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25 Beef Sandwiches We Love in NYC

What!? No love for the Beef Sandwich at Cheeky's!!!!???

An Afternoon Crawl of Red Hook: Pupusas, Key Lime Pie, Fried Oysters, and More

Add Phil's Crummy Store to that list. Every time we go to Jalopy we stop by there (or is that considered Carroll Gardens?)

Oh and definitely the Brooklyn Ice House.

The Vegetarian Option: Meskerem

This place is amazing. I've been going for years and even though I'm not a vegetarian, every time I visit Meskerem, I get the veggie combo. I usually go at lunch when its cheaper and the place is pretty empty

Sweet Technique: How to Make Biscotti

This is great! I'm making biscotti for the first time. I unfortunately don't have a cooling rack, will they still be fine? Just keep an eye on them?

Hey New Yorkers, Come See Us! Serious Eats Book Signing on Sunday, 2/26

I was kind of disappointed that you had to have bought a book at Williams-Sonoma that day. There are so many SE fans that have the book!

Daily Slice: Eggplant Slice at Rosario's Pizza, NYC

I love this place. The Sophia slice is also awesome. As is their Campagnolla(sp?)

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Will a hand mixer work just as fine? I often wonder about that with some of these recipes

Ask the Food Lab Anything, the Thanksgiving Edition

Any recipes for cornbread stuffing? But nothing involving corn kernels or whole corn in any manner

The Serious Eats Book: Pre-Order Now and Get a SE Tote Bag!

If I order one before Nov 1 will I receive a bag?

Cook the Book: Thai Beef Salad 

I made this yesterday for lunch and it was incredibly good. Thanks so much, its a delicious simple recipe

We Try The Triple Double Oreo

Ah, mid August. I've been going crazy trying to find these. All the supermarkets around here just had the HEADS OR TAILS (one side chocolate cookie, the other vanilla) Oreos. Though I've just been sticking to chocolate cream recently.

Telepan Tribeca: A Pop-Up That Should Stay Up

Went this week. It was great! Really friendly helpful waiters, good atmosphere and the food was out of this world!

KFC vs Lee's: Finding the Real Kentucky Fried Chicken

What about Claudia Sanders Dinner House? I think they have the original recipe and are a lot better than KFC

The Brunch Dish: Kentucky Hot Brown at Lowcountry

That's not like any hot brown I've seen....

Cooking with Sesame Oil

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful suggestions. I used it in a marinade with some pork chops that I made and some other dishes I've added it too. Soy sauce and fresh ginger are like its best friends

Sunday Supper: Red Wine and Tomato Braised Oxtails

Looking forward to trying this. Been looking for a new oxtail recipe

The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: East Coast Contenders

Why are all the eastern hot dogs in NY? Is this a NE thing or all of the eastern seaboard? And I don't care Nathan's is aweome

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Alcoholic Whipped Cream

The can stuff is totally different from making it yourself and last longer. For that "Hey I'd like whipped cream but I don't have redi whip, but I'd also like to be drunk" feel.

I got this stuff in Kentucky, I had Pumpkin Pie "Whipped Lightning" from Jersey before that and right before that I made a batch of orange and baileys whipped creams.

The caramel version (the one I got in Kentucky) of this has lasted longer.

But that might be the fact that its the beginning of the year and I'm trying not to eat a lot of ice cream (on which the whipped cream would go on).

What's Your Favorite Burger In New York?

How is Paul's not on this list?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Definitely got to go with porterhouse

Sunday Brunch: Palatschinken

Would it be possible to make these the night before if I were to have them for breakfast? As much as I tell myself I'll wake up early and make breakfast, I'm usually running out the door

Cook's Illustrated's Foolproof Pie Dough

You can Karie, its just a lot of work.

Looking for some serious eats near Beacon Theater

There are so many restaurants on Amsterdam Avenue in that neighborhood its hard to choose just one

A Sandwich a Day: Beef Sandwich from Cheeky Sandwiches

I've been here two days in a row. It is fantastic

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@Adam: I know Sydney and Sarah (used to work with her for years). I think I might have met your fiancée at a party or something.

Cooking with Sesame Oil

I've got a bottle of sesame oil and I've been trying to figure out how to use it. I kind of just add it to noodles for a quick snack but I'd love to find more uses for it.

Any suggestions?

Eggnog Cream Pie

If you're a fan of store-bought eggnog, this is the pie for you. It's filled with a rich pudding made from eggnog and lightened with clouds of whipped cream. Shaving fresh nutmeg over the top really makes this pie sing. More

Red Rooster's Mac and Greens

Marcus Samuelsson's penchant for Southern American-African-Swedish fusion cuisine always makes him an interesting chef to watch. His recipe for Mac and Greens, adapted in Ellen Brown's Mac & Cheese, fits right into his oeuvre. The recipe title is apt, as his mac contains just as much greenery as pasta. Braised collards and bok choy pair perfectly with the gooey cheddar-Gruyère-Parmesan mix, and the hints of soy and coconut lend glutamate-rich depth. But don't be fooled, this is no health food--there's bacon, heavy cream, and plenty of cheese in each and every nook and cranny. More

Salpicón (Nicaraguan Minced Meat)

Salpicón is a traditional dish in Nicaragua, simply made by simmering cubes of lean beef in water with onions, green bell peppers, garlic, salt, and black peppercorns. Once cooked through, the vegetables are tossed out with the broth and the beef is finely chopped with fresh onions and bell peppers, then finished off with a squeeze of lime juice. It's a rather healthy dish, especially when compared to many of our other national favorites that just love being submerged in sizzling lard or oil. More

Easter Basket 2012: Why Do So Many Jelly Beans Suck?

As a kid, Easter baskets meant two things to me: Peeps and jelly beans. As a childhood chocolate-hater (who didn't really get over that aversion until college), those were pretty much the only candies I'd want; no Cadbury eggs or chocolate bunnies for me. But here's the thing about jelly beans: so many of them suck. Really suck. More

Nordstrom's Tomato Basil Soup

This is what my wife asked me to accomplish: a) Recreate the tomato soup from Nordstrom, and b) don't mess it up. In case you're not familiar with this soup, it's rather famous, ranked regularly on lists of Best Tomato Soup Ever, enjoying something of a cult following for those who love tomato soup. More

What Are Your Essential Whiskies to Have Around?

Many whisky lovers keep different bottles on hand for different reasons—a whisky to be brought out for celebrations, another for close friends (and another for remote acquaintances), and one for everyday drinking. What are some of your favorites for each of these categories? More

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Spring Herbs

I'm not sure it gets much simpler than this recipe. You cook some pasta, drain, then toss it in a large bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Honestly. You won't have to sauté loads of ingredients or simmer things for hours. It all comes together during the time it takes to boil the pasta. More

Come on in 'The Kitchn'

Each week we round up our favorite posts and recipes from our friends at The Kitchn. This week, the Kitchn throws Brie into mac and cheese for a ridiculously creamy batch topped with crunchy bread crumbs. Yes, please? Also on the Kitchn: how to reuse oatmeal tins, an introduction to the watermelon radish, Siggi's insanely thick Skyr yogurt, and griddled scones with cardamom and honey.... More

Cute Thing Alert: Plush Peas-in-a-Pod from 'Toy Story 3'

[Image:] Today Disney revealed two new characters that will appear in Toy Story 3, coming out on June 18, 2010: Barbie's boyfriend Ken and, more importantly, Peas-in-a-Pod! Plush, smiling, rosy-cheeked peas in a pod! The official description says, "Peas-in-a-Pod will quickly become a parent's favorite on-the-go toy," but I think it's also appropriate for people like me: adults who are kids at heart. And really like round, cute things. In case you're curious to see what's already out there, I searched online for "peas in a pod" toys and plushes and found human baby doll in a pod, pea baby doll in a pod, more pea babies in a pod, peas in a pod rattle, dog toy, dog... More