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Hot Dog of the Week: Ring Bologna with Pickles and Fried Onion Straws

@imwalkin: here's the closest recipe I could find to what my Great Grandmother used to make. Hope you enjoy!

Hot Dog of the Week: Ring Bologna with Pickles and Fried Onion Straws

Don't forget about hot bologna - at true PA Coal Region classic! It's ring bologna that's pickled with crushed red pepper, cayenne, white vinegar and salt. Fantastic way to enjoy ring bologna.

Recipes for dried chanterelles?

A few more ideas:

chantrelle and corn chowder
chantrelle, leek and Gruyere frittata
mushroom lasagna

Good eats in Nags Head, NC?

Thanks for the info! The head on shrimp sounds amazing....hopefully they run that special again! haha

What to do with tahini?

You can make Ina's Szechuan Noodles. They're great as a lighter summer meal and you can add whatever veggies you have in the fridge.

Turkey Bacon

I'd pick Canadian Bacon over Turkey Bacon any day.

Cook the Book: 'Burger Bar'

I like a mix of roasted chiles - poblano, green chiles and some jalapeno for a nice kick - thick cut bacon and nice cheddar cheese.

How do you like your pork skin?

ChicharrĂ³ doesn't get any better than that.

Extra Spaghetti Noodles?

Try this Ina recipe. It's something different, light on the work and pretty darn tasty!

What are you? Recipe Follower or Recipe Deviant

Deviant. Usually it's becuase I've forgotten/can't find an ingredient. I do try to make the recipe as written the first time I make a dish, but it doesn't always work out for a multitude of reasons.
Generally, I find recipes for inspiration and like to put my own spin on it. That's what makes cooking fun and your "own".

On the contrary, if I have a recipe that's way out of my cooking comfort zone, pad thai for instance, I will follow the recipe to the letter. To be sure my dish is authentic.

Mac and cheese?????

The Mac & Cheese recipe in Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" is perfect! Simple, easy and super yummy!
Not the mention the other 1,999 fantastic recipes in that book....

Good Veggie Burger Recipe Wanted

@kathyvegas - the Hubert Keller recipe mentioned yukon gold potato flakes - would he be referring to the ones for the boxes mashed potatoes?

@gentlyferal - I have Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything", it's my go-to cookbook when I just feel like cooking..I open it, point to a recipe and make it. Hasn't failed me yet. I'll have to check out the vegetarian version. Thanks!!

How many of you like S.O.S and why is it so despised by others?

Cream Chipped Beef (aka SOS) is out of this world! My great-grandmother taught me how to make it - with lots of fresh cracked black pepper. To this day, it's still my favorite breakfast!

@czken - you can find chipped beef at the grocery store. I'm in PA, which may be why it's easy for me to find it...gotta love those PA Dutch! haha

Good Veggie Burger Recipe Wanted

@flavacrisp - that sounds great! I appreciate your help! The corn sounds like such a nice touch...can't wait to try them. I'd be willing to bet some meat-eaters will be trying this one out too.

Why We are Losing the Battle of the Bulge

I actually agree with what Grumpy Old Man is saying....I don't think he meant to direct it towards everyone, but definitely the general population.

We wouldn't have half the health problems we do if we didn't eat food that's overly processed, or meat from animals that have been injected with hormones....none of these things were intended for human consumption. The food industry figured out that by using crap ingredients, adding a bunch of chemicals and mass-producing products, that they can make the food that's bad for you cheaper/more convenient than fresh foods. What CEO would sacrifice profit for better/healthier ingredients?

There are also people out there who really do not know better. I actually have a co-worker who tried to convince me that McDonald's Breakfast Burritos were healthy and a "good breakfast". Even after showing them the nutrition facts online, they continue to eat them almost every day.
This same co-worker lives off of boxed hamburger helper and pre-made mashed potatoes.

The fact of the matter is, if you cook your food yourself, the health benefits will far exceed that of anything you can buy ready-made at the store.

How do YOU make a tomato sandwich?

I love love love tomato sandwiches.....I've made them a million ways, but my top two faves are as follows:

Yellow tomatoes, w/ Hellman's, kosher salt & fresh cracked pepper on whole wheat bread (or toast...doesn't really matter)
Heirloom tomatoes w/ the freshest mozz you can find (buffalo mozz is excellent here), a few basil leaves, balsalmic vinegar and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

My mouth is watering as I type. :)

Dear Food Network, Please Stop

That article hit the nail right on the head....
It's sad, because back in the beginning of FN, it looked promising. Old school Emeril, not the new one running around screaming "Bam!" all the time, Mario Batali and a nervous Giada. Ina and Alton Brown!
I used to be a FN junkie and now, I can't stomach watching Sandra Lee top store-bought pudding crap with berries and mint and call it semi-homemade...WTF is that anyway?! I'm a purist...make it from scratch or call it what it is - store bought!

Rachel Ray has some decent recipes...but nothing that I couldn't have come up with on my own...and I'm sorry, but when did making a meal in 30 minutes become such an awe-inducing concept. Almost every weeknight meal I make takes 30-45 mins...and I don't use made up words and giggle incessantly while I'm doing it.

I think TNFNS is a great concept, but the absolutely need to focus on the food and not whether or not the contestants can shop for 200 people with $12 in 60 mins, and stopping to give a 30 sec tip to the camera....seriously, what does that have to do with their individual concepty? Absolutely nothing.....

I'm sorry FN, but you definitely fell off as far as actualy cooking shows go. I do still love Good Eats & Barefoot Contessa...oh and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is another good one. Ann Burrell's recipes are incredible. She's a bit hard to watch on TV, but I'd definitely buy her cookbook.


I vote bacalaitos!
I recently went to Puerto Rico for the first time and fell in love - with the food and the island! I'm not sure if this is an authentic recipe, but it's worth your time to find one.

Food that Freaks Me Out!

Pre-packaged cheese singles; Huitlacoche (moldy fungus-infected corn); Spam; Canned Chicken; Canned Shrimp; Fake-meat products (like fakon, "meat" crumbles, etc)...the list goes on.
Most of this stuff freaks me out b/c it's processed beyond belief. The Huitlacoche..I just want to know who the hell was hungry enough to eat THAT? haha

Spinach-artichoke dip

I stumbled upon this recipe and made it for a Christmas Eve get-together. Everyone loved it, including me! Followed the recipe exactly and it was incredible. Not one bit left over.
Hope you try it!