I believe in real butter.

  • Last bite on earth: a nice goat curry with some french bread. and then some of that snow miracle to wash it down.

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Dave Arnold Makes Chocolate Ketchup

From what I understand, there is no actual chocolate involved in the procedure, just unflavored cocoa butter. It actually a really cool concept and the article that this post is linked to provides a better idea of what's going on, i.e. ketchup-covered chicken bonbons! Not gross at all (:

Serious Efforts: Why preheat?

hi again.
to me, it feels like it all kind of got blown a little out of proportion... i think i'll start preheating again for all my baked goods, so thank you for that. this post was just meant to talk about how necessary preheating was... if it came off like i was against it, i didn't do that intentionally, i just had a question and i was just looking for some input. anyway, this wasn't meant to be a who's right, who's wrong kind of a thing. but thanks.

@VerasTastyFreeze- because she's my mom, i can't exactly tell her to bug off.
@sadiepix- i read the article, wasn't satisfied, and that's why i posted here at serious eats but thanks for reading it over
@arm1970- big brother? if a recipe told you to add a whole tbsp. of baking powder to a cup of flour, i would question the recipe

Serious Efforts: Why preheat?

@Jerzee - Poppycock and hogwash work nicely too. I don't know any master bakers who don't preheat their ovens, but as I myself am not a master baker, I'm just trying to build up a better background in baking, as my mom isn't too enthusiastic about the work that goes into it (she's the one who introduced me to the concept of no preheating required). Right now, I like to think that my baked goods are not only good enough for me to eat, but also good enough for everyone else? I do make a mean banana bread! I'm new to the scientific, precise world of baking, which is why I asked this question in the first place.

Thank you to everyone who has responded (and so quickly too!). I'm very impressed with these new Serious Efforts threads and I'm learning quite a bit! I actually tried to find the old article I read and I did find it for anyone who is interested:

Serious Efforts: Why preheat?

@JerzeeTomato - Just based off of my experience, preheating my cookies didn't make a big difference in my finished product than when I didn't preheat them at all. Also, saving energy in any situation, especially in these "green" conscious times, would be a major plus to not preheating. And with the newer and more accurate ovens these days, again my question is: how important is preheating?

Serious Efforts: Why preheat?

@bareneed - Oh. I forgot about that. but I generally only need to extend the cooking time by a couple minutes or so, which is still shorter than the time it takes to preheat my oven in the beginning.

What’s Your Favorite Weird Snack Combo?

actually, at my high school, everyone's break snack would be hot cheetos dipped in the little cream cheese containers you were supposed to get with bagels... -shudder- i wrote off hot cheetos a long time ago.

Worst cooking experience ever?

@smokey07: i had a similar experience to, except i had been eating and my lips had started to burn. i wiped them with a napkin and succeeded to spread the oil further along. then, instead of stopping, i went to the bathroom and proceeded to wash my whole face with water, spreading the oils all across my face. my eyes started burning terribly, and lips were still on fire, i freaked out and took a wet paper towel and rubbed it all over my face again to attempt to cool it down.... sigh.

and this other time, i wanted to try out a new pasta dish, lemon fettuccine by Paula Deen, and i was pretty confident in my pasta skills, invited my uncle over. by the time i finished, the pasta was way too dry and the cream was congealing up because i had been so frustrated with getting the seasoning right. it turned out way too lemony, we had to microwave the pasta to warm it up more, which congealed it more, and my uncle doesn't even like sour things. dinner was quiet and my uncle always asks about who's cooking and if it's me, he says sorry, he has other things to do.

'F*** Yeah, Cilantro'

and that kinda sucks because my family loves cilantro. especially my mom.
but ever since i cold remember, i stayed away from all herbs: onions, garlic, chives, shallots, etc, etc, and cilantro. i've gotten over all except the latter.

'F*** Yeah, Cilantro'

the only way i can stand cilantro is in a nice spicy chutney over a samosa.
that's it.

everything else about cilantro i utterly can't stand. the smell, and even tasting a little bit of cilantro in my banh mi or pho or anything else makes me gag.

period. the end.

Celebrating Mardi Gras with King Cake

reminiscent of Like Water for Chocolate's king's bread.

Pad Thai Recipe?

just the recipe i would've recommended !

Teach me tofu

my favorite way of eating silken tofu would be blisseau's way, but i do a soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, black vinegar, and a few drops of lemon sauce. sprinkled with some strips of nori.
or sometimes i just eat it plain with sugar sprinkled over the top.
or you could make a really good ginger syrup and pour that over the tofu. delicious!
or make some miso soup.

'Culinary Slumming'

practically all frozen items in the frozen aisle section. the entrees: pasta, pizza, etc. breakfast items; i like eating chocolate chip waffles right out of the freezer.

In Videos: Heart Attack Grill

this is actually making me physically ill.
i can't believe a burger is making me feel ill.

The Year That Was in Food Porn on Serious Eats

@Michele- but it looks oh-so delicious.
but i do agree, i wish there was more avocado.

Recipes in Like Water for Chocolate

yes. the quail with rose sauce sounded absolutely divine, for lack of a better word, i was also interested in the chiles with walnut sauce. thanks (:

@wazup1999: where did you buy the rose oil? do you think it's worth it to buy?

Snapshots from Asia: Will the Real Shaved Ice Please Stand Up?

i think i just died and went to heaven. no corny pick up line this time.
but how coincidental and sad can it be that i live in san jose and go to oakridge, but all this time, shaved ice has escaped me ?

Sweet Tweaks Pumpkin Sponge Cake Round-Up: Cast Your Votes Now!

torn between the panna cotta and the sweet and salty sponge cake
i'll have to go with sweet and salty.

can't i do both?

Serious Eats Stickers Need a Good Home

yay for stickers!
they're beautiful!
thank you mucho.

The Most Disgusting School Lunches

our chicken burger was literally a chicken burger: a slab of dry, overly peppery chicken breast between equally dry buns


One Good Egg, One Good Idea

i was always curious about what a raw egg would taste like

Seriously Seeking Interns

if only i lived on the east coast.
if only i was older.