goldfish

I am LITERALLY eating handfuls of the "Original" Cheddar Goldfish as I type this comment. The rough, slightly sandy texture of the salt granules coating these bad boys is my favorite part.

Also, with regard to the Goldfish Grahams (please don't judge me), I like to rip open a bag of the S'Mores flavor, fish out the marshmallows for a separate sugary treat, and then dip the grahams in...Nutella. Omg. Seriously, just grab one by the tail and dip it head first directly into a jar of Nutella. They're tiny and have so little surface area, so you feel ok about eating a dozen. Until you realize 10 minutes later with certain horror that you've consumed half a jar of Nutella in one sitting.